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Junia P.’s Avatar
Junia P. Nov 12, 2019 79 views

Do you provide clinical rotation for FNP student?

I'm a FNP student, I would like to find a preceptor for clinical rotation....


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Adeline H. Aug 20, 2018 184 views
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henry F. Mar 18, 2019 137 views

So how would i start in the cannabis industry?

so your boi is 14 and one of the careers I'm high key interested in is the cannabis one since I already have these things ready like the store that I can buy and some other stuff but I don't really know about all these kinds of seeds and how I would need to take care of them and like knowing...

#cannabis #highschool #career

Rachel Z.’s Avatar
Rachel Z. Mar 19, 2019 80 views

What things would be useful when figuring out what part of the medical industry I want to be in?

I want to go into the medical industry but I don't know what part would be a good fit for me...


Bill P.’s Avatar
Bill P. Feb 27, 2019 94 views

How will I be able to stay motivated

Whatever the future holds will be very challenging so how will I have the motivation to keep up with...

Nicholas V.’s Avatar
Nicholas V. Feb 19, 2019 117 views
Stephen S.’s Avatar
Stephen S. Feb 27, 2019 100 views

How to be a rich and happy adult?

Who do i have to talk too, be close with? How and who should I be as a person to find happiness?...


Lauryn A.’s Avatar
Lauryn A. Aug 27, 2018 88 views
Melissa B.’s Avatar
Melissa B. Oct 23, 2018 137 views

What do I do if I am certain about which career path I want to be on when I enter the Masters program but that focus changes?

I will be entering the MSW program soon. The program offers 3 different focuses. What do I do if I begin the program with one path selected but then my experiences in the program cause me to want to switch paths?...


Melissa B.’s Avatar
Melissa B. Oct 23, 2018 89 views

When preparing to begin writing your doctorate thesis, how do you go about choosing a topic?

I will be entering the field of Social Work soon and I would like to really dive in when I write my thesis, but how do I pick the topic?...


Sasha J.’s Avatar
Sasha J. Aug 12, 2018 207 views

Best PA Programs

What are the best physician assistant programs in the US...


Devin J.’s Avatar
Devin J. Oct 16, 2018 200 views

How does this scholarship work

Will this be a random drawing or just a one person scholarship? #school #scholarship #financial-aid #college...


Aubriee M.’s Avatar
Aubriee M. Aug 29, 2018 204 views

What other things can I do to get into college Vet school?

I have good grades and I volunteer at a animal shelter in the clinic. But I am still worried I will not get in to the university I want to go let a lone get in to vet school, Especially since it is really competitive. #veterinarian #school...


Mehdi A.’s Avatar
Mehdi A. Aug 20, 2018 131 views

How do I find the college that fits me best?

Im having trouble decide what colleges fit best for me....


Rebecca C.’s Avatar
Rebecca C. Jan 16, 2018 261 views

Will therapy be a good fit for me?

I've had a hard time deciding on a major, and I think I want to be an occupational therapist, but I don't know for sure if that's what's best for me. What qualities should most therapists have? #therapy #college-major...


Andrea D.’s Avatar
Andrea D. Apr 23, 2018 325 views

Are you going to college because you want to or because society told you to?

College is something that isn't for everyone, but society doesn't tell us that. They want us to think that college is for everyone regardless of what they want to do as a career. Many students have no drive or passion for what they are learning because they don't know what they want to do in...

#whatisthenorm #high-school #college #career #careers

Ava C.’s Avatar
Ava C. May 10, 2018 267 views

How do you get full-ride scholarships, and how do you find out which schools are willing to give them to you?

I have a 1520 SAT and a 4.87 GPA and am in IB classes. That being said, I think I have a pretty good shot at scholarships from less selective schools. I'm wondering how I find which schools will give me a full-ride scholarships. Is there some kind of search platform or something? Sorry, I...

#scholarships #college-selection #college-admissions #financial-aid

Ava C.’s Avatar
Ava C. May 10, 2018 184 views

When applying to selective colleges, can AP tests be substituted for "recommended" SAT subject tests?

A couple of colleges I want to apply to say that SAT subject tests are recommended. I took the math 2 subject test and scored in the 31st percentile (ouch) but got a 5 on the AP BC calculus exam. Subject tests do not pose any kind of financial hardship to my family, but I tend to do better on...

#college-admissions #satsubjecttests

Ava C.’s Avatar
Ava C. May 10, 2018 145 views

How many hours is too many to work during college?

I'm just trying to figure out how much of my loans I can pay off during college by working, but don't want to overload myself. Any advice? Thanks!...


Melanie M.’s Avatar
Melanie M. Jan 16, 2018 272 views
Kylah C.’s Avatar
Kylah C. Jan 21, 2018 305 views

What's the hardest and best part about being a physical therapist?

Since I was 13 I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist. I'm just curious how others got in that field. #doyouloveyourjob #medicalfield...


Andrea D.’s Avatar
Andrea D. Apr 23, 2018 162 views

Why are GE classes important?

You go to college to learn about a specific topic, but you are required to to take Math, English, Political Science, even though that isn't your what is the point? I thought that was for Elementary and High School? Why do we have to take these GE classes in college, do you think...


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