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Tristan S.’s Avatar
Tristan S. Jun 07, 2015 1144 views

How difficult is it being an engineer?

I will be majoring in mechanical engineering and I heard some difficult things about it. I heard it is a very intense course and it should be something you care about? I am a math and science kind of person, so I am wondering if it is the correct choice to go into engineering. #science #math...


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Hailey C. May 16, 2016 721 views

is having a minor in college really necessary?

I am asking this because when I started my first year of college I was not planning on having a minor. I have asked a handful of people if it is really necessary and I always get different answers, so now I bring my question to this website for the professionals. My advisor at school is pushing...

#college-major #college #college-minor #majors-and-minors

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Mariah W. Mar 02, 2015 1865 views

What education is needed to become a compliance manager?

my school project #family...


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Doris H. May 16, 2016 323 views

Does a students citizenship status influence colleges acceptance decision?

My dream is to get in a top tier college however I am concerned that they wont accept me because I am a temporary resident through the Dream Act. I wanted to see if they would take that into consideration and prefer not to waste their time and effort on me. #college #college-admissions...

#probability #eligibility

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Stacy M. Apr 01, 2016 755 views

What entry level jobs in the fashion industry do you recommend I seek out that will set me up on the best most successful career path?

I really want to have a successful career in fashion. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do within the industry, so I'm hoping to get some advice or insight into what you believe to be entry level jobs within fashion/retail that would put me in the best place/career track to be successful...

#fashion #retail #human-resources

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Joel P. May 09, 2016 526 views

Best way to get cover college tuition?

Well, I've fallen behind in getting financial support for college and I've been excepted!! Yaaaay! Well, my family and I don't have deep pockets, so what's are your recommendations!...


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Peter A. May 13, 2016 490 views

Should I major in finance or accounting?

I am trying to determine my college major....


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Brenton W. May 15, 2016 575 views

What scholarships are available for physical therapy students, as well as recent graduates?

Scholarships allow students to feel fulfillment for their academic achievements and hardwork, as well as compensation for the price of education. Physical therapy schools in particular because of the increased need for clinicians need readily available information to make academia affordable....


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Sarah D. May 16, 2016 533 views

What are future jobs looking for in college grads?

What should I get involved in in college that will stand out on a job application after college? #college...


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Jstewart . Jul 04, 2012 3020 views

What Internships should i look for if i plan to major in Business?

I am a rising senior and i plan to major in business and i want to find internships that align with what i want to major in, so what type of internships should i look for and where should i look? #business...


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Melanie M. May 16, 2016 550 views

Everyday life

Is living at home while attending college a good idea? Would it be more stressful with your parents and siblings around?...


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Myles H. Oct 21, 2015 776 views

What is the best marketing college in Texas?

I'm from Texas and I really don't want to.leave the state...


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Kimberly R. May 15, 2016 816 views

Why should I become a teacher?

All through out my life in school math has come easy to me. This caused me to persue a math teaching degree, however the more I talk to different teachers the more they tell me to change my major. What should I do? If you think I should stay with my major then what are some of the positive...

#teacher #teaching

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prajwal L. May 04, 2016 721 views

how can we improve the engineering quality in india?

I love my country and engineering! #engineering...


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Devrick W. May 12, 2016 566 views

How can I lower the cost of Pharmacy school?

I saw that Pharmacy school can be very expensive. How can I help pay some of the cost so I don't end up with an enormous amount of debt....


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Grace D. May 16, 2016 341 views

When looking at prospective colleges what are the top three questions to ask your school that are usually mot addressed?

I am looking at colleges to attend and I never know what to ask the school after they give the usual speech. #student...


KarenLSil .’s Avatar
KarenLSil . Feb 22, 2012 3781 views

Transitioning into a marketing field?

Hi, I am soon to be graduating with my BA in marketing, I have been an office receptionist/ assistant for a while now but I like to change since my field is now marketing. I don't find my current situation fulfilling anymore. I have tried applying to marketing firms as a receptionist to get...

#marketing #career-paths

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jordyn S. May 16, 2016 536 views

if you change your major while in college, will you still be able to graduate on time?

many of my friends who are already in college changed their major several times and I was just wondering if they will graduate on time...


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Kyle H. May 15, 2016 410 views

When should I decide on a major?

I don't want to have to redo classes in college, when should I be decided on my major?...


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Klea H. May 14, 2016 671 views

What do you recommend to get involved with in college that will prepare me for getting a job in marketing after graduation?

Nothing excites me more than going into a field that allows me to be creative and do something new everyday. I really want to do everything I can possible to make sure that I will be successful in a marketing career. Any kind of feedback would mean so much!...


Annabelle  F.’s Avatar
Annabelle F. Dec 04, 2013 1379 views

What kind of characteristics would I need in order to pursue marketing?

What types of courses would I take? What are some characteristics of people who are in marketing? What types of things have people done in order to become successful? #b2b-marketing...


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Laura C. Mar 23, 2015 655 views

How do I get internships?

I want to be a pediatrician and I want to know how to get an internship. #medicine #pediatrician...


jordyn S.’s Avatar
jordyn S. May 16, 2016 450 views

is it impossible to eat healthy in college?

many people talk about how broke they are and how they live off of ramen noodles...


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Frank G. Sep 27, 2015 1150 views

Can i pursue marketing if i take commerce with IP in 11th ?

Cause i want to take international marketing afterwards....


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Jesus M. May 15, 2016 459 views

Any regrets?

I'm about to start college to study culinary arts, I would like to know if there is a chef or cook out there that regrets not doing something that I should do in college so I won't regret it later on in life. #culinary-arts...


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Aisha C. Oct 21, 2012 1006 views

Are you just a natural sports or can you work at it.

I am a sophomore in high school....


m T.’s Avatar
m T. May 16, 2016 334 views

How can i clear the concept of maps in social subject ?

Because i can understand the maps in social subject ....


Arielle O.’s Avatar
Arielle O. May 16, 2016 637 views

What is the difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacist technician?

I want to know what the differences are regarding these two. Salary and work difference. #pharmacy #pharmacist...


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Cassandra H. Oct 14, 2015 962 views

What type of education and requirements would I need to be an entrepreneur?

I have always been interested in owning my own business. It is about time for me st start looking at colleges and I was wondering what classes I would have to take to gain a degree in business. What should I major in? How many years of college would be required? would I need a license to own...

#business #entrepreneurship

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DejaCodman2 . Sep 09, 2012 3507 views

Do employers hire you based on what college you graduated from?

Hi, I am a sophomore and I just wanted to know does it matter to employers which college I get a degree from? would I have a better chance at getting a job if I went to a university rather than an online school? #college #jobs #employers...