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derrik C. Nov 20, 2019 51 views
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Emily O. Nov 12, 2019 74 views
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George J. Feb 24 51 views

where can i continue getting more skill about mechanic?

where can learn more about my skill and abilities #mechanic #automative...


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isiah T. Aug 21, 2019 79 views
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Brittany V. Aug 31, 2019 64 views

What's hard about being a kennel tech?

Not only do I want to be a cosmetologist, I also want to do stuff with animals. I was wondering- is it really all fun and games or is it much harder than that?...


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RD M. Feb 24 31 views
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RD M. Feb 24 37 views
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Alan V. Sep 18, 2019 70 views
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Deleted D. Jan 26 68 views
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cody T. Aug 21, 2019 69 views

What kind of Career Goals have you thought of after your Carpentry training?

#career-path I plan to get a Associate's Degree to better my...

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David C. Aug 21, 2019 64 views
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Christian M. Aug 29, 2019 66 views
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Autumn B. Oct 29, 2019 67 views

what are your feature goal welding and how would you achieve them?

My name is Autumn I am trying to get underwater welding as my career in life. I know it precision work and not forgiving in welding....


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Daniel H. Jul 24, 2019 62 views

What truck would I drive?

Would it be a Mack Sleeper or etc?...


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Emily O. Nov 12, 2019 56 views
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Alexander A. Aug 23, 2019 54 views

how much is the compensation

i am an upcoming welder i am 18 years old and i'm still earning certifications...


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Hailey N. Sep 27, 2019 55 views

Is it ideal to make your own practice?

Making my own business is something i definelty want to do when I become a PA. #pa...


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Tyler T. Sep 25, 2019 45 views

Why would anyone get into Metal Refining?

What are some of the pull factors into getting a job in metal refining if there are any? #career #metal #worker #metalworker...