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Karsyn L.’s Avatar
Karsyn L. Feb 27, 2019 146 views

What can I look forward to in college?

Senior about to graduate; going into University next year. #university...


Diana M.’s Avatar
Diana M. Feb 27, 2019 144 views

How to start before going to college?

what are the steps after High school? What is good advice on preparing yourself for the first year of college #career #college...


Kevin K.’s Avatar
Kevin K. May 03 116 views

What is happiness?

Versatile student that holds many leadership positions, thrives under pressure, and has a passion for politics. Team player that loves challenges and strives to change the status quo, raising a debate team from 19th to 3rd place in the state of Colorado....


Carmen N.’s Avatar
Carmen N. Mar 19, 2018 270 views

Will I be able to join the Marines and go to college still not knowing what to major in?

I'm asking this because I am a junior in high school, currently wondering what I want to major in. It has always been a dream of mine to join the military because I like the idea of protecting those I love and care for. I want to be able to still continue my education after high school but I am...

#college-advice #education #thefew #marines #theproud

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Marlene R. Mar 19, 2019 157 views
Katie M.’s Avatar
Katie M. Sep 01, 2017 257 views

What are the biggest challenges that we will face once in college? And how can we deal with them properly ?

I am asking this because I've been told all the benefits about college and only one struggle which was money. I want to know the other challenges because I want to succeed in college. #collegeproblems #college...


Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. May 22, 2018 300 views

What extracurricular activities are the most impressive and unique for applying to medical school?

Most students will become CNAs or volunteer at local hospitals, but what extracurricular activities will stand out on med school applications? #applications #med-school #medical-school #graduate-school...


Ava C.’s Avatar
Ava C. May 10, 2018 313 views

While in high school, how do you know if medical school is the right decision / path?

I'm currently a junior in high school, and just wondering how I can know whether or not I really want to go into medicine. I've heard that shadowing is a good way to find out, but I don't know any doctors and its really hard to find opportunities for people under 18. Suggestions? #medicine...

#healthcare #medical-school #highschool #physician

Lauryn A.’s Avatar
Lauryn A. Aug 27, 2018 199 views
rachael S.’s Avatar
rachael S. Sep 30, 2017 459 views

How would you guide someone just learning to file their taxes?

I am curious how tax advisors would help someone of a young age learn how to do their taxes. #taxes...


Chartri P.’s Avatar
Chartri P. Feb 27, 2019 204 views

How do I create and maintain a small business?

I want to start a small business someday, and whenever I look for resources to help me learn, I can only find these vague things about being unique, passionate, or whatever else. I really just want to know what the workload is. What kind of actual labor will I be doing? Is it a lot of...

#entrepreneur #business

Kathy M.’s Avatar
Kathy M. Dec 12, 2018 317 views

I'm considering web development, database administration, and software development/programming. How can I tell which area would be right for me?

#software-development #computer-software #programming #technology I have a bachelor's degree unrelated to CS. I'm looking at either a boot camp, an AAS degree or maybe another bachelor's in CS. My kids are almost out of high school so I'm looking for a big change and something I can really...

Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. Jul 10, 2018 305 views

What tips do you have for creating a monthly budget to keep track of expenses in college?

For instance, how would you organize a budget and what information would you include to make sure that you are on track and budgeting income and college expenses effectively? #finance #budgeting...


jonathan L.’s Avatar
jonathan L. Mar 19, 2019 119 views

I would like to work in architecture, but i don't know how to start? What would be some suggestions

I would like to work in a architecture industry but i don't know how to beginning, what would you suggest? #architecture...


Rebecca G.’s Avatar
Rebecca G. May 25, 2016 528 views

Does working at a haunted house count as job experience?

I worked at a year round haunted house and I was wondering if future employers would still consider this unique job as still "job experience". #job...


Chelsie F.’s Avatar
Chelsie F. Mar 18 178 views

How might COVID19 affect research opportunities within academic institutions?

I am majoring in Computer Science and Digital Art and was hoping to get involved with research as a means to build my resume. As far as computer science goes, I am interested in cybersecurity, software engineering, and/or curriculum development for computer science learning. As for digital...

#digital-art #college #computer-science #covid-19 #research #software #engineering

Sandra G.’s Avatar
Sandra G. Aug 14, 2018 154 views

Should I apply to more than one nursing program?

I will be finishing my prerequisites for the nursing program at my school by the Spring and I have looked into other programs with similar prerequisites. The program I am applying to only accepts 15 students every round of applications and I want to make sure I get into a program so I can...

#programs #nursing

Edgar Z.’s Avatar
Edgar Z. Aug 12, 2019 157 views

What jobs hire at 15

I like working by my self because i get work done more quicky. I like eletronics...


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