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Makayla B.’s Avatar
Makayla B. Aug 02, 2018 127 views

How do you make sure you yourself are in the best shape in order to better serve your patients ?

I mean holistically I know it is very important to be the best you you can be in order to really engage in your career if you could give a few tips that’ll be great #bettermebetteryou #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare...


Makayla B.’s Avatar
Makayla B. Aug 02, 2018 156 views

Following your college career what were some challenges you faced transitioning from college to medical school?

How did you go about choosing a medical school to attend as far as maybe different opportunities they provided and maybe the demographics? #future surgeon #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school #transition #surgery...


Silang J.’s Avatar
Silang J. Mar 01, 2019 204 views

How does staying a year really affect you chance getting into college

I recently had a wake-up call and decide to fix my life. I use to I want good grade but did not really care. I did not turn in might homework, study, participate in class or ask the teacher for help. I was mostly was playing games, waste my time. Now do not get me to wrong. Games are ok to play...

#advice #career #college-advice #gpa #college

Nora D.’s Avatar
Nora D. Feb 27 82 views

How much does the PSAT affect college applications?

I’m a high school sophomore who’s very excited (but also confused) about college!! #college #college-advice #high-school...


Emma M.’s Avatar
Emma M. Aug 15, 2018 322 views

How do you find what you're passionate about?

Everyone always says to choose a career that you are passionate about, but what if you don't know what the one thing you're passionate about is? How do you figure it out?...


Krystal N.’s Avatar
Krystal N. Jul 17, 2018 233 views

Which medical career have lots of job opportunity and stable income in 10 years ?

I’m having a hard time decindigg which major or career to pursue . Please give me some suggestion and advice #careers #careers #career-choice #career #career-counseling #jobs...


Delaini N.’s Avatar
Delaini N. Jan 20, 2018 237 views

What are some tips on not procrastinating on your work?

I am very guilty of waiting until the last minute to do assignments. #procrastination #needtogetaheadofthegame...


jahari A.’s Avatar
jahari A. Aug 31, 2017 566 views

I would like a career in accounting; however, I do not want to deal with taxes. What are my options?

I am really interested in accounting but I find taxes to be boring. I would like a job that did not deal with taxes. #accounting #financial-accounting...


Haley L.’s Avatar
Haley L. Mar 08, 2018 307 views

How do I become involved in research opportunities outside of the classroom?

I am undecided on what major I would want to go into so I am interested in finding out if some of these career paths are viable options for me later in life. #research #college...


Joy Clarisse S.’s Avatar
Joy Clarisse S. May 13, 2016 501 views

How did you get to be successful in youth ministry?

I am going to college to get an M. Div in Pastoral Studies and I plan to be a youth minister. How do I make sure I can be successful in this? #leadership #youth #ministry #youth-ministry #youth-leadership #christian #ordained-ministry...


Eevie F.’s Avatar
Eevie F. Mar 26, 2019 129 views
Joyce C.’s Avatar
Joyce C. Oct 30, 2018 251 views

How long are dorm accommodations guaranteed?

I was thinking of living on campus but I'm not sure if the expenses are much different from living on and off campus. #college #college-advice #college-bound #financial-aid...


Shaquanna W.’s Avatar
Shaquanna W. Mar 09, 2017 696 views
Joy Clarisse S.’s Avatar
Joy Clarisse S. May 13, 2016 1179 views

What advice do you have for an aspiring leader?

In the program I'm going into for college, I am a part of a cohort. We are expected to show and learn about leadership qualities. What can I do to further my leadership? #leadership #leader #youth #leaders #youth-leadership #student-leadership #leading-people...


Dulcce V.’s Avatar
Dulcce V. Jan 17, 2018 246 views

Will school tuition be less in the future?

School has become a business here in the US. I have seen other countries and University tuition is not high. They want people to go to school and be educated. In addition, I have noticed the quality of teaching material is better as well as teaching methods. Is that going to get any...

#financial-planning #financial-aid #college #college-tuition

Jaelen J.’s Avatar
Jaelen J. May 22, 2018 255 views

Should I purse a minor?

I was considering a minor for my school resume, and I was wondering what is the best suited minor for an exercise science major as I apply myself forward through college? #majors-and-minors #school #college-minor #college #minor #resume...


Olivia G.’s Avatar
Olivia G. Jan 19, 2018 265 views

What are some questions I should ask on a college tour?

I am going to start touring colleges soon and want to make sure I'm not missing out on information that could really help in choosing which college I want to attend. #college...


Katelyn R.’s Avatar
Katelyn R. Sep 28, 2017 292 views

If tax codes are simplified, how will that change the professions/jobs in the tax/accounting world?

I am considering a major in business/tax/accounting. Since I hear a lot of talk from Washington about tax reform, it made me think... If the tax codes are simplified, will this effect the number of jobs and number of good jobs in the tax/accounting industry? I'm not sure this would be a...


Angelina N.’s Avatar
Angelina N. Jan 14, 2018 326 views

Love to hear replies on this: What's the happiest experience you've had in college and/or high school? Tell me about it.

I know a lot of us on here are looking at that college scholarship sweepstakes, but take some time away for scholarship searching, and share something. Super cliche, but why the heck not. #yolo #scholarship #college #hashtag #mental-health #student #education...


Robert M.’s Avatar
Robert M. Sep 18, 2018 168 views

How do I know if my major is right for me? How do I know I love it?

I don't necessarily want the highest paying job, I want a job where I can be able to wake up every morning at 7 am and be overly excited to go to work. How do I locate my major like that? What tools do I use? How do I know it's the right fit? #job #college-major...


Dulcce V.’s Avatar
Dulcce V. Mar 05, 2019 125 views

How can we implement architecture principles to create solutions to current health problems like missing limbs or damaged organs?

I believe that architecture can and should be implemented in medicine to create new devices, prosthetics that are closer to the human body. This way the body can take them and make the new organ or body part it's own. #healthcare #architecture...

Robert M.’s Avatar
Robert M. Sep 18, 2018 158 views

How well does studying abroad improve my chances for getting hired straight out of college?

Will studying abroad end being a waste of time and only for an "ok" experience, or will it boost my morale of my major and help me acquire skills for field of work. Will it also enhance my chances of landing a higher paying job fresh out of college? #career #college-bound...


Addison C.’s Avatar
Addison C. Mar 19, 2019 1322 views
Elizabeth G.’s Avatar
Elizabeth G. Jan 15, 2018 217 views

Pixar hiring from SCAD

Has anyone graduated from SCAD and gotten a job with Pixar? How difficult was it to get hired. #character-animation #2d-animation #animation...


Falcon C.’s Avatar
Falcon C. Apr 23, 2019 90 views
Bradlee C.’s Avatar
Bradlee C. Apr 17, 2019 60 views

How much money do you get in racing

How long does it take to get into nascar or motor...

Addison C.’s Avatar
Addison C. Apr 14, 2019 102 views
Will R.’s Avatar
Will R. Mar 21, 2018 235 views

How do I find my passion?

I plan on majoring in Computer Science next fall. I find this subject interesting and like learning about all subjects in school (math, English, science, etc), but I am not sure what I am passionate about any of these things. Some people want to change the world through politics or help...

#carrier #future

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Addison C. Mar 19, 2019 124 views

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