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Caitlin P. Jul 12, 2018 474 views

What part of your job do you love the most?

I am an incoming freshman (Undeclared) with interests in Civil Engineering, Environmental Policy, Biostatistics, Data Science, Sociology, Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Network Administration, and Financial Analyst & Planning. I am exploring different career possibilities...

#data #stem #analyst #environmental #policy #civil #design #administration #sociology #engineering #undeclared #network #business #science #public #biostatistics #public-health #financial #health #product #major #entrepreneurship #planning

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Devetra C. May 09, 2017 498 views
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Alexandra C. Oct 11, 2016 1236 views

What are some areas of telecommunications that will see the most growth in the coming decade or so?

I'm curious about what specific types of jobs are in demand now or will become more in demand within the next few years. This could even include positions that don't exist currently, but might in the future once technological innovations call for it. #communications #telecommunications...

#verizon #job-outlook

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kuruba manjula M. Jun 21, 2019 120 views

difference between software engineering and hardware engineering

plss tell me the answer for that question...


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John S. yesterday 73 views

Would it be a good idea to hire a person to help me create a logo for my business before I get it started?

I am wandering If I should create a logo before i create my business so i can get more clients. #business #business-management...


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Javier F. Mar 13 37 views

Do you need to have hands on experience to be prepared for aviation mechanics?

I’m average height , and like to get things done no matter how big the obstacle is, I’m persistent and have a lot of will power, but is that enough to be ready for aviation mechanics #aviation...


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Kimberly S. 3 hours ago 1 views

What jobs are available within a prison/jail with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

I’m currently working towards getting my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I would like to work in a prison as a correctional case manager. I’m not going to lie, I’m not really sure how much a correctional case manager gets paid. I’ve seen anywhere from 30k-60k here in LA, California. I’m...

#criminology #criminal-justice #correctional

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Liomae J. Oct 04, 2019 76 views

What are the benefits ?

I'm interested in going into the MOS....


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Julia R. Dec 04, 2019 106 views

What are some realistic Jobs in wildlife and marine Biology?

I'm looking into getting my masters/doctorate in marine and/or wildlife biology. I'm interested in environmental science as well. I'm feeling a bit lost! #biology #marine-biology #environmental-science...


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Belinda H. 19 hours ago 17 views

Interested in VC - how to gain more experience?

Hi! I'm interested in technology and was wondering if you had any advice for gaining more experience in venture capital. I had previously done some recruitment for VC and found the process to be much less structured than for industries like consulting. I've done some research and found a few...

#venturecapital #internship #career

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Pak Hei Y. 14 hours ago 14 views

I am looking for internship or volunteering opportunities.

I am an enthusiast for new experiences and peculiar corners of the world. I believe through different points of view or just knowing different stakeholders of the world, I will learn to look at the society or even the world with better insight. That will in turn equip me further for a more...

#summer-jobs #volunteer #internship

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Hope M. Mar 28 87 views

How do you find what you want to do?

I am finding I enjoy some of my classes but don't know if they will lead me to a job that I will enjoy. #college...