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Is becoming a doctor better in the long run than being a nurse?

I would like to either be a pediatric nurse or pediatrician and I'm not sure if being a doctor would be easier in the long run and better for me than being a nurse. What do you do differently when you are a doctor that you can't do as a nurse? #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing #doctor #nursing...

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I am getting ready to start the Nursing program and I have been seriously thinking about becoming a traveling nurse. Is this something I should pursue? I need a job that provides me with benefits and I want the extra experience.

I love nursing and helping people. I live in a small town and would love to travel and see the US and work in all different hospital settings to see what it's like other than where I work now. I don't want to stay in my hometown and never know what its like outside of WV/MD and looking back and...

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What should I expect after graduation from nursing school?

I am going into to my sophomore year of college and I am already in a four-year nursing program. I am think towards the future and am curious to what I should expect after I graduate. I know it is three years down the road, but I just want to be prepared #nursing #medical #health #care-giver...

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How often do neonatal nurses see critical care newborns and how do you deal with what's happening in front of you?

I want to be a neonatal nurse and I love babies so much and it hurts me to see them in pain so I want to help them in any way I can. I want to know how often I'll see critical care babies so I can mentally prepare myself for what I will experience in my career. #neonatalnursing #nicu #nurse...


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How does one handle unexpected circumstances, such as being short staffed and having to perform a treatment one has not done before?

I am asking this question because of my increasing curiosity in nursing. At my school, we go to the nursing home to practice our CNA skills. I have witnessed the nurses that work there have trouble because of lack of staff. I am just curious as to how one goes about getting the work done...

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