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dennis S. Mar 14, 2018 436 views

Where can I get an internship for my intended major of Computer Science and Information?

I really want to pursue a career involving computer information science, specifically artificial intelligence and data analytics. The reason why i’m asking is due to a hard time finding internships I qualify for. #artificialintelligence #computerscience #computerinformation #data #dataanalytics...

#information #interships

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 06, 2017 224 views

What can one do with a degree in religion or religious studies?

The last few semesters, I have taken a few courses outside of my major and found that I rather enjoy the religion and mythology based courses that my university offers. It has been brought up to me by my professors that a religion degree is offered, and while I have looked into it a bit, I was...

#religion #undergrad #spirituality #college #theology #religious-studies

Destiny W.’s Avatar
Destiny W. Aug 14, 2018 212 views

What’s the best way to improve on your writing skills ex. Essay

I normally don’t struggle to write, because once I have and idea it all goes fine. I just have trouble coming up with new and exciting things to write about when it comes to personal essays, college essays etc. if you know of any good way to improve my writing as far as vocabulary or formatting...

#general #author #creative-writing #journalism #writing

Deaunte´ B.’s Avatar
Deaunte´ B. Nov 15, 2019 30 views

What should do if i want to be a youtuber and twitch streamer

I am a nice person. I like sports and music.Plus youtube and twitch. I like to help people. I am a cancer zodiac sign. #sports #music...


Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 02, 2017 316 views

What sorts of activities could I be involved in outside of University and Internships that would improve my resume?

I know that there are a range of options that are supposed to be available to students at university in order to help them begin to get involved in their field of choice, however, I have had a hard time finding internships, research or work through my university. What are some other options...

#university #internships #resume #resume-building

Ream G.’s Avatar
Ream G. Mar 26, 2018 454 views

What is the best major for Medical School?

I hear a lot of people choose majors other than pre-med/biology based majors even though they plan to take the MCAT and go to medical school. I am currently thinking about being a biochemistry major or entering the engineering department and am wondering whether that will have a significant...

#engineering #medicine #medical-practice #premed

Sarah A.’s Avatar
Sarah A. Mar 16, 2018 228 views

What are things that graduate schools want to see in an application?

How can you improve CV's or personal statements? What experiences improve one's chance of getting into grad school. What GPA/classes are expected? #gradschool #gpa #classes #personal-statements...


Sarah A.’s Avatar
Sarah A. Mar 16, 2018 227 views

What is the equivalent to internships in the education field?

Everyone talks about getting internships, but for someone who wants to become a teacher, what are good summer opportunities to improve a resume? #education #teaching #internships...


Gabriella H.’s Avatar
Gabriella H. Oct 22, 2016 642 views

What is the most popular engineering field?

I am very interested in the engineering field, I would like to be a corrosion engineer when i grow up. But at this point in my high school career, I would like to try and explore other engineering fields. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #stem #chemical-engineering...

#industrial-engineering #women-in-stem

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 06, 2017 280 views

What is the difference between getting a B.A. and a B.Sc.?

So, I am majoring in the sciences and have been debating between getting BA and a BS. There are only about three classes that differ between them, there is mostly more of a math element to the BS. However, I was wondering if there is actually a true difference, and if graduate schools or...

#undergrad #college-major #college #graduate-school

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 17, 2017 420 views

Should I get a part-time or university job while attending classes?

It has been something that I have been questioning since I started at university. I know that I need a greater amount of experience than I have currently, and in getting a job, I will have more funds. Which is just a touch important. On the other side, a part-time job may not be in the field of...

#work-life-balance #part-time #university #jobs-for-college-students

Jacob F.’s Avatar
Jacob F. Oct 13, 2016 809 views

How did you decide what type of engineering was right for you?

I am a senior in high school and I think that I want to major in engineering but I'm not sure what type. Right now I am leaning more towards civil engineering, but I am just unsure what I can do to see what type of engineering is right for me. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...

#civil-engineering #industrial-engineering

Kyle B.’s Avatar
Kyle B. May 20, 2018 220 views

How do I self write a patent

I am currently working on a simple, but useful protype for a drill bit and I was wondering what type of lawyer in the columbus area or in general websight would be able to assist me in the process of writing my own patent in order to save money. #lawyers #job-search #money #savings...


Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 17, 2017 263 views

What are some ways to become active (more) in the field of entomology?

I am a student in environmental sciences with a huge passion for pollinators, specifically bees and butterflies. I currently am the leader for the campus pollinator and native species garden, I have helped a variety of individuals build these sort of gardens from scratch, attended every lecture...

#entomologist #beekeeping #environmental-science #gardening

Jeremy B.’s Avatar
Jeremy B. Jun 11, 2018 236 views

Is it necessary to minor in chemistry if I am interested in the criminal forensic laboratory field?

Hello, I am a current student at Xavier University located in Cincinnati, Ohio (Go Muskies!). I am double major in criminal justice and psychology and will hope to complete Xavier University with a bachelor degree in science. With my immense passion for justice, I want to take my bachelor...

#jesuitcollege #xavieruniveristy #criminaljustice #psychology #science #criminal #musketeer #fafsa #laboratory #lowincome #financialaid #chemistry #scholarship #xavieru #1kscholarship #lab #studentloan

Destiny W.’s Avatar
Destiny W. Aug 14, 2018 183 views

What’s the best major to pursue in order to become a neurosurgeon

I have little guidance from family members due to their lack of knowledge about college, therefore I’d like to have a better idea of what I’m getting into. I’ve narrowed down the choices to cellular and molecular biology and biomedical sciences. Are either of these two good choices or no? If...

#majors #neurosurgeon #field #surgery #doctor #medicine #neuroscience

Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Mar 30, 2017 1299 views

What kind of questions should I ask at the end of an interview?

I know that at the end of an interview when they ask, "so, do you have any questions for me?" you're at least supposed to ask one. What guidelines should the questions I ask follow, if any? #career #interviews #interview-questions...


Monica E.’s Avatar
Monica E. Jan 23, 2018 257 views

When studying psychology as a major in college, what are the best ways to prepare yourself for not only tests and exams, but also once you have your degree and are attempting to find a stable start to your psychology journey?

Whenever you hear someone express what they plan to do once they finally receive their degree in college, you always seem to wonder how they'll be able to do so and what you will need to do in order to get where you want to be. It's very important as a student and as a progressive learner that...

#askquestions #psychologymajor

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Hannah S. Oct 23, 2018 166 views
Hannah S.’s Avatar
Hannah S. Oct 23, 2018 170 views
Alexandra M.’s Avatar
Alexandra M. Mar 16, 2018 272 views

Am i in a bad place if I haven't worked much with software if I want to animate?

My major would be Animation, but I have only a week of MAYA under my belt. I don't want to fail. #animation...


dennis S.’s Avatar
dennis S. Mar 14, 2018 262 views

Should I major in computer science information or computer animations?

I love both subjects very much, but due to costs I can’t do both. I love animating and filming, but I’m not sure if i’m qualified enough for the industry. For computer science, I love it too, but I tend to struggle at times when learning or applyingrg knowledge. #animations...

#computerscienceinformation #film #help #elonmusk #technology #frames #programming #disney

Monica E.’s Avatar
Monica E. Jan 23, 2018 372 views

What are the psychological affects working in the mental health department?

For majority of my existence I have personally dealt with Mental Illness and I know that in many cases one could get triggered on a certain topic. For me though, helping other people who are just like me has always been such a huge dream, but I want to know my risks involved so I am not only...

#nevergiveup #psychologymajor #mental-health #mental-health-care

Kyle B.’s Avatar
Kyle B. May 20, 2018 211 views

Would getting an internship at one consulting firm decrease my odds of getting a job at another one

I am not sure which consulting company I want to work for between the caliaber of EY, Deloitte, ect. I also know that one of the reasons that the consultants like to hire young people is that they do not have much experience to bais their problem solving and therefore I was wondering if the...

#internship #business

Alexandra M.’s Avatar
Alexandra M. Mar 16, 2018 763 views

Is 2D animation still relevant?

I want to animate and since all I've worked on is pencil drawings, I would prefer professional 2D animation. I wouldn't mind 3D, but I don't want to be jobless because I prefer one to the other. #animation...


Jasmine K.’s Avatar
Jasmine K. Oct 13, 2016 463 views

How will sport's management challenge you?

I am a Senior doing a career research project. #management #sports...


Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 02, 2017 303 views

How do Independent Research Positions or Projects Work at University?

I recently completed and presented a project for a class in which my professor was over the moon about. After class, he suggested that next semester I could turn this project (it was a GIS campus project, in which I worked with Services and various other departments to complete) into an...

#project #courses #gis #research #university

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 06, 2017 284 views

What langauge courses would be most beneficial to study in university?

Most universities (that I have seen) require a language as a part of your study program. Are there any languages that are preferred by employers or should be considered more (i.e. ASL, Chinese, Spanish..) or can it just be our preference? Thank you! #foreign-languages #university #language...


Allison M.’s Avatar
Allison M. Sep 01, 2017 369 views

How do I know that in 10 years my career won't be taken over by technology?

My professor asked my class to question this and I wanted to know what other people think about this....


Paige C.’s Avatar
Paige C. Oct 13, 2016 632 views

Is it challenging to find a job in deaf education?

I am currently really interested in ASL studies and am looking into minoring in American-Sign Language in college along with a major in something in Health Science. I do not know much sign-language yet, but it's never too late to learn! I am just curious how hard it would be to find job...

#health-science #asl #education #college-major #college-minor #deaf #academic-advising

Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Apr 04, 2017 629 views

How do I write a meaningful cover letter?

I'm having problems drafting cover letters for potential employers. I don't know how to start the letter in order to grab their attention, and I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn a little too much. Any advice would be appreciated! #college...

#cover-letters #career

Ciara G.’s Avatar
Ciara G. May 16, 2018 211 views

What kind of experience are photography magazines looking for?

I know what I want to do specifically but I am not sure what I will need for my future after college and beyond a degree. Are there any characteristics that business's are looking for? Do I need to have multiple connections in order to get a foot in the door? #futurejob #experience #nationalgeo...

#art #photography #photojournalism

Shannon D.’s Avatar
Shannon D. Jan 17, 2018 159 views

Best piece of advice you can offer about college?

I am looking for the biggest "watch outs" of my freshman year....


Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 11, 2017 513 views

What does the typical day of an environmental scientist look like?

So, I understand that it a very, VERY broad field. But, I am curious as to the range of jobs and daily activities associated with working within the environmental sciences/biology/geology? Thank you! #environmental-science #biology #environmental-geology #geology...


Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 17, 2017 552 views

Is pursuing a master's degree or higher worth it?

I currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in environmental sciences, and I originally was going to pursue a master's and a Ph.D. after its completion. However, in speaking to advisors, classmates and a couple of individuals in related fields, I have become hesitant about my original plan. With...

#masters-degree #higher-education #phd #environmental-science #graduate-school

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Jan 16, 2018 370 views

What are some ways you can build confidence in public speaking, specifically for teaching?

I have around 7 years experience (or so) in tutoring, and I am pretty comfortable educating individuals and very small groups. However, I am considering pursuing an educators license and becoming a science teacher. I am not very confident in speaking in front of a group of more than 5 people at...

#professor #teacher #teacher-training #public-speaking #environmental-science

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 08, 2017 382 views

Does having experience outside of your preferred career field do anything to you?

I do not have a lot of experience (job or otherwise) in the field that I am currently pursuing, however I do have experience in areas such as working in a museum, teaching and working in the arts (glass blowing, painting, sewing..). Is there anyway to incorporate those skills in the...

#art #resume-writing #experience #environmental-science #museums

Melissa L.’s Avatar
Melissa L. Jan 08, 2017 514 views

Should I do a double major in Criminal Justice & Anthropology?

Hi I'm starting college in a few weeks and i' m Interested in the fields of Anthropology and Criminal Justice. I was wouldn't if it's a good Idea to do a Double major for the both of them? Lol Maybe I should reword this better? #college #criminal-justice #college-major...


Ciara G.’s Avatar
Ciara G. May 16, 2018 293 views

What do I need in order to stand out?

Photography is a rising industry with many people in it. I want to make sure that I stand out far away from the crowd. This is going to be hard due to the fact that so many people are talented and wanting a photography job. How can I ensure that I will stand out and get a job in this world?...

#different #photography #jobs #internships #shine

Ciara G.’s Avatar
Ciara G. May 16, 2018 285 views

Do I need to be in a photography program during college?

I want to be a photojournalist. I'm not sure if there is a direct degree linked to the occupation, but I am currently thinking about majoring in communications with a focus on multimedia. Will that give me the tools/experience I need to pursue my dream job? #photography #college #prepfuture...

#questions #naturephoto

Jacob S.’s Avatar
Jacob S. Jan 16, 2018 145 views

Are there lucrative job opportunities for students with a PH.D in Exercise Physiology?

I am interesting in following this career path, but have heard that it is tough to find a high paying job with this degree. Is it worth my time to strive towards getting a PH.D in this field? Or should I explore other options? #psychology #exercise-psychology...


Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Mar 31, 2017 724 views

How do I prepare for a Skype interview?

The only interviews I've ever done have been in person, and a company in a different state wants to interview me via Skype. In what ways is this interview going to be different than in-person interviews? What's the best place to set up my computer for this interview? #college #career...

#interview #job-application #skype

Shannon D.’s Avatar
Shannon D. Jan 17, 2018 211 views

What is the best way to find a roomate your freshman year?

Many people pick roommates from Facebook and I am not sure if this a good method or not. #college #housing #student-housing #dorm #college-advice...


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