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CareerVillage is often described as virtual micro volunteering, but to professionals on, it’s so much more. We call it lifestyle volunteering, because advising students on happens so often and fits so seamlessly into volunteers’ lives that it becomes a part of their everyday life. Companies partner with us to incorprate lifestyle volunteering into their culture, giving employees a way to give back using their own skillsets and experiences in a convenient and meaningful way.

Partnerships play a key role in achieving our mission and bringing our vision to life. Our corporate partners are champions of youth employability, bridging the gap between disadvantaged youth and accessibility to working professionals.

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Volunteers In Action

With, partners can promote volunteering in a variety of ways. Employees volunteer...

CareerVillage fills a void in my life. It gives me the opportunity to continue reaching out to teens and young adults, to help guide them through this tumultuous transitional period of their lives. Due to other commitments, I cannot donate blocks of time to regularly scheduled volunteer activities. However, with CareerVillage, I can sit down at the keyboard for as little as 15 minutes and instantly reach three or four students. I can do this at any time, on any day, whenever it suits me, as often or as seldom as I like.

Kim IgleheartPolice Officer & Volunteer

How to Get Involved

We’re proud to partner with companies all over the world, in various industries, in order to give students access to a diversity and breadth of professionals when it comes to seeking guidance. We customize volunteer programs with our corporate partners depending on their needs, capacity, and goals, but partnerships always involve some level of employee engagement. Contact us today to get involved!

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Our Impact

Young people make decisions about their future on everyday. Students ask about everything from what to do early in high school to ensure acceptance into college, to what a day in the life of a certain job is like, and with access to thousands of volunteers they’re not only getting their questions answered by relevant working professionals, they’re getting the attention, support and encouragement they aren’t getting elsewhere. Students visiting CareerVillage are more confident in their ability to succeed, showing more initiative participating more in and out of the classroom, more informed about their career options, and understand their personal paths to achieving their goals.