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Kaviya K. Apr 22, 2016 421 views

Medical Colleges?

Hi. I am student from Govt Hr sec school. Can u help me out by giving list of Medical colleges and the best out of it. #doctor #medicine #professor #counselling...


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Rahnel C. Jun 24, 2015 653 views

what skills does it take to have a good career job

I am rahnel capitana I am 16 years of age I attend Leadership High School in San Francisco, CA I have a single mother working hard for 3 kids my younger brother older sister and me as the middle child I am a hands on person and I like working with others. I am bilingual in 1 other language I...

#work #hands #hands-on-experience #hands-on-training

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Molly H. Apr 15, 2016 1423 views

What does a day in the life of a corporate lawyer look like?

I am a sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I am interested in law and how a career in the field would fit into my life. #law #lawyer #corporate...


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Randolph A. Feb 19, 2015 790 views
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Sahil Y. Jun 15, 2014 1605 views

what is a mechanical engineer

I really want to be a mechanical engineer so I want to know what is mechanical engineering #engineering...


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William T. Nov 21, 2014 866 views

Describe something that a civil engineer will do many, many, many times.

What are some things that I will always do as a civil engineer? Is there an aspect of my schedule which will stay constant? #engineer...


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Monica B. Mar 23, 2015 940 views
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Tanaysha C. Apr 12, 2016 991 views
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Omar F. Apr 10, 2016 489 views

graduated with 2:1 in Quantity Surveying but do not want to work in the field

Hi Guys. I hope someone can really help me, i have graduated in QS and during the course wanted to change but was not sure what to, so i completed the course, now i do not to do quantity surveying,.oh yeah also got a hnc in CAD + Construction. which i did before i went to quantity surveying...

#cad #architecture #construction #cost-estimates #building #surveying

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ayan M. Apr 21, 2016 291 views

now i have written my 10th class examination what would be my future with science subject

because i am intrested in science subject...


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Ryan F. Apr 13, 2016 1460 views

Being an anesthesiologists on a daily basis

Hi, I am a sophomore in Boston and am really interested in becoming a doctor in the future. However my main interest is becoming an anesthesiologist. I would like to ask any one who is or knows the routine of an anesthesiologist, and what they do on a day to day basis, and the best and worst...

#doctor #nurse #medicine #anesthesiologist

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lingeshwar G. Apr 18, 2016 503 views

how to decide a higher studies? mark, talent.

i'm finish tenth . i'm waiting for result. #career #career-counseling #job #student...


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Marie N. Apr 20, 2016 459 views

I would love to be an actors can I become one just through high school and college

Another thing I would love to live In LA #actor...


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Dinesh P. Apr 21, 2016 339 views

I am completed my 10th, What can i do in this summer

I want to utilize the summer vacation for some valueble learning which can help in my further studies...


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Gomathi M. Apr 20, 2016 628 views

To work in top school what are the requirements need for the teacher

Hi . I am doing my 12 standard. What requirements should I meet to work in Tops school in Tamilnadu, India. What do they expect. #professor #principal...


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Ka Tim L. Aug 03, 2015 1258 views

Programming Language

What kind of programming languages should I learn as a programmer? #software-engineering...


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Sharmila R. Apr 16, 2016 542 views

I like to become a Teacher? What should i do to get Government Job in tamilnadu

I like to become a teacher. What extra should i do to get a government Job in Tamilnadu?...


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Prithvi A. Mar 04, 2014 1789 views

Are there any "universal majors"?

After years of exploring different career options, it seems like my list is getting longer, not shorter. Are there any majors that I can take in college that really can be applied to many different fields of work? For example, I know a major in Economics can help get you a job in politics....

#college-majors #occupation #jobs #university #college-minor #college-major #college

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Atheena P. Mar 02, 2016 433 views

What results are better for a teacher, a charter school or public school ?

I would like to work with a group of kids who I can actually impact. I want to know that my work is helping kids be pushed to their full potential in math and that their actually understanding. Im interested in teaching AP Statistics so hopefully at least 90% of my students pass their AP Exam....


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NaomiC . Mar 29, 2012 1229 views

Teaching makes the Difference

What is the best part about being a teacher ?...


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Prashant S. Sep 04, 2015 618 views

i am searching college for engineering in civil or computer in US and i am from nepal with medium economy

i am from nepal and wants to know how can i join engineering in US and i am from medium economy family .. can i actually afford there by doing side job if available #engineer...


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Bhavan K. Apr 16, 2016 374 views

What is researching career

be a research...


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Prince M. Apr 16, 2016 536 views

what are fields for visual communication

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Zoe J. Apr 09, 2016 695 views

I want to be in a certain career environment (entertainment/tourism), but also want to have the option of working with businesses. What type of communications degree should I choose?

I am a college freshman. I don't have a definitive answer for what I want to do for the rest of my life. A business degree has a lot of versatility and flexibility. I also want to major (or minor) in communications to compliment my business degree. By obtaining both degrees, I hope to be more...

#major #communications #business #transfer #undecided #career #freshman #college

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Justin S. Nov 02, 2015 580 views

What does a program do to a robot?

Hi I'm Justin and I want to know a lot of robotic programing but I always fail doing so. if you could answer my question that would be great thank...

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Fiona W. Apr 15, 2016 731 views

As a Physician Assistant, what jobs are available that involve newborns?

I am a sophomore in Boston and am interested in the medical field. I am pretty sure that I want to be a Physician's Assistant, but would also like to work with newborns as well. Thank you for your...

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Jahayra M. Apr 13, 2016 705 views

What are some tips on becoming a lawyer what can I do in high school to help?

I asked this question because i want to be a lawyer and im in debate so im interested in law #law #lawyer...


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India W. Apr 13, 2016 796 views
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julia C. Apr 13, 2016 568 views

How many years of college education is required to become an orthopedic doctor? Also, what courses are required to become an orthopedic doctor?

I am a sophomore in high school in Boston and I have been interested in becoming an orthopedic doctor, but I am concerned about how many years I will have to attend college. #doctor #courses...


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Trey N. Apr 13, 2016 438 views

How many years does it take to receive a masters degree in Kinesiology ?

I am interested on being a trainer or physical theropist....