What is the best path to follow to become a film director?

I am interested in directing movies. I was wondering what the best path to follow was to become a film Director. Is it to go to film school or to begin working in the industry as a screen writer or another job in the film industry? #film...


What are personal stories of success or struggles that you have gone through while teaching?

I am a senior in high school and I am genuinely interested in becoming a Kindergarten teacher. I am asking this question to individual people who are or have been teachers. I am just wondering if there are any stories that you could share about a moment when you felt successful, or felt like...

#kindergarten #teaching #school #success #early-childhood-education

I'm really interested in Animal Science and Husbandry. So far I've been admitted to five schools, but my top three are Wilmington College in Ohio, University of Wisconsin- River Falls, and University of Maine. Which is the best for Animal Science?

I am concerned that if I go to a college that isn't as well known, I won't have as much credibility and people won't take me as seriously. I know these aren't the most prestigious schools, but they fit for me so which one would be best? #college #agriculture...


What are the steps one needs to take in order to become a pediatric nurse? Internships? Classes?

I am a Senior in high school and I want to be a pediatric nurse because I love children. I have worked at a camp around children. I have volunteered at a camp with all girls. I have interned at a school in the third grade class. Is there anything else I could do? If these aren't good things to...

#health #pediatrics #nursing #working-with-children

If I majored in Biology and Minored in Environmental Policy and Decision Making, what sort of careers would come out of this education?

I am a high school senior trying to decide a major for college. I love to read and write, and to explore the scientific world. I hope to learn more about biology in general and the environmental sciences. Once I leave college, I want a career that connects people to their environment. #science...

#environment #earth #biology #support

My dream is to become an Astronaut and fly on the ISS. What are some routes and majors that will help me achieve my dream?

There are many different way to become a Astronaut, like through the military or engineering. However, I love the sciences and have always wanted to become a scientist and an astronomer. What are possible ways to reach the cosmos and travel to the ISS and beyond? #science #scientist #biomedical...


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