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Charlie B. Oct 27, 2015

What materials are needed for engineering?

My name is Charlie and I am in 6th grade. I want to become an engineer because I an good at building different types of things. What materials do I need for...

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Alexandro C. May 08, 2015

Where are some places i can go to if i want to be an FBI?

i don't want to wait long finding a job after i'm done with college. i want to work right after i'm done. #criminal-justice...


Erasmo R.’s Avatar
Erasmo R. Jun 23, 2015

What can I do in high school to become an FBI agent ?

I'm in 10th grade and I want to know more about it. Also, what I have to mayor in. #criminal-justice...


Charlie B.’s Avatar
Charlie B. Oct 27, 2015

How do I become an engineer

Hi my name is Charlie Bridges and I want to know how to become an engineer. What college would I have to go to....


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Hayden B. Dec 01, 2015

What kind of duties and stuff does a criminal profiler need?

I'm doing a career project in class and I'm having a hard time finding any answers #psychology #technology...


Jeremy B.’s Avatar
Jeremy B. Apr 01, 2015

When you are a police officer how long are the hours?

Hi my name is Jeremy I would like to know the hours of being a police officer. When I was nine years old I wanted to become a police officer. I have had people tell that I would make a good police officer. #law #police #police-officer #legal-advice...


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Luke S. Oct 23, 2015

What does a game warden do on a daily basis?

I am in sixth grade an I would like to be a game warden when I grow up, any help would be appreciated. Thank you! #biology #marine-biology #zoology #wildlife-biology #wildlife...


Sofia T.’s Avatar
Sofia T. Jun 03, 2015

What are some good audition tips?

I have auditioned for lots of plays, but they're all for children's theatre. I'm scared that when I audition for actual theatre, I'll freeze up and make myself look like an idiot. Do any actors/actresses have any good tips to help with preparation, nerves, and presentation? #acting #theatre...

#broadway #musical-theatre

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Trinity W. Nov 17, 2015

What do you practice on to become better actor?

I am in 6th grad and I am in acting and I have a play coming up that is why iam asking this ?ton...


Cynthia L.’s Avatar
Cynthia L. Nov 19, 2014

What do you need to do to become an animator?

I really want to know so I could do this in the future. #professional #3d-animation...


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Madison T. Sep 03, 2015

how many years of college do you need to complete for physical therpy

I am a senior in high school and I am very interested in finding a career path in some type of physical therapy. I was wondering how many years of college I will need to complete for this career? #therapy...


Sherrece D.’s Avatar
Sherrece D. Apr 14, 2014

What colleges major in physical therapy

I am interested in colleges with this type of...

Madison T.’s Avatar
Madison T. Oct 21, 2015

What is one of the best colleges to go to for Physical therapy?

as I have been looking for colleges and what I want to major in I struggle with finding a college that is perfect for my needs. In Texas which school would be best to study Physical Therapy? #therapy...


Aaron W.’s Avatar
Aaron W. Oct 14, 2015

What is some important information I should have when studying to become a Diesel Mechanic/Technician?

I am a Junior in high school and am looking for some more information on what I will need to know in order to become a Diesel Mechanic/Technician. I've grown up around farm and different types of equipment my whole life and I somewhat know my way around them. I would like to increase my skills...

#mechanical #automotive #mechanics #technician

Sophie  A.’s Avatar
Sophie A. Sep 03, 2015

In order to get a doctrate degree in Physical Therapy, what are the possible majors i could do?

I am a senior in high school looking to go to texas state university, they offer a doctorate in PT but not a major and I was wondering what I needed to major in to get my doctorate....


Arturo W.’s Avatar
Arturo W. Dec 10, 2015

Which is a better major to take in college to find a job in the business field: Economics, FInance, or Marketing?

I am interested in working in the business field and working with different companies. I am really good with numbers and like working with money. I want to find out which major is best because I want to be able to apply for a college that has known programs in those majors. I am currently a...

#business #economics #finance #math

Rachel A.’s Avatar
Rachel A. Oct 20, 2015

What type of careers involve cooking and buissness that pay well?

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a sixth grader, I have no idea what to do with my life. I absolutely love to bake and cook, but I know that jobs where you do that all day don't pay well. I am thinking of having a small business, but I don't know how I'm going to the money to start it. Any...

#buisness #culinary-arts #entrepreneur

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Joshlynn C. Oct 26, 2015

I whant to go to cheer school which one would be good

I am in in the 6th grade and I am in compaction and I want to keep doing this thought high school and maybe in college...


Noah S.’s Avatar
Noah S. Oct 27, 2015

Do I need to be a cop and get promoted to swat

I really want to be in the swat but do i need to be...

Joshlynn C.’s Avatar
Joshlynn C. Oct 21, 2015

how to get a good paying job

I want to know how to get a good paying job so I well have a great job...


Mason H.’s Avatar
Mason H. Nov 30, 2015

I would like to know how to manage my money to start off in life good?

Hi, I am a 6th grader and I want to now how to save my money or tactics you have used to get far in life please reply so I can use the...

Austin O.’s Avatar
Austin O. Oct 20, 2015

What do you do on a day to day basis being an athletic trainer?

So I am Austin From Norman County West, and my other question is what does a sports trainer do on a day to day basis? Also what kind of college credits do you need and some other things I was wondering is what possible Majors, Degrees, license, and credentials. And also what do you guys do for...

#sports #trainer #athletic-training

Olivia  .’s Avatar
Olivia . Oct 22, 2015

How much do pharmacists get paid?

Because i want to be a pharmacist #doctor...


Marco G.’s Avatar
Marco G. Oct 28, 2015


games sells...


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Luke S. Oct 22, 2015

What education is required to become a game warden?

I am in sixth grade and I would like to become a game warden when I grow up. I like wildlife and would appreciate your help! Thank You! #biology #police #marine-biology #zoology #wildlife-biology...


Rai'mond H.’s Avatar
Rai'mond H. Oct 29, 2015

How do you get a good paying job

Cause I want a job good paying #jobs...


Garrett A.’s Avatar
Garrett A. Oct 26, 2015

how much mney does a perfectional football player make?

do know how much a perfectional football player makes if so can you give me feed back. If you sign with a team also how much money d you get?...


Rodney A.’s Avatar
Rodney A. Apr 08, 2015

I was wondering how much a commercial airline pilot makes annually on average?

I would like to be a pilot. i want to know if being a pilot will benefit me financially. #pilot #airplane...


Peyton F.’s Avatar
Peyton F. Oct 28, 2015

Which one gets more money MLB or Movie Directors?

My name is Peyton and I love baseball I play it right now and in spring and I love writing my own movies for the future....


Mason H.’s Avatar
Mason H. Dec 15, 2015

what would be a good starter car for a low pay rate?

Hi I am a 6th grader I want to be a game warden but I cant decide a good car to get me to work and back but has at least 13 miles to the gallon not like a dues and a half where you get 2 gallons to the mile. it needs to be small 2 row with at least 5 seats. And if I have kids I want it to be...

#dealerships #people #general