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Sowmiya A. May 05, 2016 983 views

How do I become a model?

I like it more...


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Chase M. Nov 22 33 views

Iv always wondered, is there a special unit for blood spatter, or is that just with the CSI field.

This field has always interested me because i'v watched crime shows and also its something that I wouldn't mind to get into once i graduate from high school. Criminal Justice # Blood Spatter...


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Teriyana M. Nov 29 22 views

If I get accepted into NYU, what are some housing resources that I can utilize?

Does anyone have any advice about East Coast housing resources? I would like to apply for NYU, and if accepted, they have a long dorm wait list. Is there any resources, nonprofits, or anything that you can recommend for semi-affordable ways for student to live off campus? Also, I would...

professor college-bound college newyork newyorkcity nyu housing college-admissions ivyleague dorms college-advice

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Aaron J. Nov 24 47 views

What is it like being a Solar Thermal Installer & Technician and what are the pros & cons about the career?

Right now I'm going to be studying to be a Solar Thermal Installer as my profession. I was interested in this field because I like solar power energy and like to use natural sources. I was wondering is this a good career in the long run too? technology computer engineering career solar...

installer engineer

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Noluthando M. Nov 20 55 views
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Zane Z. Nov 25 48 views

How hard are the hours

I am a junior at Malcolm high school and I have wanted to be a nurse since 7th grade nursing nurse...


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Rogan S. Nov 27 41 views

In what way does ‘Brother’ printer offline come about?

Certain circumstances may lead to the error message "‘ Brother printer offline." A common cause of printer offline error is when the printer goes into offline mode. Put it back online.Check the wiring for signs of wear and tear. The issue may be caused by out-of-date drivers or by a faulty...


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Camryn C. Nov 24 42 views

How much does a welder make per year.

Im a 18 year old constuction worker who dropped out of high school, im trying to job how to weld in order to earn my high school...

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Teriyana M. Nov 26 38 views

How can I combine therapy and acting/film-making as a career?

I am unsure of how I can pursue a career in acting and becoming a therapist. Do you think pursuing a Masters degree in Drama Therapy can combine the two? The goal: I want to work as a LMFT while making movies about mental health. Any ideas or suggestions? therapist therapy acting # career...

dramatherapist psychology filmmaker

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Mia A. Nov 03 75 views

What is the day to day of a Financial Engineer like?

I am a Senior in college applying to Master's programs. I am considering many schools that have both Master's in Industrial Engineering, and Master's in Financial Engineering. Can anyone in either of these fields explain their day to day a little bit, and how I should decide which path to take?...

industrial college industrialengineer engineering financialengineer finance

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James F. Nov 16 46 views

how long generally would it take to make over $100,000 annually from Underwater welding

I am a kid that is very interested in the art of underwater welding and would like to know how long it would take to make over 100 thousand a year. Especially because commercial divers only make about $36,200 per year to start. art welding...


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malcolm S. Nov 22 31 views

What are good companies for game designing that i should look up on?

I want to prepare for my future and know what type of game designing companies i should keep an eye on...


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Eryx L. Aug 31 117 views
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Aren T. Sep 09 130 views

how long does it usually take to get experienced in 3d animation

iv'e been doing modeling in blender since 2018 and iv'e started to learn 3d animation and would like to know more and what it takes to be experienced too, 3d-animation animation 3D design artist graphic-design art...


malcolm S.’s Avatar
malcolm S. Nov 22 29 views

What are some things you would need to know before looking into becoming a video game designer?

I would really like to know what is good for video game designing so that i can get a job in it and start my career from there video-game-design...


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johnna K. Nov 22 30 views
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Zaylin B. Nov 22 31 views

How long would it take me to open up a restaurant?

I know that reaching this goal would be expensive and tedious, but I've been cooking my whole life so opening up a restaurant would be something that I would look forward to doing, but I don't know how long it would take and how much school I would have to complete....


NHLAKANIPHO N. Nov 04 50 views