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Alicia M. May 18, 2016 466 views

How does neonatal nursing mentally effect you?

I know that when you are a neonatal nurse you are dealing with very fragile and sick newborns, a lot of times things don't go right, how does that effect a person long term? #neonatal...


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Alejandra Q. May 20, 2016 381 views

Can the particles of energy in food and water hold consciousness?

According to cell biology, you are what you eat. Does the vibration of energy in particles of food and water have an affect on the way my cells are composed? #doctor #nutrition #cell-biology #energy #atoms...


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Luz R. May 20, 2016 481 views

What leads to major in criminology? Is it criminal justice or psychology?

I want to know which one because the university i will be attending does not major in criminology and i don't know which one to choose to lead me that way. #psychology...


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BRANDON M. May 18, 2016 1144 views

What's the average amount of hours Finance Analyst contribute in work on a weekly basis? Do they stay happy?

I heard working as a finance analyst often requires staying in the office for more hours than the average 9-5 worker. Will I have a life if I pursue this career? #business #finance...


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kaneez F. May 19, 2016 373 views

i want to concentrate on my telgu subject so what should i do

for passing...

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Bao T. May 02, 2016 582 views
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Melanie M. May 16, 2016 462 views

How hard is a job and going to nursing school?

My grandmother is a RN and my mom is attending nursing school, how hard is it to keep a job during time being? They tell me how time consuming school is with rotations and studying but I need my job to be able to afford college. How intense is nursing school really? (I plan on being a cardiac...

#cardiology #nurse #nursing

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l S. May 19, 2016 794 views

Is it common for medical students to enter the medical field and have a nervous reaction to the sight of blood (blood phobia)?

I was accepted into a nursing program which begins at the end of August and am dead set on overcoming the fear. I believe that maybe with enough exposure, you become de-sensitized to it?? #medicine...


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Sowmiya K. May 09, 2016 459 views

what is the salary of the doctor

hi iam sowmiya .iam studying in 10std .i want to know the answer #doctor #career #science #professor #scientist...


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Sowmiya K. May 07, 2016 404 views

what are the differents between human brain and animals brain

hi i am sowmiya .i am studing 10 std .i want to know this #doctor #science #teacher...


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Sowmiya K. May 07, 2016 325 views

how to control the mouth cancer

hi i am sowmiya .i am studing 10 std .i want to know this #doctor #science #teacher...


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Marcos M. May 19, 2016 366 views

What is the DAW of choice for engineers in the field of Mass Communications, i.e radio

I would like to know which program to use and become efficient in when I enter the radio broadcasting industry. #radio-broadcasting #radio-host #broadband-networks...


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a A. May 20, 2016 493 views

how can we understand the trestrial maps

i want to know the maps...


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Alex A. Oct 23, 2015 2718 views

what does a computer programmer do on a daily basis

Hi, I am in 6th grade and I want to know what they do on a daily basis #computer-science...


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Xavier M. May 19, 2016 567 views

How often in the real world does you major apply to your actual job? and How does a major limit the type of jobs you can have?

Many times I have met people with a major in one thing but they end up getting hired to do the complete opposite ad don't understand how they qualify for that job. #engineer...


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Jeremy D. Jun 04, 2015 949 views

What does being a Biomedical Engineer consist of?

I'm a freshman in high school and I love math, science, and anything STEM related. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do yet but multiple types of engineering keep popping up. I want to find out what Biomedical Engineers and any other engineering careers consist of when it comes to actually...

#biomedical #petroleum #engineering #biomedical-engineering

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Mitchell K. Sep 01, 2015 644 views
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Rubylynn M. May 19, 2016 479 views

How can I choose field of work that'll assure me that I'll enjoy the rest of my life working?

I am still very young, sixteen years of age, and there is yet anything that sparks my interest in terms of vocation. I'm constantly hearing that every individual inhabits a special talent, perhaps I've yet to find mine, but how can I be certain that eventually I will? This thought constantly...


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Ananya C. May 19, 2016 385 views

I plan on applying to medical school after college. I know that taking the MCAT does not require you to major in any specific science, but will any science major give me a greater advantage over another?

I'm a junior in high school and I aspire to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the information out there and would love a little guidance about future requirements....


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Norma I. Nov 19, 2014 751 views

How long does it take to be doctor?

I chose this question because I want to be a doctor and because I want to see what doctors there...

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Duaa O. May 04, 2016 729 views

From one to ten how hard is the medical field?

I am an aspiring Anesthesiologist and I would love to know more about the career path that I am going into. #doctor #medicine...


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Christine M. Dec 10, 2015 1170 views

What are the different careers in the medical field?

I'm kind of interested in the medical field, but I am unsure about the different types of jobs in medical field. I want to know the different types of nurses/doctors or other medical related positions and what each position does. #doctor #nursing #medicine...


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Chantel B. Jun 04, 2015 2630 views

How do I go about job shadowing Nursing Midwives?

I'm a freshman in high school and I've decided I want to be a Midwife. I just don't know how or when I should try to schedule an appointment for job shadowing. What goes on while job shadowing a Midwife? #nursing #medicine #nurse #babies...


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Miche M. May 18, 2016 535 views

What does a typical week look like in the nursing program?

It is nursing-related since it is the major I am pursuing in higher education. #nursing #registered-nurses...


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Tristan D. May 10, 2016 564 views

How can I be guaranteed a job after I graduate from college?

You've just gone through four years of college (or more) so now that you're done you need to find what you've been working so hard to obtain. A job. It will be nice to have peace of mind knowing how I can be guaranteed a job after college. #engineer #professor #graduate...


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Zoe O. May 12, 2016 489 views

Should I apply to pre-med programs or pre-law programs?

In order to figure out what path I want to take in college, I would love to hear the opinions of professors in these fields!...


Tristan D.’s Avatar
Tristan D. May 10, 2016 466 views

What is a great study plan in order to not get distracted and ace tests?

I've heard from many college students that it is easy to get distracted and difficult to study especially when you are a freshman. This is due to the fact that you are new to college. Most everything is different which includes studying. Most may not know a great way to study and get good...

#studies #graduate #professor

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Alicia M. May 18, 2016 651 views

What type of volunteer work would best help when trying to become a neonatal nurse?

I want to do some volunteer work for the summer but I am unsure on where to look. #nurse #neonatal...


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Mary B. May 05, 2016 546 views

Will I be at a disadvantage if I pursue a masters-level entry into nursing program instead of getting a BSN first?

I am going to Harvard in the fall to study, and they don't have a nursing program, but if I decided to pursue that career, I was wondering if it would work if I just did a direct entry program at Johns Hopkins or something or if it would be better to just go to PA school. #nursing #medicine...


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Mariah C. May 11, 2016 568 views

What should I major in to become a registered nurse?

I want to be a neonatal nurse but i want to start out as an RN and then move my way up. #registered-nurses...