Career Plan

I want to become a mechanical engineer.

Context: I am interested because my dad is an engineer.
College: I want to go to Oklahoma State University because most of my family went there.
Other Education: I would like to get a degree in mechanical engineering.
Activities: I am in the Robotics Club at Pike Middle School.
Job Experience: I dont have a job.
Soft Skills: N/A
Hard Skills: N/A
Other: N/A #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer

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Glenn Arche’s Avatar

Glenn Arche

Mechanical Engineering Manager @ Belkin

Los Angeles, CA

Goal Feedback: 
The goal seems to be reasonable and achievable. From his participation in Robotics club, I have to assume he has the aptitude. Great that you are looking at this before you get to high school so that you can pick the right classes.

Steps Feedback: 
I think the plan can use some refinement. Course work should be a big part of the plan in High School. Take the highest levels of math available, For science, take Physics and Chemistry. Mechanical Engineering is applied Physics and Chemistry is a requirement. Computer programming at some level is also helpful.
Last updated Feb 27, 2017