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Sydney P. 17 hours ago 6 views

Best advice to entering the world of professional consulting?

I am very curious about the consulting industry and have some exposure through my on-campus non-profit consulting club, but would love to learn more about how to prepare for recruiting in the professional consulting realm. #consulting...


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Youssef B. yesterday 8 views

Am looking for a marketing and acting jobs .. if you have any don't be lazy ?

I am good in acting .. if you have some acting classes or projects Am good in e_business and acting I have a brilliant ideas that can get money easily .. i use them everyday and you will love it too #acting...


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Akshay S. yesterday 11 views

How to go about getting a summer internship related to computational biology as a high school sophomore?

I am a high school sophomore in the Bay Area with class work experience in Python, R, Matlab and Java. This year, I am taking graph theory and applied statistics courses. I am further interested in applications of math to chemistry and biology. #math #biology #computer-science #high-school...


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Grace A. yesterday 7 views

Dental Hygienist Major

Hello, I am currently a freshman in college going on my sophomore year. I am looking into becoming a dental hygienist. Right now, I am a health science major but my school doesn’t offer a dental hygiene major. Can I become a dental hygienist with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences?...

#dental #college #dentistry

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Chinonso E. Nov 20 15 views

State's hilton's law

Nigerian Anatomy student 300 level Abia state University...


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James S. Nov 14 28 views

Does anyone work for Respecta Car?

Planning my apprentice work in Montenegro, in the Respecta Car company - It's a leading car rental service in Montenegro. I have good connection, my friend worked one year in Montenegro. He had a very good experience. #work #cars...


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Chinonso E. Nov 14 18 views
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A'Nyah J. Nov 13 11 views

How is it being an plastic surgeon ?

How is it being an plastic surgeon ? #plastic surgeon...


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Malia S. Nov 10 19 views
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Jade M. Oct 29 36 views

For people who work a sports psychologist. I have 9 questions for you

Take your time with this, I know it's a lot but I'm really interested in Sports psychology!! It would be awesome and appreciated if you answered these simple questions! How many hours do you work in a typical week? If I were interested in pursuing your career, what classes do you think I...

#sportmedicine #exams #healthcareers #work #health #healtheducation #medicine #ap #psychology #friends #healthbusiness #career #everyone #healthsportcareers #sportpsychology #sportcareers