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abigale C.’s Avatar
abigale C. Oct 19 15 views

what are the hours like?

i want to be a nurse at a hospital for children...


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Dennis M. Oct 20 15 views

what is your preferance on tig welding

I am a beginner welder and just want more #experienced welder...

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Nadia T. Oct 19 16 views

What ages are best to work with?

I don't really enjoy helping younger kids such as 3-6 theyre sortve annoying to me....


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Nadia T. Oct 19 15 views

Do you struggle with finding a specialized method for heloinf a child cope?

Sometimes I have trouble helping my brother and finding a middle ground for us...


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Nadia T. Oct 19 15 views

Do many parents try to argue with you after suggesting methods to help their kid?

I'm very quite and don't really enjoy arguing and speaking with older people. I enjoy drawing and helping other and my family all say that I'm a great teacher for my little brother....


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Nichole D. Oct 19 14 views
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Gabriella F. Oct 19 10 views

#midwife how much do they make a year?

i want to be able to help mothers with their newborn babies but i wanna know how much they make first....


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Heather G. Oct 19 11 views

Do psychologists patients get annoying

Are some people that come to you just being dramatic?...