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Two potential career paths that I intend to pursue are going to the NBA or being a neurosurgeon.

Context: I will practice and work on every possible skill needed to be the best i can be
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Zach R. Becker’s Avatar

Zach R. Becker

Civil/Environmental Engineer

Seattle, WA

Goal Feedback: 
I think you should pursue both goals if you have the energy.

Steps Feedback: 
Good. Scheduling will be everything for you if you decide to follow both paths. Work hard long days and schedule carefully to increase knowledge and skill in both fields. It would be really cool to play in the NBA for a few years then become a neurosurgeon! I think the basketball will help you focus on your studies as well and keep your eyes on the long term prize. And the long term prize will help you keep your A-game on the court.
Last updated Jun 25, 2016
Ken Simmons’s Avatar

Ken Simmons

Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential

Cleveland, OH

Goal Feedback: 
Stated goal is very broad. What is appropriate? It is important for you first to determine if this is an appropriate career area for you to pursue. 1. Talk to your school counselor about taking an interest and aptitude test to find out which careers might be appropriate for you. 2. Have your school counselor help you to arrange to talk to graduates of your school who are working in those career areas. 3. Many people in careers got their start at a community college. Talk to the alumni relations person at your local community college to arrange to talk to graduates of that school who might be working in your identified career area. 4. Send thank you notes to people who help you. Good luck. Keep me posted, I am interested in knowing how your career exploration is going.

Steps Feedback: 
Good start. Look at above comments to augment your steps.
Last updated Dec 06, 2015
Please let me know how you are doing. I would like to help further if I can. Ken Simmons
Wael Al-Rihawi’s Avatar

Wael Al-Rihawi

Mechanical Engineer I Automotive

Redford Charter Township, MI

Goal Feedback: 
WoW ... These are two very different careers, but you can still pursue them both at the same time! It is going to be hard and very time consuming. Be ready!

Steps Feedback: 
The first thing you need to do is to join your school's basketball team. You need to train hard and still keep a good academic standing. You should concentrate on math, biology, and chemistry. Afterward, you need to join a good premed program with a good basketball team. At that point you would go with the career that work out for you.
Last updated Apr 17, 2016