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I would love to be a Software Engineer or an iOS/Android developer.

Context: - Major in Computer Science (Just finished my first semester) - Learn how to develop apps (Currently learning how to develop Android apps using Android Studio with Java) - Apply for internships! (Aiming for google, apple, Facebook, or dropbox) - Learn 2-4 coding languages (Right now I have basic knowledge in Java and some knowledge in swift 2)
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Sanket Padawe’s Avatar

Sanket Padawe

Software Engineer at Google

California, CA

Goal Feedback: 
You have a great goal

Steps Feedback: 
This is mostly about what all things you should do during your undergrad to help you become a good programmer. 1) Be strong in one programming language (may be Java or Python) 2) Once you have taken Algorithm & data structure class in school, start participating in coding competitions like ACM ICPC which are inter school coding competions. Solve problems & projects on topcoder. Don't worry about language required for project. If you are good at one programming language (step 1), picking up any other language would not be difficult. Syntax would be different for different language but you always have references available for those online. 3) Try doing summer projects with Google summer of code which will look good on your resume and will give you very good experience solving some real world projects. 4) Apply for summer/winter internship for all years of your undergrad so that you have good software projects in your resume which will help when you apply for full time job.
Last updated Jun 24, 2016

Steve Lewis’s Avatar

Steve Lewis

Assistant Vice President, Cybersecurity Team Lead & Technical Product Owner | Technical Lead | Public Speaker

Haddonfield, NJ

Goal Feedback: 
Wow, you have a great goal! There is a lot of demand for great developers.

Steps Feedback: 
Perfect! Your plan is very good! Good luck!
Last updated May 27, 2016