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Grundy Center, Iowa

Within 40 mile radius
Jasmine K.’s Avatar
Jasmine K. Oct 29, 2020 180 views

How do you gain clients for a business that you start?

I want to start my own plant nursery business when I graduate from college, so how do I gain clients and spread the word about my business? business marketing clients...


felipe N.’s Avatar
felipe N. Mar 20, 2019 323 views
Whitney L.’s Avatar
Whitney L. Mar 24, 2020 242 views

I think I want to be a NICU nurse, I'm not for sure yet though. What schooling should I do just in case I change my mind from wanting to be a NICU nurse? Is it better to go to a 4 year college or a 2 year and transfer? What schooling should I look into doing?

I live in a small town in Iowa. Thinking about going to a private college, but the University of Iowa is a great medical school. I still need to go on visits but not sure what I want to do. I love babies and working with kids, nursing medicine...


Saban B.’s Avatar
Saban B. Jan 13 311 views
Connor K.’s Avatar
Connor K. Aug 28, 2020 829 views

What are some classes to take for becoming a software engineer?

I've taken all the classes my highschool offers for software engineering and want to know what other classes I can take in college to become a software engineer. software...


Mason B.’s Avatar
Mason B. Feb 01 317 views
Shay T.’s Avatar
Shay T. Aug 27, 2020 256 views

Would you recommend getting your BSN after achieving your RN?

I am a 17 year old high school student wanting to major in nursing....


Swole H.’s Avatar
Swole H. Nov 20, 2019 418 views
Wah O.’s Avatar
Wah O. Mar 15, 2019 312 views

What keeps you going on your profession?

What is your motivation for going to work everyday? How do you overcome some obstacle in your daily work place?...


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