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Britney M. Mar 29 36 views

I would want to know more about kindergarten teacher

I want when grow to be a kindergarten teacher because i love working with little kids because is always my dream to be a kindergarten teacher....


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Johnson H. Mar 15 52 views
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Vince V. Mar 29 38 views

What dose todays adences want ?

I like to draw and make clay modules in my spare time #creativity I use my mind to get ideas for story's to and I love comic...

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Darrin C. Mar 17 46 views

How do people like being a lineman

I like work and I like making money I also like being outdoors...


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james R. Mar 29 29 views

where can i find a paraprofessional position

i want to help out with special needs children #children...


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Jonathon H. Mar 18 45 views
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Jonathon H. Mar 18 55 views

Why did you get into construction

Randy Johnson....


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Aaron L. Mar 15 42 views
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Matthew L. Mar 12 61 views
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Piarra S. Mar 18 34 views

What classes would you recommend to take for becoming a criminal justice and law enforcement teacher?

I am an 8th grader and I am doing research on different jobs that I am interested in....


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Jozlyn Johnson J. Mar 25 66 views

What are the requirements to become a Teacher Assistant?

My name is Jozlyn Johnson i will be turning 18 on Monday and i am interested in becoming a Teacher Assistant for any school. I look at movies that has teacher assistants and i want too become one. #teacher #school #teaching...


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Samyukta S. Mar 14 66 views

Hi! Can I know the process of becoming a forensic scientist IN INDIA?

I wanted to know what should be done after 12th grade if I want to pursue Forensic Science. What is the whole process? What are some good colleges? How many years will it take? What are its job requirements? Note- I want to know how it works in INDIA #forensic #science #college #doctor #crime...


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Gargi K. Mar 25 30 views

I wish to do a ba llb(5years) . I need ba in criminology .Is that possible?? Can we choose in which subject we need ba??

Now i m going to finish my highersecondary education in social science(humanities)...


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Jonathon H. Mar 18 41 views

How much do you get paid to be a scout.

I am in middle school....


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Jonathon H. Mar 18 43 views

why did you get into scouting.

Randy Johnson....


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Jonathon H. Mar 18 32 views
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Jonathon H. Mar 18 29 views

How did you get into construction.

Randy Johnson....


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Omari D. Mar 16 33 views

How do you animate in Clip Art Studio?

I just downloaded it onto my phone and I was wondering if there is an actual way to animating in there. #arts...


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caleb N. Mar 17 35 views

What are the hours like as a mechanic

I'm a 16 year old highschool student who is thinking about becoming a mechanic....


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Catherin M. Feb 28, 2018 275 views

What major should I get if i want to study music?

I want to be a performer, but i want to study something that will help me financially if things don't work out as a performer....


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Angelina I. Mar 17 26 views

What is being a travel nurse like?

I want to know how you even get into it and what the places and environment are like that you go to....


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Stacyangel H. Mar 18 35 views

what does it take to become a pediatrician?

this is something i been thinking about majoring in, the nursing field, the reason i want to become a pediatrician is because i love being around kids and also i can help any of my family members #pediatrician...


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Layla S. Jul 13, 2018 262 views

What college is best fitted for me if i am a musician

#music I am very good at the drums and i stared at 10 (i just turned 10 that...