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Anna D. Sep 16 18 views

How long do I have to be in school to become a marine biologist

Marine organisms are interesting and i'd like to pursue a career in studying them. #marine...


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Aaron U. Sep 16 13 views
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Frances F. Sep 16 18 views
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hargun K. Sep 15 21 views

How do I get started when looking for Jobs and what things to look at

Hey, I am an international Nursing student and I need to get a job asap after graduating so i can stay here but i have no clue where to even start looking for jobs or when is a good time to start or what to look for in jobs when I apply. #nursing #job-search #job #internationalstudent...

#optjobs #registerednurse

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hargun K. Sep 15 22 views

What does a RN job application process look like?

I am an international student studying Nursing in Miami and I have no idea what to expect of the job application process to look like. #nursing #nurse #nursing-education #medicine #colle...


hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15 25 views

What VISA do you apply for as a international student who is looking to take a job as a nurse?

I know that because RN is not considered a strictly undergraduate degree because you can become a RN without a degree, sometimes we don't qualify for H1 B visa so what VISA can I qualify for and apply for?...


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Candice H. Sep 09 41 views

I want to do some archeology when I complete collage. What archeology team would be the best to join?

I am interested in both finding artifacts and dinosaur bones. I am hoping to do archeology in Japan, but I can do so elsewhere if there are no archeology jobs in Japan. Thanks! #science...


Dahlia G.’s Avatar
Dahlia G. Sep 15 32 views

What areas do you have to be educated in to be a successful personal trainer?

I am a senior at Grundy Center, I enjoy being active and working out. I have a big passion for these things and think a career in personal training would be suiting. #gym #fitness #personaltraining...


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Jose M. Sep 14 20 views

How can I apply for a job at a video game company?

I'm senior in Glendale High School and I like video game....


Jose M.’s Avatar
Jose M. Sep 14 25 views

What video game companies are looking to hire someone?

I #video-games want to work for a big video game...

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Eryx L. Sep 09 24 views
Gianmarco P.’s Avatar
Gianmarco P. Sep 14 35 views

What language is most versitile?

What one language would you use for different applications? Can they all do everything, or is it better to learn different ones for different tasks?...


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Anthony D. Sep 14 26 views

What are the greatest risks in being an electrician?

I am interested in electrician work, i am currently in trade school looking into being one and im wondering about the health and saftey risks that come with working with wires, transformers, etc....


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Connor F. Sep 14 29 views

Am I required to serve for a certain amount of time before getting a degree in the Air Force?

I'm a senior in HS, and was planning to go into the Air Force, get a paid education in Computer Science/Cyber Security, and then work with them for a few years with that degree. Recently, I saw somebody in a similar situation online say that they served 4 years and then went to college using...

#college #information-technology #computer-science