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Crete, Nebraska

Within 40 mile radius
Kierstin’s Avatar
Kierstin Nov 07, 2022 258 views

#criminal-Justice #Lawyer

What degree do I need to be able to become a lawyer, is there any specific classes I need?

Saul’s Avatar
Saul Nov 03, 2022 272 views

learning to weld

what is the best way to learn to weld.

keyli’s Avatar
keyli Nov 03, 2022 544 views

how do we become a surgical tech?

How do you know if that's what your really interested in?

Xander’s Avatar
Xander Nov 03, 2022 509 views

What would be the best Major and Minor to have in college if I wanted to be a Game Warden in the future??

I live in Nebraska and was wondering what the best steps to take in the future are.

keyli’s Avatar
keyli Nov 03, 2022 178 views

how do you know if becoming a surgical tech is what you want to do ?

how do you know if becoming a surgical tech is what you want?

Treyton’s Avatar
Treyton Nov 03, 2022 409 views

Careers that involve math

Hey guys! I am a student at Beatrice High School. I am interested in learning about a career, more specifically one that involves math. Any suggestions?

Tai’s Avatar
Tai Nov 02, 2022 478 views

What school should I go to for Criminal Psychology? What should I learn?

I am someone in high school who has always been interested in the human mind and why they do what they do and of course criminals, and I have only recently discovered that I would like to go into Criminal Psychology. Therefore, I have a lot of questions such as what college I should go to learn...

millie’s Avatar
millie Nov 02, 2022 164 views

Why did you chose this career?

What made you decided you wanted to go into health care?

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Nov 02, 2022 205 views

What do you have to do to become a nurse anesthetist?

Like experience, schooling, how many years, etc.

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Nov 02, 2022 292 views

How can I be a lineman?

I am a junior in high school and I want to get into some sort of trade. Right now I have my eyes set on being a lineman. How do I get into being a lineman? What options are there other than an apprenticeship?

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Nov 02, 2022 459 views

How to start your piloting career?

At what age did you start your pilot career? Did you start in college, after college, or when you were younger? How did you start? What steps did you take? I want to get started as soon as possible.

Hattie’s Avatar
Hattie Nov 02, 2022 258 views

Is having a degree an advantage?

Is having a college degree in acting/theater/film an advantage to an aspiring film or stage actor?

Colton’s Avatar
Colton Nov 02, 2022 514 views

college for farming?

I currently work for my grandpa dad and uncle and own my own cattle was wondering if i should attend college for agronomy so if farming would fall through i would have something to fall back on

Giovanna’s Avatar
Giovanna Nov 02, 2022 271 views

Is it possible to create a career teaching a religion such as Christianity?

Instead of teaching in a public school with a specific subject I want to teach Christianity. I have always wanted to be a teacher and Christianity is my passion.

carter’s Avatar
carter Nov 01, 2022 614 views

What does it take to be successful in Sales and how do you balance your work life and at-home life?

What traits go into being good at sales and is it stressful and hard?

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