Career Plan

I want to play baseball

to tell me I could do this

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Ken Simmons

Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential

Cleveland, OH

Goal Feedback: 
Good goal. Although a goal that should go along with that one is to secure a backup career in case you have a career ending injury.

Steps Feedback: 
- talk to you school counselor to take an interest and aptitude test to determine an appropriate backup career and visit and talk to people in that career area to learn more - work as hard in your sports program and in the classroom to do the best that you can - coaches and scouts look for players who are smart on and off the field - many people in sports and career areas get their start at a community college - locate and talk to the appropriate people at you local community college to see how you might succeed as an athlete and as a student to appropriately prepare for your future - send thank you notes to those who help youl - keep me posted as I would like to help further if I can.
Last updated Dec 14, 2015
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Wael Al-Rihawi

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Redford Charter Township, MI

Goal Feedback: 
You mean you want to play professional basketball.

Steps Feedback: 
Christopher, you are misunderstanding this exercise. We are here to help you out plan your future, but not plan it for you. Please put some effort and do some research.
Last updated Apr 04, 2016