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Vivian L. May 04, 2016 3094 views

Are there any careers that are similar to Nursing?

I'm interested in becoming a Registered Nurse because it guarantees interaction with people but I'd like to know about other possible career paths. #career #nursing #medical #nurse...


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Mira S. May 19, 2016 461 views

In your personal opinion, is it better to do research with a company or a university? Why?

I know that I want to be a researcher. I have been thinking about neurology, but I know it will be in the biological field. I am just unsure about whether or not I want to work as a professor at a university or a scientist at a company. I know there are pros and cons to both. My father is a...

#graduate-school #research #college #laboratory #science

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haylin C. May 20, 2016 347 views

When should a graduate start looking for internships?

planning for my senior year and preparation for after graduation. #internship #agriculture...


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Chloe H. May 21, 2016 367 views

What do environmental engineers do?

I'm considering this as a major, but I'd have to go to a college I'm not necessarily excited about. If I don't like this career, then I'd be able to go to the college of my choice. #engineer...


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Tyler B. May 21, 2016 427 views

Has anyone been through the Auto Body Repair class at Greenville Tech?

This is where I would like to go....


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s S. May 21, 2016 327 views

How to get more intrast for my studes

becase i want to get in...

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Tyler B. May 21, 2016 313 views

Where is the best college to study Auto Body Repair?

This is what I want to take in college. #auto #collision...


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Maeve O. Dec 03, 2014 2085 views

What are possible careers in public relations and communications?

I am an 11th grader interested in public relations. I like organizing and managing events, and fundraising. The job I am most familiar with in this field is event planning. I think I would be very good at it and I think I would enjoy it too because I like working with people and being able to...

#communications #public-relations #business #marketing #event-planning

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Jade K. May 18, 2016 728 views

Which books should I read before I enter law school this fall semester?

I was recently accepted into law school. I am eighteen years old, so I likely do not have as much knowledge in my head as other incoming 1Ls. I would like to enter law school at least somewhat prepared. Ideally, I will be familiar with the basic legal jargon and concepts that I will encounter...

#california #young-adults #law-school

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Connor M. May 18, 2016 351 views

music scholarships

I'm going to be graduating in 2019, and wanting to go to college, I want to be a music composer or a lawyer. #lawyer...


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Lisa P. May 21, 2016 550 views

What type of things do aerospace engineers do?

I'm a current high school student interested in engineering. I was curious about the types of things aerospace engineers do. Is it mostly Computer Aided Design? Do you visit launch sites? Do you oversee construction of things or do you work behind the scenes designing components on a computer?...

#aerospace-engineering #aerospace #engineer

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Duy N. May 21, 2016 421 views


So how does one find what they are passionate about, what major they want to go in. Im not sure about that. As of right now im considering physics because of astrophysics. When you find what you are passionate about and take the courses for that major do you ever struggle, or ask yourself "Is...


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Gabriella A. May 20, 2016 567 views

What should I do in college to help me stand out when looking for a job after I graduate?

Looking for a job after college can be tough and I would like to know how I can make myself stand out to future employers. #college #job #hiring...


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Keitlin S. May 08, 2015 18370 views

How many years does it take to become an orthodontist?

I really want to be an orthodontics but i am not so willing if it takes such a long while in school in order to become one...

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Kyana J. May 21, 2016 492 views

Did you love or hate your college experiemce?

were you that kid that went to every event, or the kid that stayed in their dorm. Did you have friends, join a team, or joined a club? Did you love or hate your college experience? #graduate #sophomore...


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Gage R. May 19, 2016 901 views

Is a 3.2 GPA bad?

I hang out with a lot of friends with very high GPAs. I do not know if I am just bringing myself down because I hangout with very intelligent people or if I should really be worrying. I am currently going into my junior year and will really be pushing myself this year. #scholarships #gpa...


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Gabriella A. May 20, 2016 493 views

What is the most useful thing to minor in during college for a person considering becoming a genetic counselor?

The job out look for genetic counselors has little growth and I would like to know what give me an edge to stand out. #counselor #scientist #doctorate-degree...


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leo M. May 19, 2016 338 views

how many hour without my family am i gonna be working?

because i want to know if i'm gonna have time to be with my family or if i'm gonna be all the day working....


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Kendra L. May 20, 2016 251 views

How can I get a good grade in organic chemistry?

I want to do well in my classes so I want advise....


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safina F. May 20, 2016 256 views

i want to take beautition can i do it

this is my...

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farha B. May 20, 2016 258 views

by studiying can i also do part time job

for my...

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Camille M. May 20, 2016 493 views

I want to be a clinical psychiatrist in the future. What should my steps be to achieve this goal?

I'm a senior in high school and I am intersested in becoming a clinical psychiatrist because someone inspired me and I believe in myself. #psychology #pre-med...


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Ish S. May 20, 2016 342 views

Any internships available for High School student in computer science?

Hi I am a high school student looking for an internship in computer science. I have a background in HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, Java, Arduino and git. I am dedicated and over the summer have plenty of time to work. For additional details please contact me. #science...


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Farida M. Apr 11, 2016 496 views

Does being a lawyer earn you good pay?

Will being a lawyer earn you good pay?I am asking because I want to know if it could be practiced as a full time job. #lawyer #attorney...


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Savannah C. May 20, 2016 318 views

Which tech careers are better to be in small cities compared to large cities?

This helps people understand that location is a key point to consider as well....


Celestin H.’s Avatar
Celestin H. May 20, 2016 2474 views

Best way to enter the entertainment industry on the business side

Hi everyone, I am currently a junior in college, and my professional future seems to be directed towards advertising. After an internship in marketing in general, I am interning this summer in an ad agency, on the data analysis side. Yet, my dream is to work in the entertainment industry, on...

#career-change #advertising #entertainment-industry #entertainment #digital-advertising #marketing #entertainment-marketing

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Calvin K. May 19, 2016 615 views

What kind of salary can I expect as a game developer?

More specifically the salary rate if I'm employed by a large, well-known AAA developer. #salary #game-development #video-game-development #gaming-industry #game-industry...


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CareerVillage . Dec 29, 2011 3174 views

What is the career path to a successful career in law?

I am really interested in becoming a lawyer, but I have heard that it is not easy. I'm wondering how someone can become successful in law. #law #lawyer #career-paths...


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Chantel L. May 20, 2016 538 views

How does your college choice affect the pay rate in your career field?

I am enrolling at the University of Georgia for Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering in the fall. I am asking to get more insight on whether attending graduate school at a more prestigious university is a waste of time and money. #business #engineer...


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Sheree W. May 20, 2016 922 views

Would it cost money to change your major before actually starting it?

What if I want to major in something and I change my mind at the last minute....