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Samiya M. 1 hour ago 7 views

What skills does your job require?

I was wondering what day-to-day skills does your job require. Did you already acquire these skills before, or did you have to learn these skills? #jobs...


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Julia A. 3 hours ago 11 views

I am looking for volunteer hours in pursuing the start of becoming a PT, I was wondering if you are doing any volunteer hours?

I’m am a 20 year old student and a sophomore who attends to St. Philips college. My family and I encourage me in becoming a PT, personal I want to help change and make a difference in people’s lives....


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AngelMari C. 6 hours ago 10 views
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Kate F. yesterday 10 views

What are good schools for art?

I'm interested in art and thinking about doing something with it, but don't know what schools to look at. #art #fine-art...


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Willie J. yesterday 13 views

what is life like as NFL player?

I am a tall handsome gentleman that loves the game of football i dreamed to be a NFL player my whole life thats all i wanted to do....