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Mechanical Engineer meets my needs of work values, interests, and skills. One of my work values is achievement. This value involves the need to use my individual abilities and have a feeling of accomplishment. Occupations that would satisfy this work value are result based and allow employees to use their strongest abilities. Becoming a Mechanical Engineer would full fill my value of achievement by allowing for me to use my abilities of math and science to design and build a product that would solve a problem. One of my interests is investigative. Investigative occupations frequently involve working with ideas, and require extensive amounts of thinking. These occupations can involve searching for facts and figuring out problems. Mechanical Engineer would satisfy this interest by allowing for me to work with a team to brainstorm ideas to create new and innovative designs to improve society. One of my skills is Installation. Installation is installing equipment, machines, wiring, or programs to meet specifications. Mechanical Engineer would test my skill of installation by making me work on machines and equipment that require multiple parts and a very specific configuration of the parts to function correctly. A program called CAD, computer aided design, would help with this skill.

To reach my goal of becoming a Mechanical Engineer there are several steps needed to be completed before I achieve my goal. First, I must graduate from high school so that I can go college. Once in college I would pursue the degree of Mechanical Engineer. I would obtain a Bachelor's or Master's degree for Mechanical Engineer. In college I would begin the process of networking to acquire professional contacts, internships, and job opportunities. Once I have graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineer I would pursue this field by starting at an internship or by being employed after college. These are the steps required for me to become a Mechanical Engineer.

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Matthew Wren’s Avatar

Matthew Wren

Chemical Engineer | Researcher | Process Improvement

Santa Cruz, CA

Goal Feedback: 
Mechanical Engineering is a fantastic field to work in!

Steps Feedback: 
1. Networking is vital to determine what you would want to do with your degree as a Mechanical Engineer - Join LinkedIn and search for professionals who you think would be good role models and politely reach out asking for a short conversation with them - Make sure to always add value to your conversations with working professionals whenever you ask for their time (Do your research) 2. Participate in an internship/co-op - Gives you a chance to apply what you've learned, prove your worth to a company, and determine what you like/dislike about that position - Serves as a guide in your future career direction 3. Stay up to date on current technology/methods - AutoCAD is a great place to start and I would suggest trying to gain access to a free trial version so you can practice before ever setting foot in a classroom
Last updated Mar 18, 2016
Ken Simmons’s Avatar

Ken Simmons

Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential

Cleveland, OH

Goal Feedback: 
Your goal statement should be simple. You have too much involved in that statement. Some are explanations of justification and some are steps. A simple goal statement would be: I am interested in becoming a mechanical engineer.

Steps Feedback: 
Steps should also be simply stated. The following is a restatement of some of what you had above along with some revision of sequence: - while in high school talk to your school counselor about taking interest and aptitude tests to help determine if this is an appropriate area and arranging to talk to people who are working in that area at their place of employment - while still in high school pursue internship, coop, shadowing, or volunteer opportunities that would allow you to become familiar with the field - while in high school locate professional organizations in you area to which mechanical engineers belong - while in high school talk to your math and science teachers about the engineering field and see who you might visit to learn more - graduate from high school so that I can go to college - pursue a degree in mechanical engineering - talk to the alumni relations person at your college to visit and talk to alumni who are working in jobs that look interesting to you to get good job information and job leads
Last updated Dec 12, 2015
Wael Al-Rihawi’s Avatar

Wael Al-Rihawi

Mechanical Engineer I Automotive

Redford Charter Township, MI

Goal Feedback: 
In other wards, your goal is to become a mechanical engineer to make human life even easier.

Steps Feedback: 
It looks good to me. Make sure to have several internships before you graduate because they would ease your transition to the work force. Moreover, mechanical engineering is becoming very reliant on computer program packages helps in design and data manipulation. Learn to work with MATLAB/Simulink, Catia, HyperWorks or whatever similar to them.
Last updated Mar 26, 2016
Sameer Samant’s Avatar

Sameer Samant

Methods Engineer at BMW Manufacturing

Greer, SC

Goal Feedback: 
Your goal is clear and descriptive

Steps Feedback: 
Steps are laid out pretty good.
Last updated Mar 03, 2016
Kalyan C. Mutyala’s Avatar

Kalyan C. Mutyala

Scientist | Mechanical Engineer | Tribologist | Mentor | Trainer | Speaker | Management Consultant

Chicago, IL

Goal Feedback: 
Your description of goal indicates that you are passionate about mechanical engineering and you are on awesome track...!

Steps Feedback: 
You know what want to do and steps are very clear.
Last updated Mar 26, 2016