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Lisvette . Jan 09, 2012 1761 views

What are good schools for a Masters in Education Administration?

I have already googled this, but my search has not been helpful. I would get a list of schools, but when I search on the school's website I would either not find the actual degree ( or anything similar), or they would all be for "higher education," and I am interested in elementary school....

#education #administrator #principal #graduate-school

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MichaelG . Mar 29, 2012 1021 views

What is the employment rate for students who major in Mechanical Enigneering?

Im a high school senior and I want to know before taking up this major in college....


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CareerVillage . Dec 30, 2011 5262 views

What is the career path to get a job at a metropolitan police department?

I'm very interested in law enforcement, and I want to work for a police department in a city. What is the career path to working in a metropolitan police department? #police #career-paths...


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AwhiteNFTEAM . Jan 20, 2012 1667 views

Music industry and the creation of beats

I would like to create a application were I create beats for people to use in their music or any form of sound. How much effort would I have to put into createing this business and do I have to go to college? #business #engineering #engineer #music...


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Eperezfonseca13NFTEBOSS . Feb 15, 2012 1503 views

How do you go from college to a job as a sports broadcaster?

I'm considering going to college and majoring in Broadcasting or Journalism. I was wondering what steps to take in order to make it to the booth. #sports #career-paths...


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Smccloud13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 1240 views

What different medical fields can i get into with treating injuries

I am in 11th grade and i would like to know how to get in the medically field, and would like to know the difference of becoming a doctor and the different treatment #doctor...


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Emony R. Feb 15, 2012 4803 views

What college major is suggested for a student interested in becoming an intellectual property attorney?

What college major is suggested for a student interested in becoming an intellectual property attorney? #law #lawyer #college-majors...


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MhendersonNFTEAM . Jan 20, 2012 1401 views

What pushed you on your path to be a professional actor or actress?

Im a sophomore ,and I'm interested in being a actor /model.I have auditions but I like to know what a professional would say to me. #acting #arts #actor...


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AustinNFTEFoodFin . Jan 13, 2012 1368 views

how do you handle defending a person when you know that they did the crime?

i find it hard to defend a person when i know that they've done something wrong. #law...


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Youngsoubba . Feb 01, 2012 1952 views

what would you have to study in college to become a NBA Analysis?

I am a really big fan of the NBA and i'm able to relate to what the analysis on T.V have to say. Also at times i have opinions that they don't discuss....


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QwilliamsNFTEAM . Feb 09, 2012 1175 views

What advice would you give me before going to a business collage and things that I will ned to know before entering ?

I am a 15 year old student at august martin. I am in a Business class at my high school and plan to continue in business....


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DestinyCodman2 . Jan 06, 2012 4143 views

What is daily life like as a lawyer?

I like arguing my point and speaking my opinion. I would like to know what it's like everyday being a lawyer #law...


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Neftalique C. Jan 19, 2012 1766 views

what steps do I have to take to be a chef with a television show?

I'm a junior in high school and can cook very well. I also Took several cooking classes but have no idea on how to get discovered who to speak with to get to that point. #chef #cooking...


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ChemiOppNet2017 . Jan 24, 2012 2107 views

Steps to Take in getting into a selective law school

What are the steps to follow after college in getting to a selective law school? #law...


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BrittanyOppNet2017 . Jan 19, 2012 13144 views

What are work hours like as a neurosurgeon?

A good answer will speak about general hours and also emergency calls. #neurosurgeon #medicine...


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KaljahOppNet2017 A. Jan 22, 2012 1674 views

What are some memorable moments that you have being a speech-language pathologist?

I am interested in being a speech-language pathologist, and wanted to know how this field has helped others in their speech and/or confidence. #science #pathologist...


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Tfrye13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 1394 views

Are there any available programs/events/resources in New York City that offers High school students the opportunity to High school students to explore multiple careers . . .

Hi, i am an 11th grader. With a diverse personality. I enjoy fixing things it could be computers,cars,phones, even toys. But I also enjoy the Art industry from dancing, performing, writing, ect. I would like to know if there are any programs available for an high school student to gain...

#art #artist #computer-engineer #photography

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Cperrotte13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 1179 views

How many years do i have to do in college in order to become a Sonogram Technician ?

Im a 16 year old girl in my junior year of high school wants to become a Sonogram Technician. I always wanted to deal with a job in the medical field and i finally found a Career that i'm interested in. I want to know what Colleges has good programs for this career and also how many years would...

#medicine #sonogram #doctor #technician

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EcheeseNFTEAM . Jan 20, 2012 1335 views

What are the steps I need to take after high school to own a good electronic business?

My name is Exzavier Cheese, I am a sophomore I'm high school. #business...


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Ktucker13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 1206 views

When going for a job in professional sports (particularly basketball) what would you say were your best ways of preparation to obtaining and keeping that job

Im in the 11th grade and play basketball and want to play it professionally some day. So this question is directed toward athletes and people in the business of basketball/NBA #business #sports...


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Ricardo T. Jan 21, 2012 1198 views

How does the government affect space system engineers?

I have someone I know who told me that their job has had some cut backs because of the cut on defense budget. I don't understand how this can affect his career field. He works in the development of the GPS software. #science #law...


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TerrellCodman3 . Jan 10, 2012 1316 views