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Crete, Nebraska

Within 40 mile radius
ryland’s Avatar
ryland Nov 01, 2022 225 views

How do I combine my love for woodworking and agriculture?

How could I do woodwork and Agriculture at the same time. What would a smart career path for me to pursue. How are these two subjects a-like.

Brailey’s Avatar
Brailey Nov 01, 2022 317 views

How do you find a teaching style that best fits you?

I am interested in going into teaching and have some questions.

Wyatt’s Avatar
Wyatt Nov 01, 2022 671 views

business startup

What are the first steps to start a business from scratch.

Keilani’s Avatar
Keilani Oct 31, 2022 606 views

What are some different types of careers that I could get into within business?

Curious to learn more

Lexi’s Avatar
Lexi Oct 31, 2022 831 views

What is something that you found hard about being a business major

What is something that you found hard about being a business major

William’s Avatar
William Oct 31, 2022 224 views

What was the schooling like for your Master in Business Administration?

Can you tell me about the classes that you took and their difficulty and content?

Rosalie’s Avatar
Rosalie Oct 31, 2022 224 views

Med school?

What is the hardest part about going to medical school?

harlie’s Avatar
harlie Oct 31, 2022 207 views

sports med

What kind of schooling do you need to go into sports medicine?

AbbyGail’s Avatar
AbbyGail Oct 31, 2022 219 views

Would I be alright maintaining a job as a nanny without a college education or is that something I should look into pursuing?

I'm thinking I want to be a nanny after I graduate highschool and I have seen both sides of the stick but i'm ultimately wondering if i should consider college or if i would be fine with a certificate from or something along those lines

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Oct 31, 2022 390 views

Basics of Psychology?

Is a psychology based job more interesting than psychology classes in college? How do psychology centered jobs generally pay? Is there any big flaws with your occupation that you wish you could eliminate?

Will’s Avatar
Will Oct 26, 2022 168 views

What does an architectures day to day life look like?

What does an architectures day to day life look like? How demanding is the job?

Lena’s Avatar
Lena Oct 24, 2022 194 views

Dental Hygiene

What is your favorite part about being a dental hygienist? I am also interested in this field so I would like to know the pros and cons. Thank you for your answer in advance

Chandler’s Avatar
Chandler Dec 01, 2021 444 views

What are the best places to work for a therapist

#psychology #therapists
I am a 16-year-old Junior in high school and have a serious interest in becoming a child psychologist.

ian’s Avatar
ian Dec 01, 2021 270 views

what is the best way to get started as a welder

i am trying to become a welder and i have no clue where to start any ideas?#welding

Leighton’s Avatar
Leighton Nov 30, 2021 519 views

How fun is teaching little kids?

#teacher #children #education

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