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Austin, Texas

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Lilliana’s Avatar
Lilliana Oct 19, 2021 223 views

What is the environment like being a Criminal Psychologist?

#psychology #criminal-justice

Kristo’s Avatar
Kristo Jul 13, 2018 485 views

Is the a college for hip-hop dancing

#hip #hip-hop-dance #dance-teacher

chiara’s Avatar
chiara Jul 23, 2018 288 views

What do you like most about your job?

#favorite job

Shaylee’s Avatar
Shaylee Jul 13, 2018 401 views

What do you do as a Marine Biologist?

What do you do on a daily basis?
Is the job difficult? #biologist #all

isadora’s Avatar
isadora Jul 23, 2018 240 views

Is it easy to be a vet?


Isabela’s Avatar
Isabela Jul 13, 2018 267 views

how much do you get paid to be a physical therapist.


Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jul 23, 2018 408 views

what dose smh mean

idk what smh mean pls help me #help #hmp

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Jul 13, 2018 384 views

How does this app or website work?

#idk #help

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 21, 2018 280 views

Do nurses get a lack of respect as much as I hear they do?

I want to pursue a career in nursing but I hear frequently that they are mistreated. # #career-path

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 21, 2018 422 views

How realistic is it to study abroad when pursuing a degree in nursing?

I want to travel the world while studying in college but don't know how the credits transfer. #studyabroad

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Apr 27, 2018 419 views

I'm aiming to attend a college out-of-state in California, what are the best ways to make money, to pay for those kinds of expenses

I live in Texas, and moving to Cali is a big step, but i've always wanted to attend college in a place i loved. My dream schools are USC or California State University- Los Angeles, and tuition is very pricey in California. #california #dreamschool #dreambig

KAYLA’s Avatar
KAYLA May 18, 2016 588 views

What are some good scholarships for diesel equipment at a trade school?

I am a senior in high school and I got accepted into U.T.I down in Exton PA and I don't have the money to pay for it and I have been filling out as many scholarships as I can to help pay for it. #diesel-mechanics #mechanic #scholarships #college

Nicolas’s Avatar
Nicolas Mar 19, 2018 524 views

Why do almost all the questions on this site have no comments or answers

Just trying to figure the game here.

#meta #careervillage

Dillon’s Avatar
Dillon Mar 05, 2018 229 views

What year in college should you begin acquiring internships?

I am a sophomore and want to know if this is the right time to begin acquiring job experience through internship opportunities. #shouldiapplyforinternships

Kiran’s Avatar
Kiran Feb 27, 2017 536 views

Does community college required

I want to know does University of the District of Columbia community college required any test to get admission in associate degree? #college #college-admissions #columbia-university

Norris’s Avatar
Norris Jan 23, 2018 314 views

What courses will I need take for me to get ahead of other people in college so I can get a successful job as a marine biologist.

Because I want to have a successful job that I can support a big family with so I don't have to worry about struggling in the future.#marine-biology

Amabilia’s Avatar
Amabilia May 05, 2016 590 views

What classes would I be required to take in college if I wanted to be an equine veterinarian?

I really enjoying horses and caring for them #veterinarian #equine #horses #medicine #animals #career #college #career-counseling

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 04, 2016 996 views

What's the most challenging part of being a pediatrician? Is it rewarding?

I'm thinking about becoming a pediatrician and I'm really curious about what the average day of a pediatrician is like. I really want to help children, but I'm confused if this is the right way for me. #doctor #medicine #health #pediatrics #pediatrician #hospital-and-health-care #career #college

Victor’s Avatar
Victor May 05, 2016 1879 views

Do veterinarians work with all animals or can they work with a certain group/species?

I'm asking this question because I love animals and I want to know more about being a vet #veterinarian #career #career-counseling #college #animals #veterinary

Remy’s Avatar
Remy May 11, 2016 563 views

What colleges or film schools should I go to for dancing and acting?

Madelin C. - 4th Grader. Likes Math, Dancing, and Technology.
Wants to be a dancer or actress. #acting #dance

Makaila’s Avatar
Makaila Oct 27, 2016 641 views

Do I have to take Pre-dental course requirements before I take dental hygiene course requirements ?

Hi I am a freshman in college and currently signing up for my spring classes online and I was a little curious and confused by pre-dental and dental hygiene. #dental-hygienist #dental-hygiene #dental-practice

sherika’s Avatar
sherika May 13, 2016 579 views

Is it a wise choice to go into the LVN/LPN program?

I am asking this because I am having a hard time finding a job as a medical assistant in my area. The thing is that I know that some places are wanting nurses to have their BSN. So I am wondering if they are going to get rid of LVN/LPN jobs. So I'm not sure if it is good to get this certificate...

Spirit’s Avatar
Spirit Oct 24, 2016 967 views

How does a forensic scientist deal with the emotional aspects of the job?

I intend to pursue forensic science, and I'm leaning toward lab work primarily instead of investigating crime scenes. Given that I will be assisting with solving cases involving people who have been assaulted or murdered, I'd like to know how the emotional response to other humans being hurt...

Mikayla’s Avatar
Mikayla May 28, 2016 466 views

how long does it usually take to pay off loans?

I am about to enter college and am worried about how long I will be in debt for after i graduate from college #graduate

Mikayla’s Avatar
Mikayla May 28, 2016 432 views

While in College, should I get a work study job or a regular minimum wage job?

I am considering both types of jobs and i'm not sure which one is more beneficial #graduate

Tre’s Avatar
Tre May 27, 2016 603 views

What subjects did you study in school, and what was your toughest class?

I'm currently going into the 9th grade and when I grow up I would like to become President of the United States. I know to get their I'll eventually have to take up Politics, but is there anything else that could help? Maybe public speaking? #president

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 563 views

How do you make phones?

I'm interested in how it's made. #engineer #design

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 512 views

How exactly do you make a video game?

I want to make video games when I'm older. #engineer #gamer

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 472 views

How often do you do experiments?

I want to know how much science is in your job. #engineer #gamer

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 20, 2016 605 views

How long does it take to design games?

Games are cool and long. #gamers

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