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Bharat K. Jan 12 37 views

For AFROTC, do you get to complete a Master's degree or are you immediately forced to become an officer?

I want to complete an engineering degree and then follow into intelligence, but I am not sure whether I will get the opportunity to get that master's if I complete ROTC. Can someone help? #military...


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Rehana M. Jan 13 28 views

What subjects are needed to become a pedestrian

I'm a very open person. I've always found becoming a doctor or pedestrian amazing. And I would love to make my dream come true...


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Josue O. Oct 22, 2016 773 views

Daily life of an investment banker?

I want to be an investment banker and want to know what it is like. #business #finance...


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amina A. Jan 08 30 views

can a foriegner audition

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Priyanshu S. Jan 10 23 views

i am confused about the courses after 12th, by commerce.

I want to become C.A, after the completion of my 12th. guide me. PLEASE. #C.A...


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Princy N. Jan 10 26 views
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QaShontae S. Jan 08 20 views

Surgical Tech

I'd be interested in volunteering as a Surgical Technician, do you have to be in Surgical training or a graduate or can you be an aspiring/job shadow volunteer just to get an idea of what they do. Cordially, Ms. QaShontae Short...


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cuba N. Jan 10 23 views

so i wanna know what i can do in the production industry

so im a sporty person but like soccer i watch a lot of movies and series cause their so interesting i dont really like reading #boring i like being creative though...


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Daniela K. Jan 02 45 views

Is it possible to get a job in film industry in America, when I live in Europe?

I live and study filmmaking in Slovakia in Europe and movies here are not really good, I want to move (not just because of that) to America. What I have to go through to get a job in a film industry in US. or Canada? #movies #directorofphotography...


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Marifer P. Jan 10 44 views
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Denaye A. Nov 05, 2020 52 views

What's your favorite thing about your 8th hour class mates?

I want to become a nurse but I'm too scared of needles, my aunt is a nurse and while taking class they will have to show you how to put a needle in on your arm. #nurse...


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Onthathile M. Jan 08 28 views

How to do money as a fighter and gamer

I am active confident strict stubborn and strong clever and always angry #pro #money...


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tadiwa M. Jan 08 32 views

can a dentist open a dental clinic and how?

I am a 10th grade student based in Port Elizabeth. I love working with people and empowering them. I decided to study oral health because I did not want to see a single person who has insecurities about their teeth. I really wish to work with children because I love them and want them to know...

#dentist #children

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sai smruthi S. Dec 23, 2020 44 views

top entrance exam for bsc and msc psychology

im from chennai....i wanted to know more about entrance exams for clinical psychology...


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Erin C. Dec 31, 2020 38 views

What does a Library Technician do on a daily basis and how does it compare to the work of a librarian and a Records and Information Manager.

I am a female looking to gain information about working in a professional library setting as a Library Technician. I would like to hear from others who are in this field, what opportunities came up and what, if any, further education was needed. I would like to hear from others in the RIM...

#rim #library #recordsandinformationmanagment #librarytechnician

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Anna D. Jan 02 55 views

When you're a surgeon, how much free time do you have in order to prioritize your family?

A surgeon is one of the future careers that I have seriously considered and I want to know the answer to the question because family is the most important thing to me and I don't want to pursue a career where I have to put my most important thing in life on the back burner. #surgeon #doctor...

#futurejob #futurecareer

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shreyash W. Jan 02 26 views

all information about mechanical engineering and its scope.

i want to know about mechanical engineering scope after btech...


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RAJKUMAR G. Jan 01 39 views
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kegan E. Dec 31, 2020 41 views

what is the worth of a digital diploma certificate?

I have currently completed an online course for a diploma in psychology - revised 2017 and can only afford a digital certificate. #lesson-planning...


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Kailey C. Oct 19, 2020 51 views
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Karthikeyan V. Dec 26, 2020 39 views

I am studying 12th standard in india.can I choose chemical engineering for my higher studies...please answer experts...

I am studying 12th STD in india.can I select chemical engineering for my higher studies..I want answers from trained or experts ...please help me to get jobs abroad...


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yeshwanthi M. Dec 27, 2020 51 views

Why u should love the app

as u can get jobs for young ages with a great pay online #aviation #aviation #navy #general...


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kabia G. Dec 24, 2020 33 views

What is the role of a registered nurse in domiciliary nursing

I an a registered nurse...


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Mark David D. Dec 21, 2020 39 views

How can avail scholarship?

Im mark taking a bachelor degree at capiz state University pilar satellite college...


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kabia G. Dec 24, 2020 39 views

what is my job as a registered nurse, when nursing a patient in his or her own home


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Mohd Mashud H. Dec 20, 2020 56 views

Construction Estimator job requirements

I'm a civil Engineer. I'm looking forward for a matched job....


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Carly C. Dec 21, 2020 37 views

What schools will allow me to become a vet tech from start to finish?

In the state of Utah which school can I go to that will allow me to get my vet tech certificate from start to finish? #vet #tech...


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Alex M. Dec 21, 2020 49 views

what can I do to become a diesel mechanic

I'm 16 years old and want to become a diesel mechanic , I love the idea of fixing or even upgrading and tuning a vehicle for someone and lots others, I want to learn and grow but i'm not sure were to start or who to look for but I am willing to go and learn skills I will need to learn to be...