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Chivirikani H. Jul 11 21 views

Where can I do practicals

Am having N1 in boiler maker I need a workshop where they are offering practical...


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Jessica H. yesterday 17 views
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Mariah M. yesterday 19 views
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jamesina C. 2 days ago 18 views

What are some good medical internships?

i want to become a doctor. senior in high school. #doctor...


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Shoshanna V. Jul 29 26 views

What type of mentor and research should I pursue?

#july20 I am studying bioengineering and wishing to integrate business into my future as well. What type of mentor and research should I...

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Sakura E. Jul 31 23 views
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Sukritta(Fronce) D. Jul 30 19 views

What to consider when thinking of having own business in Canada

I am working on my long term goal in Canada as I am planning to stay here more than 5 years. I want to have my own business for travel company although I know there’re many competitive companies out there. #travel #financial-planning #...


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Samsuzzoha Z. Jul 31 18 views

How can I be a entrepreneur by programming and business marketing skills?

Last few months, I thought about it but didn’t got any best idea. Though, I am a student now, but I wanna do something by improving those skills. #july20 #lecturer...


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Elianny A. Jul 30 16 views

What are good firms to get an internship for interior design after high school and going into college in NYC?

Im going to be a junior this year. I would like to start doing research on places I should apply for. #interiordesign...


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RACH A. Jul 31 20 views

What kind of scholarships do i have to look for considering im American but living in Nepal?

I have little to no idea about scholarship processes and other details that i might require when i apply to colleges in US. I will be giving my SATs. How do i go about shortlisting colleges or looking for scholarships? i was born in new york. What kind of differences will there be between my...

#july #college

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Bairavi S. Jul 29 29 views
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Dhruv P. Aug 01 23 views

How will the creation of the Superstring theory affect our thoughts about dimensional capabilities and travel?

Dimensional travel is known as a phenomenon but I believe that it is possible. Scientists have recently proven the existence of different dimensions, so travel must be feasible. My question is, how will the creation of the Superstring theory affect our thoughts about dimensional capabilities...

#education #july20

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Tamara B. Oct 25, 2016 515 views

What are some of the best ways to get scholarships?

I need money for college and scholarships are overwhelming!!! #finance #money...


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sarah L. Jul 29 29 views

Interview questions

#july20 What questions will Vet school ask me during the...

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Nneoma A. Jul 30 14 views

What are the requirements and challenges that one should be aware of if they're interested in going to medical school?

I am a senior in high school who is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, so I would like to know what I should do to prepare for it....


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inderjeet S. Jul 29 19 views

Is there any other courses which I can do with bsc nursing so I can get better opportunity to seek my goal?

I had done bsc nursing I just want to mushroom my education to get it more valuable #director #community#health# july...

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Chloe T. Jul 17 46 views

How do I study for the CASPer test?

I am hoping to get into OT grad school. How can I study for the CASPer test? When should I take the test? Is it difficult? may I please have some tips thank you! #july20 #testing #caspertest #grad-school #occupational-therapy #tips...


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kathy L. Jul 30 15 views

Whats a normal day for an anesthesiologist?

I'm trying to figure out what I might want to major in, at medical school. #anesthesiologist #doctor #medical #medicine...


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Lindsay C. Jul 29 15 views

I am interested in studying the brain, what programs should I apply to in post-secondary?

I am interested in studying the brain, what programs should I apply to in post-secondary?...


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Devika G. Jul 29 17 views

What is the difference between a doctor of dental surgery and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon?

I am a third-year biology student interested in pursuing dentistry. #dentist #surgeon...


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Devika G. Jul 29 12 views

How much schooling is required to become a forensic odontologist?

I am a third-year biology major interested in the dental field. #dental #dentist #dentistry...