Is it appropriate to add work experience in a place you weren't officially employed at in your resume?

My parents own a grocery store, and when I was a young child, I would help by doing simple tasks such as putting away shopping baskets, aiding cashiers with bagging groceries, and bringing shopping carts inside the store. I also worked at the deli section when it first opened and took orders from cu

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what's the best qualities for finding a top job?

what's the best qualities for students who will finally face the carrier life? Especially for the Science and Technology PhD student, who has learning in a very deep area of one subject. Most of them have to change the direction while finding a job

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Whats the best way to deal with the people having negative attitude ? Should we stay with them ?

I kinda of like sharing my upcoming plans with people I know and most of the time they have negative feedback and tells me that they know this is not right and then put some logic to support their claim which is kind of right in their own way but very demoralizing. So what should one do when people

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How do you effectively choose between jobs if your're granted the opportunity to be hired at both?

This is still hypothetical for me personally because I have an interview for both companies on the same day next week. However, I am anxious about every aspect of this. I have already had my preliminary phone interview with both companies and I am a bit more confident with both. The best case scenar

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Should I consider doing my undergraduate program?

I have been working as network/security technical support for the last 10 plus years. I have done Microsoft and Cisco Certifications many years before and got into networking. I plan to change my career line(non technical). I did not complete my undergraduate degree. Although I have 45 credits o

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If you hold a DMD can you become a dental hygienist?

Im a senior in high school and was interested in the dental field. Im aware to become a general dentist it takes about 8 years minimum as to become a dental hygienist it takes 2 years minimum. I had planned on getting my DMD degree at a university in Nevada, US in a matter of 4 years. Is it possible

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Is it true that curlier hair and cultural hairstyles are looked down upon in a professional setting? Is straighter hair preferred or is this a myth?

People can manipulate their hair in many ways i.e dread locs, braids, kinky twist, afro ranging in multitudes of curls, etc. Working, in many cases, means being professional. This alludes to the concept of being groomed (good hygiene, tidy appearance). There is this notion that hair that is not stra

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If you were to learn new languages, what would they be?

People study abroad, and work out of state frequently. The ability to speak multiple languages will help them to become more successful in their field interacting with foreign clients and employees.

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Where would you go if you were to go study abroad?

Think about the environment that you particularly like about the place you want to go study abroad. This will help people to understand their personalities and learning styles.

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How do you study for the LSAT?

I am a third year college student, preparing for the LSAT.


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Sustainability of being a vet

I am currently doing an internship at a vet clinic. I really love being there and everyone is pleasant and nice. I like the environment and am not afraid of surgery etc. however, sometimes the vets complain about how tiring the work is etc. I was wondering if most vets feel this way, that after a ti

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How to be an animator with a Bachelor's of digital media and animation?

Hi, my name is Yamil, I'm currently a high school senior soon going to college. I got accepted to college and the major I chose for that college is Digital Media and Animation. I'm just wondering what can I expect if I get a Bachelor's of Digital Media and Animation degree? I just want to be able to

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Should I wait a few years before starting an MBA program?

I will be graduating this semester and am thinking about graduate school. The school I currently attend has a bridge program that would allow me to complete my MBA in two semesters (option expires after 5 years). While all this is great, I have been told that getting out into the workforce to gain r

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Are Ivy Leagues REALLY worth it?

Although there is already debate regarding this around the country, I decided to bring the discussion here. Is going to an Ivy League and/or prestigious school REALLY beneficial to one's career?

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