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Georgia G. 18 hours ago 4 views

What do yall recommand I take to perpare for both CMA and a lawyer

I am in Job Corps and I and planning on going into CMA (Certified Nursing Assistant) but plan on going to law school to be a lawyer #law-school #nursing...


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what are names of employers in this field

i a interested in...


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trevor S. 19 hours ago 1 views

what should i do to prepare for this field of work

i am interested in...


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Katia M. 2 days ago 7 views

what courses do i need to become a police dispatcher?

I put on office administration to help me more to become a police dispatcher as in being able to have better customer service and being able to multitask....


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Lindsay M. Jan 17, 2018 367 views

Is the Foreign Service Academy really selective and hard (ivy league hard) to get in?

Planning to be a diplomat but I would like to know if I will have to have a really amazing resume or is the academy only take testing scores. Something I would like to know before I am dead set on being a diplomat. #government #diplomat...


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Bob S. yesterday 2 views

What is the cheapest cost for a mechanical engineering major?

This is for a school report. That is getting graded....


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Heather S. Oct 14 14 views

I want to get a job or volunteer to help end sex trafficking

I am one class away from my bachelors degree. I am 43 years old. My major is sociology from Portland State University. I am a mother of four and also a grandmother. My passion is to work or volunteer in a position to facilitate an end to sex trafficking and/or to help victims that have been...

#career-choice #job #college

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Roy C. Oct 03 11 views

What are the hardest things to deal with when running a political campaign?

I want to go into politics. #political-science...


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Gabriela M. Aug 31, 2018 229 views

What should I put on my resume?

I want to start saving up for college, but I don't know what to put on my resume. I don't have work experience, haven't volunteered, and haven't been on any big projects. I have been in clubs and organizations, played instruments, and done other activities outside of school but none of them...

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Brigitte F. Oct 06 26 views

What happens if you're college roomate isn't the best?

Next year I am going to be a college freshman and have some (...okay, a lot) of anxieties related to the college process. One of my troubles is the unknown nature of a future roommate. I've had a roommate: my little sister, for the past 10 years. But I don't think that it will be in the same...

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Christina L. Sep 27 8 views

Are there other benefits in being a physical therapy?

I'm a senior at Brennan High school and i am interested in the medical field (Physical therapy) and i would like to know more about the process of becoming a physical therapist. #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #medicine #physical...


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jacob R. Sep 24 11 views

how do i help/love kids?

i loving helping people...


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maya N. Oct 04 23 views

what would you recommend doing if you are undecided by the end of freshman year?

not too sure what I would like to do quite yet for my career and want to make sure I make the right steps to make the right choice for the future!...