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NHLAKANIPHO N. yesterday 7 views

what are the most important subjects in becoming a mechanical fitter

some asked me to ask this question because his very interested in the career of mechanical fitter THANK YOU....


Aramis R.’s Avatar
Aramis R. Nov 22 37 views

Is there anyone available for a informational interview in the medical field

i'm doing a project and i am very interested in the medical field and i have to do a informational interview from someone i n the medical field hospital-and-health-care medical medicine...


Kourtney J.’s Avatar
Kourtney J. Nov 22 42 views
Martha S.’s Avatar
Martha S. Nov 28 36 views

How to become a pediatric nurse? Some pathways to take.

I'm going to graduate with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Wellness this year. And thinking about applying to an accelerated nursing track to earn the bachelors of nursing. I'm trying to figure out what the best path is in becoming a pediatric nurse. Such as after earning the BSN should I get...

nurse pediatricnursing healthcare

Teriyana M.’s Avatar
Teriyana M. Nov 29 17 views

Are there any nonprofit organizations that help you produce a short film, feature film, or documentary?

I am considering going back to school to achieve my masters in drama therapy and/or MFT. In the meantime, I would like to get some experience with film making/screenwriting and possibly get help funding the project. Any resources, nonprofits, or anything that you can recommend? film...

filmschool television actors movieproducer moviedirector filmmaking film-acting movie shortfilm

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Hope A. Nov 29 22 views

What its like to be a teacher?

I am an assistant teacher at school....


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Justin R. Nov 29 20 views
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Logan S. Nov 16 25 views

What is the day-to-day experience of an Electrical Power-line Installer like? What is still the biggest challenge to you in your job today? Any drawbacks to your work?

I'm a student studying Building Construction Technology in order to specialize into electrical. Looking at a few careers within that specialty....


Shi H.’s Avatar
Shi H. Nov 30 17 views

Are there any pre-requisites to becoming a masseur or opening a massage parlor?

I am currently interested in becoming a physical therapist, but the idea of becoming a masseur has peaked my interest. # physical-therapist...


Kaanchana S.’s Avatar
Kaanchana S. 6 hours ago 11 views
Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. 2 days ago 36 views

Why are you still a Police Officer or Detective?

I am am 23 year old female with a background in Security and I am interested in perusing a career as a law enforcement. I desire to serve and help others also to inspire people to change. I enjoy problem solving and creative thinking. law-enforcement police-officer criminal-justice...

law detective

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Isadora C. yesterday 27 views

The kingston mall has more stores than the galeria. The four cornrs mall has fewer stores than galleria. The kingston mall has more stores than the four corners mall . If the first two statement are true, the third statement is

The kingston mall has more stores than the galeria. The four cornrs mall has fewer stores than galleria. The kingston mall has more stores than the four corners mall . If the first two statement are true, the third statement is...


Dannie K.’s Avatar
Dannie K. 22 hours ago 14 views

What steps could i take to become a mechanic

I am a student in job corps hoping to become a successful mechanic...


Dahlia G.’s Avatar
Dahlia G. Sep 15 73 views

What's your favorite part of your job as a dietitian?

I am a senior at Grundy Center, I enjoy being active and working out. I have a big passion for these things and think a career in dietetics would be suiting. I plan on going to Iowa State and getting my masters in this field. nutrition...


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R F. Jul 21 112 views
Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. 2 days ago 18 views

What is the best way to get into any one of the departments under Homeland Security?

I enjoy solving mysteries and finding out information through research. Also I enjoy traveling and I have moved around a little bit. I have worked as a security guard for 3 years, I also have licences to carry a weapon and I have an interest in Information Technology. I plan on joining the Air...

military security air homeland information-technology

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Silquasha F. Nov 16 37 views

To grasp understanding/answers, what website or platform is a good site for a Pharmacy Tech students to watch/read? If so is there a book you could recommend perhaps?

I like to think... In order to become the best, you have to learn about the rest any useful knowledge a person has to offer. So while having this time to use wisely. Any suggestions? pharmacytechs readers...


Kevin M.’s Avatar
Kevin M. 2 days ago 18 views

What happens after several years of service?

I would like to work in a field related to police, investigation and entrepreneurship. police business investigate...