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I want to be an engineer. I am not one hundred percent sure what I want my engineering branch to be, but I am steering towards being a civil engineer with a structural specialization. I plan to live in California for a few years after I obtain my bachelor's degree and begin my engineering career there.

Context: I am interested in this career because I have a passion for art, and feel that I can use this passion in a career that will be able to provide for me. I feel that my love for art will be useful in the design aspect that can be in engineering. I have always enjoyed math and have never felt hate towards the subject, therefore the combination of math and art seems to equal a good fit into the engineering field for me.
College: I plan to spend two years at Camden County College in order to save money, and continue my studies by transferring to Rutgers University - New Brunswick campus. I have been interested in the Rutgers New Brunswick Campus because I have heard of their impressive and competitive engineering school, and my older brother attended the Rutgers Camden campus during his college years.
Other Education: I plan to begin my education at a community college two years after I graduate high school, then transfer on to a four-year college.
Activities: In college, I plan to volunteer, participate in extracurricular activities, and possibly maintain a part-time job. There is more to college than course classes, and extra-curricular activities that I have participated in during high-school has greatly added onto my experience.
Job Experience: I am currently employed in a part-time job at Stride Rite, a retail company for children's shoes. This is a job that I hold in order to provide a stepping stone for me towards the "working life", allowing myself to experience time management, work-life balance, customer service, and a great deal of responsibility.
Soft Skills: I find that my soft skills are conflict negotiation, perfectionism, artistic judgement, and time management. If I feel that I am struggling through a certain task, I often converse with my teachers or professional boss to discuss a way to come up with a solution to satisfy both parties. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, and try my hardest to do anything to the best of my ability. I tend to hold a good artistic judgement, and I am often able to criticize my own artwork and determine where in my pieces I could have done better, such as where I could have made my lines cleaner or straighter, etc.
Hard Skills: I am more than willing to learn how to be better at math, I'm great at drawing, I have incredible typing speed, I am able to understand a majority of Tagalog, I'm proficient in Google Drive.
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Sumanth Reddy Cheruku

Graduate Engineer at Pivot Engineers

Austin, TX

Goal Feedback: 
A vey well thought out goal and it is something achievable. A successful career as a structural can be achieved by the proposed plan. Just a quick something about structural engineering is that the field involves a lot of structural design and the education involves a lot of math so that is plus. It pays to have a good artistic touch in order to appreciate the architect's vision and be able to cater that (as a structural engineer, you may not be doing a lot of the artistic work though but there are firms who provide both services, architecture and design, that will appreciate your skills). Also, increasingly, structural engineering industry is seeking out candidates with a Masters degree. I do not know how this will fit into your plan and this is something a lot of bachelor's students do. Most of the time, masters if funded by a research program at the university and so it is rarely a problem.

Steps Feedback: 
The plan seems well thought out and is achievable. Something additional to just the technical study is reviewing your goals, as i stated earlier, structural engineering does not always come with a lot of artistic stuff, we provide creative solutions to accomplish a task but we don't typically do the architecture. If that is something you are okay with then it is alright. For this, I suggest interacting with practicing structural engineers and designers. Interacting with architects will also help you understand their role.
Last updated Mar 26, 2017