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Mitchel S. May 09, 2016 735 views
Zohie W.’s Avatar
Zohie W. May 17, 2016 416 views

Where could I get a Robotics Engineering Technology Diploma?

I want to make a career in the robotics field. Purdue Polytech offers this but I don't want to be in a manufacturing environment, which is what they focus...

Rita O.’s Avatar
Rita O. Jun 17, 2016 458 views

As a junior in high school how can I choose a career involved with helping people such as healthcare(a doctor) without limiting my possible career options?

I have a passion for helping and advising people and seeing them get better, I'm strongly about attracted to healthcare but science and math are my weakest subjects which a good doctor would need to be strong in. I'm more interested in the patient care send administration aspects of healthcare....

#pre-med #pediatrician #career-advice #helping-others #writer #doctor

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Justin W. May 25, 2016 330 views

What kind of jobs are there for someone that majors in mathematics?

I want to know if I'm able to get a good job for this major. I don't want to make a mistake, and I like math....


Antonio M.’s Avatar
Antonio M. May 20, 2016 407 views

What was the Main reasoning behind creating this site, or it's original direction?

For me personally I always like to know what something or someones original intentions are, an that goes especially if it can affect my or other peoples futures. #ceo...


Brenetta B.’s Avatar
Brenetta B. May 18, 2016 624 views

Is there a way for me to know if crime scene investigation is a job I would like without having to go through years of college and training before realizing I don'tactually enjoy the job?

I've been wanting to be a crime scene investigator since middle school but I hear people talk about going to college for many years because they keep changing their majors. The most common reason why is because they said once they got into the actual courses for their major or career fields,...

#criminology #scene #criminal-investigation #pre-law #investigation #law #crime

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