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Abishek P.’s Avatar
Abishek P. May 12, 2016 517 views

How can I have a career in the army?

I just completed my 10th. So I am having a confusion in choosing a career. So please help me to explore....


shaheen S.’s Avatar
shaheen S. May 12, 2016 477 views

How do I become an educator?

I want to educate in my career. What should I do to become an educator? [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #teacher #education...


Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. May 02, 2016 938 views

Do you have to go to college to become a Music Producer? What do you major in if you can't play any instruments and therefore can't major in Music?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. I have a classmate who has this exact question in mind. They can't play an instrument, but they want to go into music management. I find the idea interesting. Is it possible to be a music manager and not know music...

#music #college #college-major #music-management

Meng S.’s Avatar
Meng S. Apr 09, 2014 3487 views
s S.’s Avatar
s S. May 23, 2016 484 views

what i have to do to improve maths subject

unable to understand...


Amiya T.’s Avatar
Amiya T. Apr 12, 2016 434 views
Destiny C.’s Avatar
Destiny C. May 18, 2015 766 views

What do you do if you aren't too sure exactly what majors you want to do besides one?

I want to do culinary arts and dance, but I'm not entirely sure that I want to be so close-minded with the majors. How do I decide from here on what can interest me? #college-major...


Paige B.’s Avatar
Paige B. Apr 08, 2014 616 views

how do you choose a major and when you do pick a major does that mean you can't take classes that you generally have a interest in?

I'm a junior in high school and i'm interested in a lot of history, science, and language courses. I don't know how to limit my choices and focus just on one. #majors...


Juan R.’s Avatar
Juan R. May 19, 2016 463 views

What degrees do football players study?

I want to be a football player #college-major #football #athletics...


Ariana S.’s Avatar
Ariana S. May 19, 2016 469 views

What careers are open to a physics major?

I'd like to go into Astronomy/Astrophysics but the college I'm attending does not offer that major. So what possible jobs are open to someone with a physics undergrad? #college #college-major #physics...


Cole C.’s Avatar
Cole C. Jan 16, 2018 242 views

In terms of the political science field, what should be expected in potential job opportunities?

I am going to school for political science, and I am currently curious in what options I may have following graduation. #polysci #political-science #college-major #college...


Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Jan 20, 2017 662 views

Any tips for an interview as an office assistant?

Hi! I have an interview for an office assistant with the Computer Science department at my school. I was wondering if there was anything in particular I could do to help myself stand out from any competition? Even just general interview tips would help me right now.. Job Description: Help with...

#interview-questions #interviewing #interviews #job-interview #interview-preparation #interviewing-skills #career-counseling

Alex D.’s Avatar
Alex D. Dec 04, 2014 911 views

How stiff is the competition for college students leaving college with a degree in business management?

I am deciding colleges next year and am interested in business. I would not like to change my major when my college circles business. I would like to know if the major I am choosing will not be hard for me to make a career off of that. #college #business...


Brian H.’s Avatar
Brian H. Apr 15, 2016 1719 views

What would a day in the life of a military engineer look like

I am interested in the idea of becoming a military engineer, I am curious what it is like to be in that position and would want to know what life would be like in that field. #engineer...


Bailey B.’s Avatar
Bailey B. May 17, 2016 494 views

As a student interested in pursuing a Masters Degree in Health Care Industry, I recieve many fine comments on my career choice due to the thriving Industry. I do wonder however, after the wave of baby boomers, will the industry continue to thrive?

Sophomore at Worcester State Univeristy. Majors: Business Administration and Visual Art. Eventual Masters Degree for Health Care Industry. Employment: Intern at UMass Medical Center: Diabetes Center of Excellence. I am asking this question because I do realize that a career in health care is a...

#healthcare-industry #health #healthcare #medicine #health-policy #medicare #careers-in-healthcare

Bailey B.’s Avatar
Bailey B. May 17, 2016 420 views

While Worcester State University has treated me well, it is not regarded as a school with a "big" name. I am pursuing a Master in Health Care Industry, a degree WSU offers as a 2 year program. Should I transfer to get the "big" name, or stay at WSU?

Sophomore at Worcester State Univeristy. Majors: Business Administration and Visual Art. Eventual Masters Degree for Health Care Industry. Employment: Intern at UMass Medical Center: Diabetes Center of Excellence. I am asking this question because I do realize that a career in health care is...

#health #medicine #medicare #medicine-terminology #global-health #healthcare-industry #healthcare #health-policy

Evely C.’s Avatar
Evely C. Apr 08, 2014 1154 views

How does it feel to have to teach the same thing over and over again?

you prepare a class but then you have to teach it to like 3 other classes, does it get boring and tiring? #teaching...


Celeste D.’s Avatar
Celeste D. Oct 27, 2016 792 views

Is it hard to manage playing a sport and being in college for nursing?

I am being recruited to run cross country and track in college and also will major in nursing. One coach flat out told me that nursing student runners do not last, but every other coach has not had a problem. I am looking to find advice from actual students. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses...

#athlete #athletics #collegiate-athlete #cross-country #student-recruiting

Kiana D.’s Avatar
Kiana D. Dec 04, 2013 810 views

What courses should I take in college for psychology?

To be prepared....


Jadie R.’s Avatar
Jadie R. Apr 08, 2014 703 views

What skills should I acquire to become a successful industrial and organizational psychologist?

I want to make sure that I will have the skills to be a successful I/O psychologist, and would appreciate details on those skills needed....


Onyinye I.’s Avatar
Onyinye I. May 23, 2016 561 views

How do I further develop my public speaking for forensic science careers

I know individuals will be called as expert witness for scientific based evidence. I am not a good public speaker; I tend to ramble or I freeze up. I need help with techniques that will help me remain focused and not be afraid of any audience. This will also help improve my interview skills....

#interviews #biology #speech #expert-witness

Jeffery P.’s Avatar
Jeffery P. Oct 21, 2016 538 views

How many Colleges should one apply to?

Some people apply to a lot of colleges while others apply to just one. What's the difference? #college #college-admissions...


Anudari A.’s Avatar
Anudari A. May 12, 2016 410 views

What camera and lens would be good for blogging?

I'm a complete beginner to photography, but I'm open to learning and improving my skills. I want a camera that can auto focus, make minimum shutter noise, can also be used for taking videos. I don't mind the make of the camera, it can be anything from Canon to Samsung. But, aside from my own...

#camera #lens #dslr

Clay B.’s Avatar
Clay B. May 12, 2016 662 views

Is it difficult to find a full-time job with a major in sports mangement?

I plan on majoring in sports management. I would like to know how difficult it is to find a job as a coach, event coordinator, sports team manager. I also would like to know what careers I can pursue with a degree in Sports Management. #business #management #sports #degree...


Amanda B.’s Avatar
Amanda B. May 19, 2016 912 views

What does a daily work schedule look like for budget analysts?

My name is Amanda. I am a sophomore in Boston, MA. I am interested in business administration. At my school, we have mandatory internships during junior year. I am trying to decide what I want to do for my internship and for my career. #business-administration...


Sydney P.’s Avatar
Sydney P. Jan 17, 2018 293 views

What is the most exciting job a Mechanical Engineer can have and how do I obtain it?

I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with my degree when I get out of college, but I know Mechanical Engineering is the broadest of the engineering disciplines. There are other majors at my school that I could have chosen, like Robotics Engineering or Aerospace, but I don't want to limit...


Maggie S.’s Avatar
Maggie S. May 26, 2016 479 views

How would you rate the experience of coaching in high school sports?

Hi, my name is Maggie and I would like to become a high school teacher and coach. I have talked to some of my coaches in the past and gotten good answers, but I would like a little more commentary on the subject matter. #coaching #coach...


Gaby F.’s Avatar
Gaby F. May 19, 2016 890 views

Does Stanford offer good acting/theatre programs?

I am really interested in attending Stanford. #theatre #actor #musical-theatre #stanford #acting...


Michael R.’s Avatar
Michael R. Dec 03, 2014 655 views

How do I become an animator?

I am a junior in high school and I am interested in animation. Mainly the genres of 2d, 3d, anime, and western. #3d-animation #anime #character-animation...


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