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My career goal is working on the science field. I would like to be a forensic, and investigate cases. Or, also a person who does autopsies.

Context: The steps i will take to reach my goal is do well in school, after that go to a college that has that and helps me later to be what I want to.
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Goal Feedback: 
The goal statement is interesting and laudable, but it is a bit too broad, as some aspects of your goal require a broad science education and the performance of autopsies requires a medical education. A suitable goal statement might be: - Locate an career area in which I could use scientific methods to solve cases

Steps Feedback: 
The steps that I outline will enable you to determine which areas might be most suitable to allow you to use your best skills and abilities in the most enjoyable manner: - talk to you school counselor about taking interest and aptitude tests and visiting and talking with people who graduated from your school who are working in appropriate career areas - talk to your math, science, and health teachers to see how they might see you fitting into the science area and see if they know of people that you might be able to visit and talk with to learn more - since many people in this area start at a community college to get a good education without amassing a large student debt, it would be interesting for you to talk to the alumni relations person at your local community college to arrange to visit and talk with graduates of that school who are working in various areas of science - participate in any coop, internship, shadowing, and volunteer programs which would allow you to visit and talk with people involved in various areas of science to learn more - send thank you notes to those who help you - keep me posted as I would like to help more if I can
Last updated Dec 16, 2015