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josie M.’s Avatar
josie M. May 16 76 views

How difficult was it to become a psychiatrist?

Although i don't find school to be much of an interest to me, I know it takes at least twelve years to complete. Was the school difficult for you? Did it pay off in the end? Have you changed your career path since you were in school?

josie M.’s Avatar
josie M. May 16 59 views

Why did you choose to be a psychiatrist?

As much as i desire to help, I get stuck not understanding if the only thing i'm truly interested in is understanding the mind and how it works. Would i be able to thrive in a profession that deals with helping people more then just dealing with medical aspects?
Do you have any suggestions for me?

Will M.’s Avatar
Will M. May 12 68 views

What is the day to day like?

Hello I am studying to be a business intelligence analysis.

Eden P.’s Avatar
Eden P. May 17 24 views

Are there any other fields you would recommend to me?

I wanted ask this question because if i am not sure about being a distance learning coordinator what other field would you recommend i look in to.

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iesha M. May 16 61 views
iesha M.’s Avatar
iesha M. May 16 48 views

What is the median salary for this field of work?

I want to learn more about the benefits in becoming a nurse midwife.

Victory T.’s Avatar
Victory T. Oct 05, 2021 135 views
Elias R.’s Avatar
Elias R. May 16 58 views

how would i build my own carpentry business?

My dream is to build my own company to build homes and shelters for people who are homeless or who cannot find housing.

christopher P.’s Avatar
christopher P. May 12 89 views

How do we overcome our obsticals?

How can i advance in landscaping? What great ideas i can learn from landscaping? Can Landscaping help me in the future as i strive? Will landscaping help me as i learn different Skills? How does landscaping help me adapt? How i can help myself become the best Landscaper i want to be? Is being...

christopher C.’s Avatar
christopher C. Mar 21, 2016 512 views

what type of editing will we learn in class?

I would like to get into editing and I am curious about how the classes would be. #engineer #computer

amanda M.’s Avatar
amanda M. May 16 46 views

What does it take to become a Clinical Nurse Specialists?

What type of education is needed for this line of work? I've graduated with my G.E.D and would like to know what else I need. Is there room for advancements in this career field.

Laura G.’s Avatar
Laura G. May 12 32 views

Help with mentoring on my DPT path in the US ( I already have the license in another country)

I would love some guidance about what should I do to get my license in the country if I already have the license in another country

abdul S.’s Avatar
abdul S. May 16 65 views

can you get a LLC while being under the age of 18

can i person who gets low grades in college become a person of interest from high paying companies ?

Will M.’s Avatar
Will M. May 13 74 views

What can I do to prepare now?

Im studying to be a business intelligence analysist.

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Veronica B. May 11 62 views

Where can a marine biologist find good work?

After you have your education, how do you go about choosing an organization to work for and applying?

Ilan S.’s Avatar
Ilan S. May 11 63 views

Speech Therapist, English Teacher, Language Lover, Musician Looking For Creative Work

I am a speech-language pathologist in a school setting. I have long term experience with teaching, as well as playing and writing music, and I have a passion for studying foreign languages. Where to I begin to explore careers that make use of a number of these skills and interests rather than...

Jeffrey J.’s Avatar
Jeffrey J. May 10 92 views

What should I look into before trying to become a electrical engineer

So I wanna become a electrical engineer so is there any programs or anything that I should look into before I decide to pursue this kind of career in engineering

Christopher J.’s Avatar
Christopher J. May 03 50 views

Is it really worth getting into any type of field that involves gaming in any way?

I have heard a lot of mixed feelings about the careers that involve gaming as a whole. All the way from Game Designer to Game tester. I have been told it strips the enjoyment of gaming away once you are required to do make your hobby into a job with gaming specifically . Is there some way to...

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