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Shandukurai’s Avatar
Shandukurai Sep 26 21 views

Comfort zone ?

How can I learn how to live out of my comfort zone?

Elliott’s Avatar
Elliott Sep 23 57 views

Why did you decide to become a head chef?

What made you want to become a chef working in a restaurant. Did you decide to do it for the love of food or for a deeper meaning.

Revathi’s Avatar
Revathi Sep 22 85 views

What is the good undergrad for medicine?

I am high school senior thinking of becoming doctor. I have few options but not sure which will be the right one for undergrad 1. Business administration with premed, so that some day i can open my own clinic 2.Biomedical engineering with premed 3.Premed track - what jobs can i get if dont...

Aedan’s Avatar
Aedan Sep 25 70 views

what is the future advancements for stem cell research?

What are the future advancements to be made with the stem cells?

sandra’s Avatar
sandra Sep 22 68 views

what steps would you recommend i take to prepare to enter this field? (medical assistant)

Hi my name is Sandra and I'm at job corps.

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Sep 22 39 views

What would be the best way to become a film editor for a bigger production company?

I have been interested in being a film editor for a bigger production company. do you have any advice on how i could do that? What are some skills that i would need to have?

Shavonne’s Avatar
Shavonne Sep 22 74 views

career related questions

Why are interested In this career? How do you feel about working with other people? What are your plans after High school? How can you make an impact?

reshinth’s Avatar
reshinth Sep 26 34 views

after 12th what we can do how we can choose?

how I can choose my career and will be best

Jerin’s Avatar
Jerin Sep 22 80 views

What advice do you have for someone new to the computer system field

Willing to work hard is a good first impression and be punctual

Reagan’s Avatar
Reagan Sep 22 58 views

Why does real estate take so much work and dedication ?

I am interested in real estate and trying to find out how much work and dedication it will take to accomplish it.

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Sep 23 46 views

Does electrician have benefits

I asked this question because its important to know before you enter an job . I feel as benefits says a lot about an job.

Casandra’s Avatar
Casandra Sep 22 51 views

what made you want to become a medical assistant?

I am very curious to see someone going towards the same career as me , has the same mentality as to why you want/wanted to become a medical assistant.

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Sep 23 41 views

What is a typical day (week) like for you I am seeking a career in the electrical field #electrical-engineering?

I am seeking a career in the electrical field

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Sep 13 72 views

What is a typical day in the life of a crime scene investigator?

I watch a lot of crime related shows and movie on the tv, but i would imagine it's way less dramatic and thrilling as it is on these shows and movies.

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Sep 23 53 views

Is being a security guard difficult?

The reason I ask you if this job is hard is because I dont like things given to me easily .

Thea’s Avatar
Thea Sep 23 32 views

How much does an entry-level security guard make?

i'm asking this question because i want to to know if its enough to live off of.

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Sep 23 21 views

Looking for help.

Child Protective services, How can I prepare for the job during high school? Are there any specific classes I should take?

CIERRA’s Avatar
CIERRA Feb 10, 2017 432 views

What are the requirements for a cosmetologist

I need to know what I need to do #cosmetology

Thea’s Avatar
Thea Sep 23 30 views

what do you like most and the least about working as a security guard?

I'm asking because i wanna make sure this is a right fit for me and so i make the right decision.

Maris’s Avatar
Maris Sep 22 46 views

What Kind Of Classes do you have to take to become a Paramedic?

I want to go into a profession of helping people.

Gift’s Avatar
Gift Sep 22 93 views

How do you help students to achieve goals ?

Do you assist students or you give them tips?

shawn’s Avatar
shawn Sep 22 32 views

What classes do I have to take to become dermatologist?


Jerin’s Avatar
Jerin Sep 22 85 views

When we start a career in computer system what challenges will faced ?

Being overloaded with information, Meeting new colleagues ,Learning your team dynamics , Fitting into company culture..

Johnny-Angel’s Avatar
Johnny-Angel Aug 23 196 views

What is an average workday as a Nurse Anesthetist working in the Operating Room?

I am looking for advice on becoming a nurse anesthetist and wondering what an everyday work day looks like. Thanks for any tips/advice :)

jackie’s Avatar
jackie Sep 22 115 views

what can i do with bachelor of science degree?

i am still undecided on what i want to be but I'm in school for BS. What jobs can I get with BS degree? Any jobs in the health department? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jan 22, 2018 549 views

Where do you see the field of History ending up in 20 years with the influx of more technology into not only research but displays and relaying information?

I ask because I hope to work in the museum field someday as a curator and with the influx of new technology of course there will be changes in how we research and display new artifacts. #history #museums #museum-collections #educational-technology

Kaylynn’s Avatar
Kaylynn Sep 20 88 views

Where are good places to go to school for sonography in Oklahoma?

I am leaving my current career and need some advice.

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Aug 31 72 views

How do I go about becoming a marine architect?

Is there a possibility to become a marine biologist while being a marine architecture?

kamontae’s Avatar
kamontae Sep 16 112 views

What are some actual good psychology programs?

Is there any good colleges/universities with forensic psychology programs?

Betz’s Avatar
Betz Sep 09 79 views

What is your best advice on transitioning from academia into a medical science liaison position in a biotech/pharma company without industry experience or an internship?

hat is your best advice on transitioning from academia into a medical science liaison position in a biotech/pharma company without industry experience or an internship?

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