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Austin, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Kalyssa’s Avatar

I am a senior in high school and I want to get into a university that has exceptional classes to further my education to become an Orthopedic Nurse. For now I plan on attending a university after I graduate in May and trying to see what specifically to major in.

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Grafton, Ohio
maddie’s Avatar

I don't have a career goal yet; I'm looking for advice. I know that I'm creative and I like being independent. But when it comes to choosing a career, there are so many that it's overwhelming. What if I choose the wrong one for me? I think I might like to go into linguistics. I love the Korean language.

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Asheville, North Carolina
Benjamin’s Avatar

I want to work for NASA or NATO to do good and complete milestones for the globe.

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Chula Vista, California
Inanga’s Avatar

I want to be a plumber and Carpenter who make different in the world

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Idris’s Avatar

I want to be an Architect that creates a physical environment where people live and to work building housing complexes with a modern and functional style.

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Tatters the Mummy’s Avatar
Tatters the Mummy

I am Len's (CPP Teacher at San Jose Job Corps) classroom mummy. My career goal is to be the best mummy I can be. I help Len teach her students and I look after them to make sure they are doing their work. In my free time, I like to watch documentaries about Ancient Egyptians and eat Len's chocolate kisses.

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San Jose, California
Pei Bin’s Avatar
Pei Bin

I would like the occupation of software engineer or game design at Ubisoft, Google, or just and big company.

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San Francisco, California
Judit’s Avatar

not sure

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Mineola, New York
Nancy’s Avatar

Recent college graduate with BS in Information Technology and minor in Cybersecurity.

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Houston, Texas
Gracie’s Avatar

I want to look into the sports media field or some communication major!

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Rock Hill, South Carolina
Kolby’s Avatar

I want to become a veterinarian and work on small and large animals.

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Catawba, SC
Asa’s Avatar

I want to use math in an engineering setting

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Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Jedidah’s Avatar

Want to be a UX designer

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Worcester, Massachusetts
River’s Avatar

I want to become an Emergency Medicine Physician, preferably in a big hospital in somewhere like Chicago or New York City

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Cumming, Georgia
Darriyus’s Avatar

I’m not sure what I want for my future, nor do I know what I’m interested in. To give you some ideas, I like to add designs to things. The medium I do it in is mainly video games and some are good and some aren’t.

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Orlando, Florida

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