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Hannah F. Nov 14 30 views
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Peter S. Dec 10 16 views

What are the Similarities and differences between Drawing and painting

I'm working on a little essay project. Please answer as soon as possible....


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George C. yesterday 13 views

How would I go about becoming a welder

I like to do hands on stuff and be active #welding...


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Kolby M. Nov 20 24 views

What is the best college for Dentistry?

I am a Junior in High School. #dentistry...


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keyhan A. Nov 15 42 views

how much will i be paid with these jobs?

i need to know how much i will be paid while working. it would be nice to know. #science #money...


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Kilulay D. Nov 07 17 views

What difficulties do you think you will face in trying to achieve in your certain goal?

I'm will to go do anything it takes to reach the certain goal in life....


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Kyle N. Nov 14 31 views
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Olivia W. Nov 14 19 views
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Angelina T. 2 days ago 24 views

How do you take care of yourself when dealing with other people's problems?

I am an 8th grade student researching careers and this question will be posted for all students to see....


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blake A. Sep 20 48 views

Do you enjoy youre job as a game designer?

i'm a student and right now i'm wanting to go into game design, but im not sure it'll either be fun or rewarding or hard. so do u enjoy it? #game-design #video-games #video-game-design...


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Evelin G. yesterday 6 views
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Samantha S. Dec 11 22 views

What field of psychology would be best for me?

I am a second year college student majoring in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I am unsure of where I want to go with my career. I am interested in mental disorders and the affects they have on the brain. As well as figuring out why criminals commit crime. If you have any advise on...

#psychology #criminal-justice

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Ella H. Nov 20 40 views
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Jessica F. yesterday 13 views

How would I go about becoming an EMT?

I’m a junior in high school and I attend a public safety class. I’m really interested in becoming an EMT and I would like to know more about this career. #emt...


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Jessica F. yesterday 3 views

What kind of education to you need to become an EMT?

I’m super interested about becoming an EMT! I’m in a public safety class and out of all three of those careers I want to be an EMT. #career...


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joseph R. Nov 15 16 views

what it would like to be a mechanic

i have always worked on little motorized vehicles since i was little...


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Haley G. yesterday 14 views

Where (other than California) would I be able to find good, tangible work as an animator?

I want to pursue animation as a possible career in the future and I'm wondering where I need to go to find a good job once I'm done with college. Where would I even start as well? I've heard of legendary cartoonists jump starting their career by merely having a good idea to pitch and a talent...

#career #job #animation #college #art #artist

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Chelsea P. yesterday 9 views

What steps do I have to take to become an animator?

I like art and I doodle all the time, and I’ve always been told I should become an animator. What are some steps I can take to become one? #art #artist...


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Kaela H. yesterday 25 views

Should I take physics or AP Bio senior year?

My guidance counselor suggested I take physics but I rather take AP Bio. It's more interesting and I want to major in Biology in college. (I want to be an optometrist) My counselor said she was concerned that colleges wouldn't the AP Bio credits but I think taking AP Bio would show my...

#college-major #biology #college #physics #science

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Cindy L. Nov 30 66 views

How to start a career in HR

Where can you gain some experiences in HR industry? Do you really need a degree in HR in order to land a job? What are some tools/software commonly used by HR professionals? Thanks! #human-resources #career-details #business...