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Stella M.’s Avatar
Stella M. Apr 05 74 views

How do Veternarians practice to not hurt animals in college?

I was wondering how Veterinarians get time to have practice in college to not hurt any animals what do they use to practice on and at what point in their college career?

Jadyn S.’s Avatar
Jadyn S. Apr 07, 2021 241 views

What is the most challenging aspect of being a nurse practitioner?

I want to work in the health care field, but I am still trying to figure out what part I want to do. I am between two professions right now and I want to know everything before I make a decision. #health

Jason H.’s Avatar
Jason H. Apr 03 98 views

How do you become a stylist?

When I mean how do you become a stylist, I wondering what the qualifications are to become a stylist. I'm curious about what it takes to become either a fashion stylist or a hairstylist.

bridget K.’s Avatar
bridget K. Mar 31 100 views

is it possible to study interior design in south korea

i was always interested in studying abroad and I'm very interested in studying in south korea, is it possible?

jacqueline M.’s Avatar
jacqueline M. Mar 31 96 views

How many hours does a medical assistant do while working in a hospital ?

I'm young with not much experience or knowledge about my career path choice and would like to learn.

Noel D.’s Avatar
Noel D. Mar 28 57 views

How Much Do You Make For A Video Game Tester Yearly ?

Because I Want to become a video game tester for a while now and I am curious about how much that career gets paid yearly?

Tamara B.’s Avatar
Tamara B. Mar 25 63 views

What skills do you believe are most important in the role of a Medical Administrative Assistant ? Why ?

I'm a high school graduate. I'm currently enrolled in job corps for MAA trade and I would love to learn and know more about it.

Bryan L.’s Avatar
Bryan L. Mar 25 78 views

What are some steps in college to prepare for a computer science career field?

I am a soon-to-be graduating high school student who will major in computer science. I know that I will be taking computer science courses, but what other things do I need to do, such as internships.

Yesenia G.’s Avatar
Yesenia G. Oct 23, 2016 513 views

How will the competition for cardiovascular surgeons fluctuate as the years progress?

Interested in becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. #healthcare #surgery #cardiac-surgeon #cardiothoracic

Mehakpreet S.’s Avatar
Mehakpreet S. Mar 18 104 views

I want to be a neuroscientist. In September, I'll be attending university for BScH in Neuroscience. Should I double major in Neuroscience and Computer Science? This will take 5 years instead of the usual four.

I am going to Canada (from India) to study neuroscience. I'm just wondering if computer would be helpful in neuroscience. Remember that I really love Computer, know C and Java, but I would have so many things going on provided research, extracurricular activities, volunteering, and so on.

Jayden C.’s Avatar
Jayden C. Mar 22 74 views

facilities maintenance/electrical-what are some tools that come in handy the most, and what tools are most reliable for a slew of tasks on the job

also what are some skills that will take me a long way in my career

Anonymous A.’s Avatar
Anonymous A. Oct 30, 2020 254 views

What would be the next level on top of an MRI Technologist?

#MRI #MRITech #MRITechnologist

Job T.’s Avatar
Job T. Mar 02 77 views

How long have you studied being a mechanics in Job Corps?

I'm just curious because I'm trying to pursue studying #Mechanics.

Pamela R.’s Avatar
Pamela R. Mar 15 76 views

What are some positive or negative aspects about being an electrician?

I am studying in Job Corps and hope to finish facility maintenance and then move on to becoming a journeyman.

Matthew S.’s Avatar
Matthew S. Mar 02 160 views

is their any special program for the career of HVAC to have a better job and better pay?

#career-development #career #job

Pamela R.’s Avatar
Pamela R. Mar 15 66 views

What are some job-related difficulties one faces being an electrician?

I am a student in Job Corps who is studying facility maintenance and is interested in becoming a journeyman to be a certified electrician.

Adwoa K.’s Avatar
Adwoa K. Mar 11 122 views

Intel recruitment

What does it take to get a job at Intel?

Voc E.’s Avatar
Voc E. Mar 02 95 views

How can you make special effects of kids turning into animated versions of themselves?

I like stories where live action kid actors become cartoons of themselves #actor #actor

Yaohong L.’s Avatar
Yaohong L. May 25, 2021 271 views

What do nutrition means to nutritionist?

#medical #any
Please answer!!!!

Deacon D.’s Avatar
Deacon D. Mar 01 96 views

Where can I find resources to get info on making money selling and breeding invertebrates?

I want to sell and breed isopods, vampire crabs, millipedes, etc. and make vivariums. Are there any good resources for how to get into this as an occupation, or, is there any type of schooling (other than entomology/zoology) that would help?

Job T.’s Avatar
Job T. Mar 02 74 views

How much does a mechanic make in El Paso, Texas?

I'm here at Job Corps and I'm trying to learn #automotivemechanics.

Patrick B.’s Avatar
Patrick B. Mar 02 126 views

What does the everyday life of a vet entail?

I am from a small town and agriculture has played a large part in my life I have always wanted to become a #veterinarian

Laura O.’s Avatar
Laura O. Mar 13 66 views

What’s the best way to transition to working in museum education and research?

I am in my early fifties and have a graduate degree in literature. I wish to study textiles.

esteban V.’s Avatar
esteban V. Mar 02 130 views

has anyone ever had any long term affects bye working around insulation?

i work alot in attics and am around that fluffy insulation that makes me very itchy wondering if anyone has had bad health sideffects becouse of that #HVAC #healthcare #doctor

Voc E.’s Avatar
Voc E. Mar 09 56 views

Is college classes for nannies complicated?


Job T.’s Avatar
Job T. Mar 02 88 views

Are there good mechanic places to work at in El Paso TX?

I live here in Texas El Paso so I want to know more about #mechanics.

Jerry G.’s Avatar
Jerry G. Mar 08 64 views

what is your favorite thing about being a carpenter?

I'm a high schooler with a love for building #build

Ashley F.’s Avatar
Ashley F. Mar 01 81 views

what does an average day for a medical administrative assistant look like?

I am really interest in both medical field and administration. #medicalassitant #administrativeassistant

vijayakumar G.’s Avatar
vijayakumar G. Jun 20, 2016 1621 views

Switching over from Engineer to Police is it easy

Hi,i am vijayakumar. Completing Engineer and switching over police is it possible. Is that easy to prepare myself for police training #computer-science #educator #police-officer #mentoring #counselling

jonathan H.’s Avatar
jonathan H. Mar 02 103 views

what is a good weld to learn how to do welding

I'm looking to learn how to do wilding #wilding

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