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Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 19, 2017 641 views

Is it important to have a business master degree not MBA?

I want to gain master degree after I graduate. bachelor...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. May 26, 2017 670 views

Is it good to enter buy-side financial institutions?

Many people think that entering buy-side like private equity should be after 2or3 years sell-side work experience....


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 26, 2017 541 views

Gmat vs Gpa

What percentage of them seperately in application of master? gpa...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 19, 2017 461 views

What is difference between business school student or other majors?

I think entering business school need higher entry level compared with other faculty. business...


Pam M.’s Avatar
Pam M. Jan 26, 2017 516 views

What jobs are available for someone interested in motion graphics?

I am currently a graphic design student and have found a love for typography, vector based illustrations and infographics. I have experimented with AfterEffects and creating simple motion graphics and was wondering what type of jobs are available for such interests. design graphic-design...

motion-graphics illustration

Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 04, 2017 497 views

Do you have recommendations to finance students about relative jobs position?

Now i am not sure which specific career path is best for me....


Jean-Sébatien L.’s Avatar
Jean-Sébatien L. Jan 26 169 views

How do I make my marks in the sports industry?

I am currently a second year university student in Business Intelligence. My principal fields of interests are communications, analytics and sports management. Thank you sports analytics...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 04, 2017 526 views

How to build up critical thinking?

For me, theories courses are all difficult. May I can say I hardly ever get average grade in class. critical-thinking...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Apr 26, 2017 678 views

Can I write insight in my resume?

I find that many people write insights in linkedin, of course, I do it too. But I am not sure whether I write it in my resume (work experience or extra curriculum activities). resume...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 20, 2017 597 views

How many years does my information in resume?

I am not clear how to write my CV....


Chun L.’s Avatar
Chun L. Mar 19, 2017 612 views

How long does it take people to become a doctor?

I am in secondary 4 right now and I want to be a doctor. How long will it take me to finish the college and medical university in Canada especially in the province of Quebec? And what will I learn in those years? Thank you! college medicine education university...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 19, 2017 569 views

How old is good to enter graduate school?

After graduation or work more years?...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 26, 2017 466 views

Whats job suitable for major management?

I have transferred my major from management to finance because I find that all majors have chance to enter coop except management. I am curious about that. finance...


Chun L.’s Avatar
Chun L. Mar 11, 2017 920 views

How can an international student study medicine in Canada?

I am an international student who is now studying in Montreal. I want to be a doctor. But I've heart that Canada doesn't allow international student to study clinical medicine unless he becomes a permanent resident of Canada. Is that true? If it is true, what should I do? college doctor...

medical-education international-student university career-choice career-counseling

Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 04, 2017 1430 views

Why do you choose business as your major?

As an international student from China, I choose to enter business school because it helps me to find job. I think business school have enough career service to help any students who are studying. Actually I feel confused about my future. I am not sure where i will stay or which job is best to...

study-abroad china

Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 13, 2017 543 views
Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 15, 2017 803 views

If I want to be an entrepreneur, which major is good?

finance, accounting, hr or management etc.? entrepreneurship...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 19, 2017 508 views

What job can be selected by management students?

In my university, except management, other majors support co-op....


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 25, 2017 532 views

How to study accounting?

my university asks every business student have to pass financial accounting but it is difficult. I have dropped this semester but it is not long-term solution....


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 15, 2017 541 views

What's extra activities recommend to college students?

I think business students need to participate more activities to improve our resume....


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Feb 14, 2017 536 views

How to gain first reference for internship?

Many jobs need two or three reference which is a little bit difficult to international students....


ali N.’s Avatar
ali N. Jan 17, 2018 458 views

i want to create my own gaming company

how do i do this? what team mates do i need for this to work?...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 18, 2017 681 views

How to improve my second language?

I think my english level have influenced my study. language...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 25, 2017 641 views

How to do journal entry (accounting) ?

I think debt and credit in journal entry are not logical. I did past exams but i hardly ever get good grade in midterm....


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 25, 2017 600 views

How to complete good statement of financial position?

I can do multiple choices of accounting very well but i don't know how to do statements....


Pam M.’s Avatar
Pam M. Jan 26, 2017 678 views

Tips for learning graphic design software?

How have you made use of your free time to learn design software in order to practice your skills and apply them to your education/profession? software design graphic-design freelance adobe-creative-suite personal-development...


Chun L.’s Avatar
Chun L. Mar 20, 2017 758 views

What does nutritionist do and what does they need to learn?

I am thinking about being a nutritionist in the future. I wander what is their job and what do I need to learn to become a nutritionist? career-counseling dietitian nutritionist...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Jun 17, 2017 814 views

How to wear in investment bank social event?

I received an invitation to participate a IB social event. Business casual or professional?...


Paul N.’s Avatar
Paul N. Mar 08, 2017 1492 views

I'm interested in becoming a Aircraft Mechanic but there are a few things holding me back

As title states.. So i'm really interested and excited going into this unique field. I've read some other people's experience about the job but what really concerns is the part of the night shifts and relocating. I don't mind doing night shifts in the early career but around how long does it...

airplane-mechanic airplane aircraft-maintenance aircraft-mechanic airline-industry aircraft

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