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Jacob B.’s Avatar
Jacob B. Oct 08, 2019 240 views

What does a typical day look like in this field?

I am currently in Long Beach Job Corp, and will be studying automotive. I have a few weeks to see if I am still interested in this field, and if not, I can switch to a different field. I just want to know what a typical day looks like. #automotive #engineering...


Isaac B.’s Avatar
Isaac B. Aug 31 60 views

What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy

I am a 21 year old male with a degree in Laboratory Science looking into switching career paths into physical or occupational therapy #occupational-therapy #physical-therapy...


Ligya D.’s Avatar
Ligya D. Aug 31 22 views

What are your main responsibilities as an CNA?

#cna I`m interested in becoming an...

siyanda K.’s Avatar
siyanda K. Aug 29 46 views

Hi everyone, is medical physics a good career?

Undergraduate second year student, studying toward BSc in physics and chemistry....


Angelica M.’s Avatar
Angelica M. Jul 20 83 views

How To Become A FBI Medical Examiner ?

I love criminology but I also love to help people in the medical field. My dreams is to become an FBI Agent and medical Examiner. #medicine #forensic...


Kevon H.’s Avatar
Kevon H. Aug 26 48 views

What is a regular day like for workers in carpentry?#carpentry

I am trying to learn the trade carpentry and I am just seeking out information. #job...


Ethan H.’s Avatar
Ethan H. Aug 26 51 views

What does it take to become a 3D modeler?

I'm a Senior in High School looking for a job in the industry, I love VFX/3D....


Kassidie H.’s Avatar
Kassidie H. May 21, 2016 813 views

what do the different types of oceanographers do?

i plan on becoming a naval oceanographer but i have yet to figure what kind, just want some insight into what would be best for me. thanks! #oceanography #united-states-navy #ocean #biological-oceanography #chemical-oceanography...


King W.’s Avatar
King W. Aug 20 80 views

what is the career expectations of a death doula

ive recently discovered this job and want to know more in depth what they do and what skills are required to complete their job. it seems fascinating!...


Gudani M.’s Avatar
Gudani M. Aug 22 59 views

How can I find a part time job around Thohoyandou, I'm a student in BSC(physics and Chemistry)

I am a hardworking student who want to be independent in life #women's must...

Nicole J.’s Avatar
Nicole J. Aug 13 78 views

What goes into being a Locomotive Engineer?

I have completed a college course and received a certificate in locomotive engineering, but i don’t know where to take it from here. #engineer #locomotiveengineer #locomotive...


Edgar G.’s Avatar
Edgar G. Aug 17 45 views

pipe welding

what are some good opportunity and certifiction for pipe welding...


Jacob R.’s Avatar
Jacob R. Aug 13 41 views

How do i start my own small engine repair shop

I love working with my hands and small engines are on of my favorite things to work on....


Jibin R.’s Avatar
Jibin R. Aug 16 46 views

I want to study on gaming technology and development,

I completed my 12th with 84% marks. I wish to go for masters in game development preferably in abroad. Can I go for BSc. Computer science?...


Kevin V.’s Avatar
Kevin V. Aug 16 75 views

Tourism Internship

Is #internship there tourism internships in Cape...

Princess N.’s Avatar
Princess N. Aug 13 134 views

Best universities for Psychology student?

Where would you advise a psychology student to attend for their Master's in psychology? #psychology #master's program...


Takoda M.’s Avatar
Takoda M. Jan 22 190 views

What do I need to do to become a train locomotive engineer?

High functioning Autistic 23 year old with high school education but no work experience. #locomotive...

Angelica T.’s Avatar
Angelica T. May 14, 2016 548 views

What sorts of opportunities are out there for a wildlife veterinarian, or what kinds of similar careers can one find win a bachelors in zoology?

I am going to college and majoring in zoology, but find it a major with low access to specialized scholarships and less recognized than biology. However I know it's probably better for becoming a wildlife veterinarian, as I am planning on. I have thought about the possibility for working with...

#veterinarian #zoology #wildlife-conservation #wildlife

Gaibrielle S.’s Avatar
Gaibrielle S. Aug 06 45 views

How to start my hair career?

Im just getting into doing hair about to start a little part time job to be able to afford supplies for my career. #hair...


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