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daylan 2 days ago 33 views

What is a day like working in the medical field?

What is a day like working in the medical field?

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Medea Jan 23, 2018 352 views

How do I get a job as a psychologist in law enforcement?

Ever since I saw Dr. Sweets in Bones and the show Lie to Me I thought it would be a really cool job to be able to get to help out with criminal profiling and interrogations. Do I just need to get a psychology degree to get the job or do I need to double major in something else as well?...

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe yesterday 17 views

How hard will schooling for a real estate agent be?

I want to follow my family business but I need accounting knowledge and real estate and market knowledge. I also need money to start up my career. I know the types of jobs I can do within the field it’s just getting started that is scary.

Landen’s Avatar
Landen yesterday 14 views

I would love to work in the creative and music industry, so what’s the best for me?

What is their best career for me?

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Alicia Teresa 2 days ago 34 views

How to get a volunteer job in writing?

I have experienced in writing, but not much knowledge about Canada culture. How do I get a volunteer job in writing in Canada?

kelly’s Avatar
kelly Sep 28 31 views

What undergrad major should I major in if I have an interest in the veterinary field?

Should I be pursuing something science related, biology or chemistry?

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Jeanne 49 mins ago

When is the best time to start school, I took a gap year since pandemic and I haven't started yet. I have zero idea what to do.

I am a STEM graduate and I took a gap year since 2021. I want to go to an art school but there is no one nearby. I have no job and I want to further my learning but I am stuck.

Abduljalal’s Avatar
Abduljalal 17 hours ago 10 views

Is being a doctor worth it?

I want to become a medical doctor, but it appears that they lead stressful lives and although they make bank, most of their earnings get tied up in the purchase of various insurance policies to cover potential mistakes made during practice.

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Shayla Sep 28 52 views

What training/education was required to become a psychologist, and what do you do as a psychologist?

Questions about the psychology field

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sandra Sep 22 58 views

What does a typical day look like on this job ?(medical assistant)

Hi my name is sandra.

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Balram May 13, 2016 665 views

Become a software Engineer???

Because i am very found of designing websites and Apps. even i design app. also now i want to take advanced technology training for making more app. Please guide me regarding that. I am in 10th Class So how i will make my career in Future..... :) :) #educator #software #networking #it...

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Augusta Dec 26, 2013 1995 views

As a computer science major what is your career and what are some of your responsibilities?

I would like to get an understanding of the career possibilities for a computer science major. #computer-science #career

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Dec 23, 2016 540 views

What are some of the most common jobs after graduating from college for computer science people?

I want to know what kind of jobs that most people go for with a computer science degree after graduating. #computer-science

Charity’s Avatar
Charity Aug 17 113 views

What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position as a highschool teacher?

I hope to learn about the most effective strategies.

Javier’s Avatar
Javier May 27, 2016 685 views

What Is the average day of someone in the computer engineering, or scientist, space?

As I continue to decided what I want to do with my future career, I think of how the average work day is for each career. What are the average work hours? The average pay? The average amount of projects being worked on? etc. #computer-science #career #computer #technology #computer-engineering

Charity’s Avatar
Charity Aug 17 159 views

What are some good colleges in California to start a career in teaching?

I am very interested in becoming a teacher and would like to know a good college to start with.

Javier’s Avatar
Javier May 27, 2016 879 views

What are the most notable skills to have in the computer engineering space?

As a computer engineer, I am trying to utilize as many skills needed for the job. As I'm sure, being good at multi-tasking is essential, alongside focus and motivation/dedication to get the job done. However, what are some other notable skills needed in this space? #computer-science #computer...

Laniece’s Avatar
Laniece Oct 08, 2018 794 views

What does the computer science career entail?

#computer-science #technology #computer-engineering #computer

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie May 28, 2016 925 views

Advice for a Computer Science Major?

Hey! I'm going to be majoring in computer science very soon, and I've received a lot of mixed messages from people- either they're begging me to turn around and never look back because it's awful, or that majoring in this field was the greatest decision of their lives, with very little in...

Gunnar’s Avatar
Gunnar Sep 22 117 views

Careers without College?

What caeers are there that do not require college or further education versus a vocational school?

Draven’s Avatar
Draven 2 days ago 15 views

How do I become a Green Beret? What programs do I have to go through? ?

How do I become a Green Beret? What programs do I have to go through?

Stanley’s Avatar
Stanley Sep 30, 2019 368 views

What are the benefits of working in the computer industry?

#computer #computer-engineering #technology #computer-science #engineering

Alexzander’s Avatar
Alexzander Aug 29 181 views

For welders on education

What would you recommend for me to go to a trades school for more education about welding , or to jump straight into the work force?

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Sep 28, 2021 211 views

What are some of the responsibilities for Software Development?

I’m a 9th grader and I’m interested in becoming a software developer, so I want to learn more about what you mainly do on the job. #software #software-engineer #technology

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Feb 03 585 views

What the different between a software developer and a software engineer?

#software-engineer #software #technology

Yahel’s Avatar
Yahel Jul 08, 2021 622 views

How I can become software developer?

#software-engineer #technology

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 26, 2020 690 views

Are internships more preferable than research experience?

Is there one that grad schools and/or employers would rather see on an application? If someone is unable to land an internship, would their research experiences make up for it? I'm more curious about this for STEM fields, but any input would be helpful and greatly appreciated! #internship...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 09, 2016 1276 views

What are the requirements for studying software development?

I was hoping for someone's advice for studying software development in general. I always wondered what would have to be done when someone decides to pursue software development. #software-engineering #software-development #courses #software-design #software-documentation

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 09, 2016 897 views

What needs to go into consideration when forming a software development team?

I was recently asked to be a part of a software development team for the technology student association in my high school. I wanted to know what to expect since I will be saying yes to the team. All I have experience in with technology related things is coding in different languages such as...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 09, 2016 1221 views

How does someone create a software?

When I think of software, I think of it to be very complicated and out of my league. I wanted to know of someone's knowledge with this kind of thing. I wanted to know how someone could possibly create a functioning software. #software #software-engineering #software-development...

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