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What are the steps I should take to become a marine biologist?

I'm a freshman student in college acquiring a degree in Biology. I have always been interested in becoming a marine biologist. The ocean and whales have always fascinated me. I just want more information about the career. #marine-biology #biology #science...


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Melanie L. Oct 03, 2019 40 views

What are the top projected careers in the next 4 years ?

What career fields are in the most demand?...


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mikayla K. Nov 08, 2019 74 views
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Ram L. Nov 26, 2019 71 views

How different would a path be for someone wanting to do data science work by taking a graduate program in Business Analytics instead of the traditional Data Science path?

Hi, I'm a Computer Science graduate. I'm planning for a Master's program and the Business Analytics program looks interesting, but most programs are 10months, comparing that with a MSCS programs? How different of a job role would it be. Thanks. #computer-science #business #graduate-school...

#business-analytics #masters-program

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How many years of college do i have to do to become a computer science support specialist ?

I am a 12th grade student and I would like to major in computer science and become a computer science support specialist. #computer-science #college #computer...


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What is the career path to a successful career in private equity investment?

I am interested in finance, and in particular in private equity. How do I need to do to get a job in private equity investment? #finance #career-paths...


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Latashia B. Sep 11, 2019 34 views

what undergraduate courses and graduate courses do i need to take to become a forensic pathologist?

I am in college trying to become a forensic pathologist, however it is unclear to what courses i need to take. I am majoring in Criminal Justice but do not know what to do next. #forensic #forensic-science...


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Johnny R. Sep 23, 2019 46 views
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what inspires you?

my mother inspires me everyday because she tells me that i have the potential to do anything. she never fails to understand me or support me. she is my role model and with her by my side, i CAN do anything....


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Do companies truly focus on your college major when applying for jobs?

My major might be something broad like English, but I want to work in the creative arts. I want to know if employers truly care about your major even if it might not match exactly to what they want....


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RE: Week 1 Discussion

im 24 years old looking for an internship with the FBI #internship...


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Between civil and mechanical engineers, which has higher job opportunities

I am confused between civil and mechanical engineering. Which cause to choose...