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How do I narrow down on a career that's right for me?

I not that person who has known they've wanted to be a doctor or a teacher since they were in elementary school. I have many interest, sure, but I'm not entirely sure which to focus on. I know money isn't everything, however many of the possible career paths I'm thinking about would obtain a...

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What are some advantages/disadvantages of being a neurologist?

Hai! I am keerthi. I am very interesting to becoming a brain doctor.But i have only heard about the positive aspects.I would like to know the positive as well as negative aspects of becoming a neurologist, like risks behind it #doctor #teaching #teacher #nursing #professor #neurology #career...

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Health science

What kind of jobs can I get if I get a bachelor's degree in Health Science Administration? #science #health...


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I would love some advice on Pharmacy & Nursing school. Can someone please provide me some?

I have finished my secondary school and about to gain admission this month into University at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. I entered for Pharmacy as first choice and i am rest assured i will be admitted this year based on my performance in JAMB and WAEC results. I am now having a second...

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What is the best way to explore different options to find out what kind of nursing career I would be best suited for?

There are so many different nursing career options. I am taking Allied Health this year and have been able to look at different departments in a hospital setting. I know there are many more options out there for nurses. I still have no idea what kind of nursing career I want to have. This is...

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Music Psychology advice?

Can anyone share their experiences if they have ever taken music psychology course or enroll in music psychology programs? it seems to me that most programs available in this area are in UK, but if you know there are programs available elsewhere, please leave a comment #psychology...

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What advice do you have for students trying to uphold the balance between attending college and making time for hours at work?

As a college student, this seems impossible at times and often intimidates me. Sometimes as a student you feel incapable of succeeding when so much is inundated onto your plate. #college #business #nursing #jobs #graduate-school #journalism #students...


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What is it like to be an accountant?

I am almost in my second year of college as a Business Administration Major with an emphasis in accounting at Concord University. Since about my junior year in high school some people have told me that itll be a boring job ill never have satisfaction at. What is it like to be an accountant? Is...

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Working in the medical field

How does working with patients affect your personal lives? For a long time I wanted to be a psychiatric nurse but I can imagine it is hard to shut off emotional connection to patients in the work place. #doctor #psychology #nurse #psychologist...


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What is the most rewarding, yet difficult experience you've had with a patient as a nurse so far?

I know nursing is for me, but I've always been worried about the emotional strain this career may have on me. By nature I like to think I am a caring person and its not uncommon for me to get emotionally invested in people quickly. I'm afraid that interacting with those who are in pain or in a...

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What makes a great nurse? what are good methods of studying?

I want to make a positive impact in the world by caring for others, saving lives, and helping others get closer to achieving their goals in life.I am the first in my family to attend college. I am also the oldest of 3, I push myself to be great example for my brothers. Ive been working in a...

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Is it a good idea to go to school and just get an AS in nursing and then go back to get a bachelors or is it better to go straight to college and get your bachelors and then find a job as a nurse.

I'm asking cause I'm still pretty shaky on exactly what I want to do because I want to be financially stable both now and in the future and need help deciding which option is the better one for me....


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How to become a Neurosurgeon?

Okay so I have a question or multiple. I am very uneducated about all of this. I am already taking college classes now. Is there anyway I could just go straight into medical school? What is residency? If it is what I am thinking is there anyway to do reisdency in another state or do you have to...

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How long into your first nursing job should you feel comfortable with making decisions?

Nursing school teaches us the information and how to apply it, but being outside the clinical setting and actually on your own working with all the responsibilities of the patients makes me nervous for my first job once I graduate. I am just wondering as to how long until you felt comfortable...

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