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Chelsiea R.’s Avatar
Chelsiea R. Dec 10, 2019 21 views

What is it like working in welding?

What is a typical day at work like when you are welding? Do you do metal art? How open is the work field? Are you paid well?...


jesus M.’s Avatar
jesus M. Nov 19, 2019 25 views

for how many hours you work as a welder ?

l have 16 years old and l want to be a welder , at the moment l an job corps student , hopefully l can get my career as a welder ready on 6 or 7 months , after that l want to go with my family to work on Pecos or Odessa on the pipelines and oil fields as a welder...


Jesse G.’s Avatar
Jesse G. Nov 19, 2019 37 views

How much training and education is needed to land the gig?

I am currently under the job corps program, with the vocation being welding . I wish to know how to thrive in this industry....


Jaime H.’s Avatar
Jaime H. Nov 05, 2019 21 views
selena V.’s Avatar
selena V. Nov 05, 2019 20 views

what kind of problems do you deal with on a daily basis?

I want to work as a physical therapist assistance and I would like to know what kind of problems you deal with on a daily basis....


Ricardo V.’s Avatar
Ricardo V. Nov 05, 2019 21 views
frank J.’s Avatar
frank J. Nov 01, 2019 31 views

what are the risk and later in life helth problams that I may have to keep in mind

I'm a student looking to understand my field that I have chosen more. my profession is to be a under water welder...


carissa V.’s Avatar
carissa V. Oct 30, 2019 20 views

What are employers looking forin this career?

I'm a student at Job Corps. I would like to know more about being a Rehabilitation Technician because I want to be able to help people. #medicine...


julio N.’s Avatar
julio N. Oct 30, 2019 20 views

How did you get to be a good welder and were would be a goodplace to start as a welder?

I'm 18 and right now I'm going into welding and I want to be good out there and be the best one. Also later on create my own company....


Ricardo V.’s Avatar
Ricardo V. Oct 30, 2019 23 views
Adriana Z.’s Avatar
Adriana Z. Oct 25, 2019 25 views
Adriana Z.’s Avatar
Adriana Z. Oct 25, 2019 21 views
Bobby R.’s Avatar
Bobby R. Oct 25, 2019 21 views

How did you become interested in the welding field?

I'm very self motivated and I like to take initiative . I'm a hard worker who likes to ask questions to gain more knowledge ....


Devin V.’s Avatar
Devin V. Oct 04, 2019 25 views
ricardo M.’s Avatar
ricardo M. Oct 04, 2019 28 views

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