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Joy B. Jul 30, 2018 127 views

What are some inexpensive materials that can replace cement?

I did research on the autoimmune disease Lupus. I discovered that there is an molecular compound called Silica in cement, and it seems to cause lupus; thus, I am wondering if there is a safer material that can be used that is about the same price as cement....


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Javier F. Mar 13 44 views

Do you need to have hands on experience to be prepared for aviation mechanics?

I’m average height , and like to get things done no matter how big the obstacle is, I’m persistent and have a lot of will power, but is that enough to be ready for aviation mechanics #aviation...


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Abby O. 2 days ago 74 views

Why did you end up choosing the career you are in now?

I want to become a pediatric nurse. I want to see what inspired people to go into their career....


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Taylor A. 20 mins ago 3 views

Hi, I'm in 8th grade, and I want to be an interior designer. I just don't know where to start though.

Everytime I choose a career/passion to pursue, the career always has a way for me to be creative. I want to try interior design, but I'm not sure where to start. I want to go to the University of Cincinnati for a design degree, but I also want to make a few goals for me to reach right now....

#interior-design #design #career

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Garrett F. Mar 29 82 views

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you became an adult?

what did u want to be when you grow up ??? #any #degree #educator #criminal-justice...


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Ruby L. Sep 18, 2019 44 views
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Michelle P. 18 hours ago 36 views

I'm unsure what career options would suit me best with my current interests and hobbies. What advice can be given when looking for a career path that would suit me better when regarding my strengths and interests?

I'm currently a senior in high school. I enjoy marine biology, choir, colorguard (marching band), and helping others for the general cause. I have multiple interests but am unsure how to figure out what career path may suit me best depending on my strengths. My top 2 strengths are open...

#colorguard #leadership #helpingothers #career-counseling #marinebiology #career #choir #career-choice

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mak W. Mar 05 39 views
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Kimberly S. 6 hours ago 9 views

What jobs are available within a prison/jail with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

I’m currently working towards getting my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I would like to work in a prison as a correctional case manager. I’m not going to lie, I’m not really sure how much a correctional case manager gets paid. I’ve seen anywhere from 30k-60k here in LA, California. I’m...

#criminology #criminal-justice #correctional

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Nathan B. 51 mins ago 8 views

How do I become an architect, via education?

I love buildings and designing Legos, and have always loved buildings things. I am also very good at math. I am going t o take German in high school. Not sure what college though. #architect and...


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Ena W. Mar 04, 2017 345 views

How to build up critical thinking?

For me, theories courses are all difficult. May I can say I hardly ever get average grade in class. #critical-thinking...


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Cisy Y. Mar 21 48 views

Who should be heard more?

Undergraduate History and Politics student and The University of Edinburgh #college #politics #democracy...


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Nathan B. 51 mins ago 4 views

whats the edication for architects?

#career advice for being an...

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Dana S. 16 hours ago 25 views

How do you balance your work and home life?

I am looking at pursuing medecine but I am not sure it is the lifestyle I want, since I am hoping to have a family and ensure I have time at home to spend with them. #student #medecine...


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Pak Hei Y. 17 hours ago 26 views

I am looking for internship or volunteering opportunities.

I am an enthusiast for new experiences and peculiar corners of the world. I believe through different points of view or just knowing different stakeholders of the world, I will learn to look at the society or even the world with better insight. That will in turn equip me further for a more...

#summer-jobs #volunteer #internship

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Sarah I. 52 mins ago 3 views

Any recommended colleges for getting any degree in teaching or business ownership?

I have been dancing for about 8 years now and am interested in owning my own studio, and since starting a company is not the most stable career I also am very interested in teaching English or Art#business #teaching...


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Hope M. Mar 28 93 views

How do you find what you want to do?

I am finding I enjoy some of my classes but don't know if they will lead me to a job that I will enjoy. #college...