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aubrey N.’s Avatar
aubrey N. Jun 13 34 views

what are the summer jobs that fit in the strand ABM

My name is Aubrey Jane T. Navales I live in tangke 1, City Of Naga Cebu I'm 18 years old My hobbies is watching action movies #job-search...


Vivien C.’s Avatar
Vivien C. Jun 12 21 views

What can I expect from a career in Medical Technician Work?

I'm a sophomore university student this coming fall semester, and I'd like to get a better idea of my career choice of technician work in either x-ray or sonograms. I'm not really sure what skills are expected of me. I'd like to get started on focusing on those skills prior to my interest...

#sonogram #xray #radiology #technology #career #healthcare #medicine

yash R.’s Avatar
yash R. Jun 11 26 views

i want to ask about navi tranning and her exam to jion navi and what condition i do

1. how to join nevy services under goverment of india as well as in private companies? 2. terms and condition to under go to the nevy. #career...


Rafael A.’s Avatar
Rafael A. Jun 10 23 views

What can I do to educate the world on the necessity of wildlife?

I’m a college student on a path to become a specialist with exotic animals to be able to educate the world on the necessity of wildlife conservation. These animals are the epitome of natural beauty and the are in need of protection from poachers and the risk of extinction. #environmental...

#biology #environmental-science

Kahlel C.’s Avatar
Kahlel C. Jun 09 31 views
asafika S.’s Avatar
asafika S. Jun 09 17 views

which country need more service of cosmetic dermatologist

hardworker,and I love to see other people happy ;looking forward for everything that challenges me...


Anna N.’s Avatar
Anna N. Jun 08 20 views

How long does it take to build up to your own practice in dermatology

If I become a dermatologist I would stay in Massachusetts because they are needed here....


Tasmina Z.’s Avatar
Tasmina Z. May 31 38 views

SAP HANA Exams and Types of Certifications

Know more about your certification exam using CertsWarrior practice test #all learning software and tool for icgb and...

Theresa L.’s Avatar
Theresa L. May 26 19 views
Alisen N.’s Avatar
Alisen N. May 25 37 views
Alisen N.’s Avatar
Alisen N. May 24 44 views

describe your job as a forensic psychiatrist.

I am a current ninth grader who has an interest in the forensic psychiatry field and would like to interview a forensic psychiatrist on his/hers/their work for a career blog assignment in my class....


Avya T.’s Avatar
Avya T. May 17 63 views
Shelsa J.’s Avatar
Shelsa J. yesterday 20 views
Kyle P.’s Avatar
Kyle P. yesterday 16 views

What are the steps to become a chef?

I am a people people #chef #fashion #cooking #career #travel I love to cook I like to help out people I love to...

Daniel R.’s Avatar
Daniel R. 15 hours ago 6 views

How can I make sure i set the right steps in order to reach my career goal which is to be a graphic designer

Hey! I am 20 years old and I like to graphic design on my free time, I mainly do it because I like to make mock ups for my brand I am building and it is very fun to challenge myself to make something different, #graphic-design #career #design unique, or aesthetically...

Samira N.’s Avatar
Samira N. yesterday 16 views

Jobs that deal with helping Animals

So I just finished my sophmore year of Highschool and I'm trying to figure out what I'm passionate about. Something that I've thought about is rescuing/healing animals. I don't know many jobs that's deal with that cause I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all that right now but I wanted to ask...

#vet #animals #veterinary-medicine #help #veterinary #higschool #job #veterinarian

Zaniyah S.’s Avatar
Zaniyah S. 20 hours ago 9 views

What do I need to do to become a skin doctor?

I am positive, willing to engage with other in smaller or larger groups, I sometimes like to work independent but not all the time, I like to help and put people first before me so yeah....


Arianna D.’s Avatar
Arianna D. 16 hours ago 11 views

How to stay interested in something you like?

I really enjoy collecting books but I'm scared that one day i'll loose interest....


SAMIYAH C.’s Avatar
SAMIYAH C. 6 hours ago 5 views

Starting a youtube channel with little proper supplies.

id have to balance school work and editing, however starting YouTube is something I been wanted to do since I was a little kid and feel as though there's a lot of enjoyment I would receive from it. #youtube #advice...

Hunter C.’s Avatar
Hunter C. 18 hours ago 12 views

What are ways in order to get your foot in the animation industry?

I'm an art student who would like to go into the animation industry. #art #animation...


Krystal M.’s Avatar
Krystal M. 2 days ago 15 views

How should I study for the MCAT?

I'm starting college this fall, so I wanted to know a timeline on when/how I should study. #college #college-bound...


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