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Diana I. Nov 30 17 views

How do I get started on my film career?

What sites do I research to better understand where I need to get started?...


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izaiah D. yesterday 16 views

How long does it take to become a defense attoreny?

Just curious on average how long does it take...


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Zaria T. 2 days ago 16 views

What´s the difference between Anesthesiologist assistant and Nurse Anesthetist?

An Anesthesiologist, Nurse Anesthetist and Anesthesiologist assistant have a few things in common. I´m interested in becoming an Anesthesiologist but the course load has me terrified. doctor medicine healthcare premed college Anesthesia...


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Dania N. yesterday 26 views

how do i know if biomedical engineering is good for me?

I like biology, technology, learning about the human body, saving lives, and research. I don't like math but I can tolerate it a little bit. hopefully one day i will choose a major that includes all of my interests. biology engineering science biomedicalengineering stem research career...

engineer college interests major

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ian M. 2 days ago 17 views

what is the best way to get started as a welder

i am trying to become a welder and i have no clue where to start any...


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Sid R. 2 days ago 23 views
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Kevin M. 2 days ago 18 views

2. How often do serious accidents occur in this job?

I am curious to see how frequent are the deaths, accidents and other things that happen in this job. career job police...


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Zaria T. 2 days ago 21 views

What does a normal work day look like for a Special Agent of the FBI?

I am a 23 year old female that appreciates having routines and things being planned out but I also enjoy having a little variability. I am someone that is flexible and and enjoys change. criminal-justice career Agent...


Bryce W.’s Avatar
Bryce W. Nov 29 21 views

What is it like working as an Automotive Mechanic

I am currently going through a Job Corps Center, to get my ASE certification as an automotive mechanic, and was wondering what the average day as a mechanic is like, along with anything to look out for along with some tips and tricks of the trade....


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Negin M. Nov 19 21 views


Hi, I am an English language student looking for a job. I would love to be able to teach and have experience in this field before I get my academic degree. Can you tell me what to do? #...

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Justin R. Nov 29 28 views

what is the training like when becoming a plumber ?

i want understand the difficulties and whats training like. plumber...


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Darren L. Nov 30 50 views

What career paths do mechanical engineers go into?

What types of jobs and career paths do mechanical engineers follow? How is the workload? What are the goals and challenges they face in their work? mechanical-engineer engineering engineering mechanical-engineering...


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Dana R. Nov 16 38 views

What is the day to day of urban planning?

I am a recent grad with lots of options. However, I do not know which to take....


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Steve S. Nov 29, 2018 192 views

How do I become a Foerst Ranger in New York Staate

I want to protect the Adirondack Parks natural resources Adirondack Park Adirondack Forest...

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Mia B. Nov 22 44 views

what steps do you go through before you can present a case?

this question was asked because i watch alot of movies with lawyers an it seems like they all start off great i want to know the real deal real lawyer...


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Crisbel D. Nov 29 32 views

Is possible to study two carrers at the same time?

I like voice acting and I volunteer a lot I'm trying to get into the honor roll. But I dont think i have the money to go to university and really frustrating college acting...