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Jayden Aug 31 64 views

How do I go about becoming a marine architect?

Is there a possibility to become a marine biologist while being a marine architecture?

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kamontae Sep 16 61 views

What are some actual good psychology programs?

Is there any good colleges/universities with forensic psychology programs?

Betz’s Avatar
Betz Sep 09 55 views

What is your best advice on transitioning from academia into a medical science liaison position in a biotech/pharma company without industry experience or an internship?

hat is your best advice on transitioning from academia into a medical science liaison position in a biotech/pharma company without industry experience or an internship?

jaleel’s Avatar
jaleel Jun 14 93 views

What made you want to become a private investigator/detective?

It has always intrigued me what a private detectives and investigators do on a daily basis what are their duties

Monae’s Avatar
Monae Sep 16 33 views

What is the easiest part of real estate?

I know that real estate is very hard so what's something that's easy.

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Kaniya Sep 16 54 views

What does being a doctor include? Do you have to do a lot of sacrificing?

What does being a doctor include? Do you have to do a lot of sacrificing?

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Ayden Sep 09 39 views

How do I find good videos on concrete-masonry on YouTube ?

I was wondering because I would love to do more research on concrete-masonry ?

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shiann Sep 13 51 views

how to become a travel surgical tech?

what to do after school to be a travel surgical tech and how to be a travel surgical tech

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Ayden Sep 13 65 views

what was school like for classes to become a large animal vet?

what is it like to be a large animal vet or vet-tech? What's the average income each year and what courses/licences do you have to have to be a vet tech or vet for large animals? and what school do you recommend

Shaniya’s Avatar
Shaniya Sep 16 45 views

What is the daily life of a screenwriter for a film production company?

I currently write scripts and possibly am looking at being a screenwriter as a career choice but I don't even know what they do beside write scripts. Do they do other things?

justin’s Avatar
justin Sep 08 102 views

what is common about being an flight-engineer, that you wished you knew before jumping in this field?

How much schooling does it take to become a flight-engineer? And what should i suspect or try to get myself comfortable with? Is there a lot of math i should try getting used to?

Hali’s Avatar
Hali Sep 16 28 views

Questions about Neurology?

How many years do you have to train for be a neurosurgeon? And do you have to pay for training ? Also which colleges has the best neurology program in maryland?

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James Aug 19 119 views


Good Morning. I am in the process of completing my electrical trade to obtain certifications, I would like to ask some questions to induct a informational interview. 1. What are some tips to become a successful electrician? 2. What are some typical job duties on a day to day basis? 3....

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Trenton Sep 02 61 views

Informational interview for Electrician

1. What is the most an electrician can make in the central part of the state of MS?

2.What area of training did you have the most trouble with while obtaining your electrical certification?

3. What state can you make the most money with an Electrical certification?

kevon’s Avatar
kevon Sep 16 35 views

the most annoying part of hvac?

what is the most difficult part of hvac or what is the most annoying part of hvac

Varun’s Avatar
Varun Sep 16 36 views

What colleges are good for Chemical/Nuclear engineering?

What Colleges are good for an above average student that is aspiring to go into Chemical/Nuclear Engineering? I am taking Physics C, Chem, and Calculus AB as a Junior and want to go into the fields listed above.

David’s Avatar
David Sep 14 72 views

I'm interested in becoming a security guard. What can I expect?

what consequences should i expect being a security guard?

what type of training would i require to become armed security?

How can i adapt to any environment while being a security guard?

Thanks for answering!

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Sep 14 44 views

I'm interested in 18-wheeler Trucking career. I'd like to drive cross-country.

What are the pros and cons of cross country truck driving?

What is your favorite part about truck driving and what part of the job gets you up every morning?

What companies are y'all working for and what is the job market like?

martell’s Avatar
martell Sep 02 41 views

Electrician Informational Interview

1. How hard is it to find a job a as an Electrician in the state of MS?

2. What are the duties of an Electrician helper?

3. What are some of the work conditions an Electrician helper deal with?

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Sep 13 63 views

How difficult is it to become an athletic trainer?

I am an athlete and my main goal is to play at the college/professional level. I've always been interested in doing this as a backup if sports don't work. I would like to be able to help other players recover from injuries and things like that.

Ali’s Avatar
Ali Sep 14 38 views

How important is Master's degree for chemichal engineers?

Is it much easier to find a job with Master's degree?

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Manish Kumar Jan 29, 2021 238 views

enginer cerificate

i have best for in company #biomedical

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Jeremiah Sep 13 142 views


Do you think I will get electrocuted on the Job?

Dayjon’s Avatar
Dayjon Sep 07 40 views

Pharmacy Tech

Does Any Know Exactly What You Need To Know For This Job Preparing Wise?

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 09 34 views

What does a typical day as a criminal investigator consist of?

I realize that being a criminal investigator isn't exactly how it's show on the media, so what is it really like?

Tan’s Avatar
Tan Aug 28 86 views

Is Singapore a nice country to live and work as a physical therapist?

Is Singapore a nice country to live and work as a physical therapist? After graduating, I’m planning to go and work there since I really love Singapore.

juan’s Avatar
juan Sep 07 104 views

what to do to become a mechanic?

what will it take to become a mechanic ? what skills do I need? and what will I benefit from working under a compony?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Sep 09 94 views

How do you deal with problems in your day to day as a security officer? What steps did you to take afterwards?

I am currently in the process of studying to be a security guard and I want to know what will I have to do when a problem occur and how to resolve them, along with what steps do I have to take afterwards.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 06 102 views

What’s it like to be an astronomer? What was the process of becoming an astronomer?

I’m very curious at to what it is like to be an astronomer

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Sep 08 27 views

What is Plumbing like

what is plumbing like exactly, i've done plumbing before but i want to know more.

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