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Kelley M. 41 mins ago 3 views

Going back to work

Hi! My name is Kelley and I would like to go back to work soon, and I am in need of job training. I usually work as a General Office Clerk, but my current job skills are weak especially in Customer Service and I have always had major anxieties working with people. I prefer doing short projects...

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Qhayiya X. 4 hours ago 6 views
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Suzy C. 4 hours ago 5 views

As an x-ray technician, how many patients do you see a day?

I am a high school student researching health care careers for a project. Thank you for your time....


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Dakota B. 7 hours ago 3 views
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Kevilhounuo K. 15 hours ago 6 views

I wanna work In a bank...but I don't know wat bank

I'm not that mathematics I'm a little adove average in maths but not that good But I really wanna take up commerce and work in a bank but no body in my family ever took commerce I really need a lot of help...


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Cynthia M. 19 hours ago 10 views

schools/colleges for a hopeful broadcaster

Hello! I have been researching schools for becoming a broadcaster (preferably Canadian), and I have come across one called Fanshawe College. It seems like a good college, but I also want to keep my options open! If you could kindly suggest some schools, thank you! #broadcating #colleges...

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dilkhush R. yesterday 8 views
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Kaitlyn S. yesterday 12 views

Since I'm going to be an Education major, would it be smart to double major in Early Childhood Education and Special Education?

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Recently, I decided to study Special Education and I wanted to know if double majoring is smart or should I just stick with a major and a minor. #college-major...


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Suzy C. yesterday 19 views

How many tubes of blood does a phlebotomist draw in a week?

I am a high school student researching health care careers. Thank you for your time....


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Faraz S. 7 hours ago 11 views

After completing my Law graduation, What are my future career options with high potential yields ?

I recently got my graduation degree from my college on completing 5 Year Law course and I am currently pursuing Law Masters Degree with Business Law as my specialization. I have numerous internship experiences including District court, High court, and Canara HSBC Headquarters Gurgaon. I have...

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Luna S. 10 hours ago 15 views

Hi! I am torn between taking up IT or Computer Engineering courses. Which of the two is a lot easier yet it will give you satisfaction in salary? Thank you!

One more semester and I am an upcoming college student. I need to have a certain decision so that I won't regret it in the future....


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Mason B. 2 days ago 13 views
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Donny P. 2 days ago 19 views

What type of degree should I get for going into mechanical engineering?

I am very interested in science and engineering and would like to go to college for mechanical engineering. #information-technology...


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ben O. 2 days ago 22 views

how can i eand

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Bharat K. Jan 12 30 views

For AFROTC, do you get to complete a Master's degree or are you immediately forced to become an officer?

I want to complete an engineering degree and then follow into intelligence, but I am not sure whether I will get the opportunity to get that master's if I complete ROTC. Can someone help? #military...


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Kendall T. Jan 11 57 views

How to reach my goal of working in the BSU of the FBI?

I’m currently a psychology and forensic science (interdisciplinary studies) major at a university. I’m a sophomore right now but I really would love to work with the FBI in their Behavioral Science Unit. I’d love to interview criminals and such. How do I get to that point? #interviewing...

#fbi #psychology #behavior #criminology #interviews

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Grace H. 2 days ago 16 views

What types of careers am I interested in food service?

A chef, food service manager, a cashier, and sometimes a catering career. #chef...


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Rehana M. 2 days ago 20 views

What subjects are needed to become a pedestrian

I'm a very open person. I've always found becoming a doctor or pedestrian amazing. And I would love to make my dream come true...


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Josue O. Oct 22, 2016 770 views

Daily life of an investment banker?

I want to be an investment banker and want to know what it is like. #business #finance...


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amina A. Jan 08 27 views

can a foriegner audition

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Priyanshu S. Jan 10 22 views

i am confused about the courses after 12th, by commerce.

I want to become C.A, after the completion of my 12th. guide me. PLEASE. #C.A...