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Frank Sep 28, 2015 2552 views

Which is the most valued marketing course ?

Marketing career reasons

Mehakpreet’s Avatar
Mehakpreet Apr 02, 2020 608 views

What should you do if it all gets too overwhelming and you want to quit?

#stress #advice

paul’s Avatar
paul May 11, 2021 546 views

should i invest in myself at 18 or wait till i turn 21?

#investment-banking #financial-services #finance #investment-management #investing

Kyiana L.’s Avatar
Kyiana L. Apr 02, 2012 2972 views

What helps you study for a test?

I have been terrible at studying for tests, but I am hoping that you can help me. Please teach me how to study. #testing

Ricardo’s Avatar
Ricardo Jan 20, 2012 4434 views

Does the name of your college actually make a difference?

I've heard rumors that the name of the college/university that you attend has a great affect on who you will be and the amount of respect and money earned. Is this actually true when it comes to science and math? #education #money #college-selection

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Jan 26, 2020 681 views

What's the best way for a beginner to learn software testing and get started working in this profession?

I'm an adult learner with a Bachelor's degree in an unrelated discipline (Social Science) that is seeking a mentor for transitioning my career into Software Testing

#software #technology #computer #softwaretesting #QA #software-development #software-engineering

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Jun 13, 2021 556 views

How to tell your manager you are struggling?

I just started a web development internship that will be using a JavaScript framework. I never had a coding interview and was hired based on what I talked about in an interview with the manager. My first week just finished and so far I've had a few check ins throughout the week with my 2...

Nikolas’s Avatar
Nikolas Jun 19, 2020 409 views

How does one get a job in IT?

I currently study python in high school. #IT #Security

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27 247 views

Should I take a break, or drive right into my MBA program?

I would like to earn a MBA after earning my bachelor's. Should I immediately enter the MBA program after graduating, or should I wait and get a job with only my bachelor's degree?

Yash’s Avatar
Yash Nov 09, 2020 791 views

I tend to get distracted very easily. How do I train my mind to steer away from such thoughts and focus on the task at hand?

#mindfulness #focus

Abdullah’s Avatar
Abdullah Feb 26, 2021 411 views

How to improve my speaking confidence?

I’m a first generation student in this country. As I’ve started college this year, I’ve been noticing just how eloquent everyone sounds when they speak. From other students to interviewers. I’ve been getting really insecure about the way I speak, someone also recently told me that I speak in a...

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 01 215 views

Is it advisable to take dual enrollment while I enter the senior year of high school?

My school doesn't offer many AP classes, and I'm trying to challenge myself academically. Is it advisable for me to take community college classes during my senior year, and how will it affect my college applications?

Ligaya’s Avatar
Ligaya Jul 14, 2016 1087 views

How often should one update his/her resume

It would be interesting to know how long (or soon) one should update their resume. #career #resume #cv #job-application

Alantis’s Avatar
Alantis Jul 08 239 views

Concerning internships in college

When will be a good time in my college career to look for internship?

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary May 17, 2016 2218 views

Why should I go to college?

I don't know what college to go to

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Sep 12, 2020 668 views

How to do well in an internship for the offer to convert to a full-time role?


I'm a recent graduate that landed a 6 month trainee/internship programme with the possibility to convert to a full time role following it.

Do you have any tips on how I can stand out to make this possible?
#internships #internship #jobs

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 13, 2019 601 views

Moving into Management

How do you move into management without prior management experience? #management #business

Esther’s Avatar
Esther May 24, 2017 1690 views

What do you do working as an intern in a CPA firm?

I got an internship at a CPA firm, but am very nervous to start something so professional. Thus, I was wondering as an assistant/intern what would some of the usual and main responsibilities be at the CPA firm? #accounting #internships #accountant #cpa #quickbooks #career-details

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor May 14, 2020 491 views

Am I to young to do an Internship?

I'm 13 years old, but I want to do an internship for interior design. Should I wait? #interior-design #internship

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Apr 16, 2021 461 views

What is one thing you wish you knew before becoming a manager.

I'm just very lost but all I know is that I want to be a part of business. #manager #business #major

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Nov 20, 2019 667 views

What is one of the most difficult things you experienced in college or in your job?

#engineer #software-engineer #programmer #engineering #job

COdy’s Avatar
COdy Jan 28, 2020 665 views

How do you get rich?

I play basketball but i want to go into business and marketing. #marketing #business #sports #business-management #communication

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 17 263 views

How do you know what career is the one for you?

I'm interested in two different careers but I don't know which one to pursue because both careers have some pros and cons from my perspective.

Aniya’s Avatar
Aniya Aug 23, 2020 575 views

Which is more beneficial? A double major or a Master's degree.

I'm thinking about a career in the Fintech industry. Would it be better for me to double major in Finance and Computer science or just to go for a single major and get a Master's degree?

P.s - I'm in the Early College Program
#majors #career # college #finance #technology #fintech

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 391 views

What three habits will improve your life?

#college #time-management

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jul 01, 2016 1484 views

What are habits for success?

What do you do every morning to be productive during the day? At night?

Any tips are more than appreciated! :) #help #advice #success #fitness #exercise #routine #habits

Ever’s Avatar
Ever Nov 07, 2021 281 views

what's a good route to take to in order to one day be able to work for a big tech company?

I am 18 y/o, im currently trying to figure out what I want to do for a living one day. Ive always been relatively good with tech and so I feel being some type of tech engineer is a good route for me to take. #technology #tech #engineering

Rida’s Avatar
Rida Aug 22, 2019 1007 views

What is difference between hardware engineer and software engineer

#engineer #engineering #computer-engineering #engineer #software

Kaanchana’s Avatar
Kaanchana Dec 04, 2021 422 views

How do you find out what career/job you want to do?

I am currently a student in high school and I have absolutely no IDEA what I wanna do. #student #career

Jabari’s Avatar
Jabari Dec 10, 2021 328 views

How can I succeed in college because I'm planning on going

#college #major

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