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Shoshanna V. Jul 29 29 views

How should I approach a teacher with a style of teaching incompatible with my style of learning?

#july20 Many students in the class feel the same as me and we have found YouTube videos to substitute, however if we are just going to teach ourselves, it feels like our time and resources are being misused by the school if the teaching staff is not adjusting to the mass of...

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Sierra D. Jul 29 18 views

What are some environmental science jobs that I could go to college for?

I love nature, and I would like to study environmental science in college. However, I am not sure of many jobs in this field. #july...


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deliliah M. Mar 21, 2019 65 views

how much money does a physical therapist make?

i just want to know how much money does a physical therapist...

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Eimee D. Jul 18 34 views

What should I expect from fashion school?

I'm a first generation college student. I'm nervous going into this career of interest I have knowing I might not love it once I study it for a while. My sewing skills are also not the best but I am eager to learn and try my best. #july20 #fashionschool #motivation...


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Asya M. Jul 17 27 views

Can anyone shed light on what your experience has been like having a clinical doctoral degree for speech pathology? Since attaining your SLPD, have you experienced any differences in the treatment you receive as an SLP?

I just recently learned that there was such thing as an SLPD, so I was wondering if any current SLPs can attest to their thoughts on a speech pathologist getting their SLPD. What was the process like? Did this new degree bring any additional pros/cons to the job? Do you believe that the degree...

#july20 #slpd #speechpathology #clinicaldoctor

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Chloe T. Jul 17 23 views

Occupational therapy grad school

I am hoping to get into OT grad school. If I am only looking to major in psych and minor in health sciences, instead of honors specializing in psychology. Will this set me apart from other applicants? Thank you in advance #july20 #ot...