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ty C. Dec 02 31 views

How do I become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

The reason why I like to do can is because I am interested in the medical field for my career #nursing #nursing-assistant...


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Kirsten O. Nov 14 29 views

How can I narrow down my career choice?

My name is Kirsten. I am a junior in high school, and I am interested in picking up a #career in the field. As of right now, I am the athletic trainer for my schools football and basketball teams. I am very interested in #medicine and want to make it my...

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Marilyn R. Oct 21 30 views

How long does it take to pay off student debt loans after becoming a PA (Physician Assistant) ?

I’m in high school and I have my mind set on becoming a physician assistant. I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field but I can’t help but always think about how much it will cost and how long I will have to keep paying loans and stuff. #medicine #physician...


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Evan K. Dec 10 8 views

Do clients in the arts allow for artistic liberties to be taken?

In art classes I’m currently in, teacher allow us to take artistic liberties, but claim that graphic design clients won’t let us do that. Is that necessarily true? #art #graphic-design #design...


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Netanya C. Mar 26, 2018 904 views

What is the best way to land a job as an illustrator?

I plan to major in illustration/animation at San Jose State University but am clueless on how to go about finding a job after college. I've never had an adult who was into the arts the way I was, so I haven't found much solid advice. I realize that it will take time and experience, but my goal...

#animation #illustration

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Henry H. Nov 14 33 views

What is the highest paid Engineer?

I would like to see what the highest paid Engineer career is because I want to see if I would be interested in that career. #engineering...


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Haley H. yesterday 15 views
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Claudia L. Jan 18, 2018 246 views

How do you know which job offer to accept?

I'm wondering about the factors that I should be considering about assessing the job offer that's best fit for myself. Even though it'll be a long time before I'll be applying for a full time job in the animation and film industry, I'd still like to know the general things to look for that are...

#jobs #film #animation #best-fit #job-offers

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seth S. yesterday 9 views

how much potential is in the entertainment industry

i want to start a company that will be the first word in entertainment, ill call it Prestige Worldwide...


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Raquel D. Sep 19 50 views

How do deal with living in a dorm

Theres a 25% chance ill have to study out of town, how do i get a dorm #college #studying-tips #college-bound...


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Noah K. Sep 25 26 views
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Anthony E. Dec 04 44 views

what carrier should i have

I love playing basketball and football but i am not that athletic to become one. I do love science like the solar system. i like building things. Also like working on computers. I also want to learn how to cook. #computer-science #sports...


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Javier R. Dec 10 20 views
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Cody C. yesterday 9 views

What is the hardest part of creating your own business?

I'm a high school student, I have taken multiple business classes that include the marketing and entrepreneurship aspect of the business. #business...


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alyssa F. yesterday 12 views

How hard is it to complete the years of school and residency to be an orthopedic surgeon ? And any advice?

It has always been a goal/ dream of mine to be an orthopedic surgeon. So I want to get more of an idea of the steps to get there. #surgeon #orthopedicsurgeon #orthopedic #medical #medicine #doctor...


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Caleb D. yesterday 13 views

How do I become a great construction worker

Hard worker Hands on work #construction went to ed tech to learn about it...


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Alyssa M. yesterday 15 views

What is the best way to prepare for a pre-med program?

Hello, I’m in 11th grade and I am highly interested in becoming an anesthesiologist. Of course, with this in mind I’ve been trying my best to excel in chemistry, biology and other helpful classes. I’m wondering if there are any other ways or a better approach to preparing myself for a...

#anesthesiologist #doctor #premed #medical-school

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ilya S. Nov 20 11 views

what classes are needed to become a botanist

what classes did you take in college to go into the field of botany...