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Gavin B.’s Avatar
Gavin B. Oct 05 93 views

Any advice to get into Programming/Coding?

I am currently a new student in Job corps and i'm hoping to get a career in the IT field that involves programming/coding like a Web Developer or Software Developer but I also have no experience with it and would like some advice/insight on this career path. Does coding actually take high math...

computer-programming technology programming coding

Celiang H.’s Avatar
Celiang H. 4 hours ago 7 views
Jaiden L.’s Avatar
Jaiden L. Sep 28 52 views

What is the most challenging thing about being a microbiologist?

Im a 9th grader and ive always been fascinated with biology and my dream job was too be a microbiologist. science...


Frankie L.’s Avatar
Frankie L. 5 hours ago 11 views

What classes do I take if I want to be a mechanical engineer?

I am still in highschool. I just want to know what future classes I might take. engineer...


Macie H.’s Avatar
Macie H. Oct 08 32 views
madeline B.’s Avatar
madeline B. Oct 08 39 views

I am in tenth grade and just recently started thinking about my future. Based on my interests i'm wondering, what should i do to gain more knowledge?

I am interested in the medical field but im still unsure what i definitely want medicine healthcare . I like the idea of dietetics and nutrition but I dont know a lot about it and want to learn more. dietetics I was thinking about programs and volunteering to learn more before i go to...


aleya S.’s Avatar
aleya S. Oct 29, 2016 1056 views

What kinds of things do people do in Cyber Security?

I have heard that they hack into a server for weaknesses in it, so they can make the server more safe from attacks. Is there more to it? technology cyber-security...


Xiaohui C.’s Avatar
Xiaohui C. Oct 05 50 views

I wonder to know what is the purpose to finding a job?

I was a high school student and interested on writing. I enjoyed to write during the free time....


elvie D.’s Avatar
elvie D. 13 hours ago 13 views
Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. yesterday 25 views

how do you become a cashier?

I am 17 years old...


Kyla G.’s Avatar
Kyla G. Apr 22, 2018 196 views

What are some ways to make money to pay for college?

I plan on working a summer job, but like most teenagers, I have a busy summer. What are some ways you can save up for college? college-advice college...


Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. yesterday 15 views

how did you become a fashion desighner

im 20 years old I have autism...


christique G.’s Avatar
christique G. Nov 27, 2018 393 views

Has a career in HVAC been able to provide a sustainable lifestyle?

I am enrolled at Fred G. Acosta Job Corps and I am weighing my options about entering HVAC. I am wondering if it would be beneficial to me, in terms of finances. hvac heating finance...


Emily N.’s Avatar
Emily N. Mar 27, 2018 377 views

What was it like adjusting to a larger classroom?

I'm used to relatively small and quiet classes. I want to know what the transition is like and how you adapted to it. Was it harder to learn in large auditoriums and was it difficult to hear and understand the professor? college-advice classroom...


Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. yesterday 11 views

how did you become a janitor?

I am 13. I have autism. I am mostly blind....


Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. yesterday 29 views
Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. yesterday 15 views
Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. yesterday 11 views

What does a dentist do?

I have autism. I'm 13...


Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. yesterday 11 views

how did you learn to cut hair?

I am 14 years old and i am obsessed with cutting hair...


Ranjit H.’s Avatar
Ranjit H. Oct 10 43 views

Designers and Developers are always on the screens, so is there any way to lessen our eye strain?

Recently I have increased my work hours and I am getting itchy eyes every night. And I also experienced a little headache at the end of the day. Please give some work-health balance tips. time-management...


James T.’s Avatar
James T. yesterday 22 views
Yasmine M.’s Avatar
Yasmine M. yesterday 48 views

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