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Claudia Michelle L.’s Avatar
Claudia Michelle L. Aug 18, 2018 179 views

What's the best search tool for jobs after college?

I feel like getting a degree isn't enough to get a job. You actually have to know where to look if you want a job in the degree you graduated from. #college #jobs...


Claudia Michelle L.’s Avatar
Claudia Michelle L. Sep 01, 2017 248 views

Where is the best place to look if I want a job in music therapy?

I'm asking because one of my interested majors is music therapy, and I want to make sure that I know where to search for jobs if I end up choosing that career. #musictherapy #music #music-therapy...


Mustapha T.’s Avatar
Mustapha T. Apr 04, 2018 262 views

Wha t is the expected amount of years after you get a bachelor's degree to get a doctorate degree in psychology?

I am majoring in psychology, but want to know how long I am expected to further my education to get a doctorate degree. #doctorate-degree #psychology...


Gaby F.’s Avatar
Gaby F. May 19, 2016 741 views

Does Stanford offer good acting/theatre programs?

I am really interested in attending Stanford. #theatre #actor #musical-theatre #stanford #acting...


Riley D.’s Avatar
Riley D. Aug 14, 2018 159 views

Will being apart of an Honors College give me career opportunities during and after college?

I'm entering my freshman year of high school and was thinking about trying to get into an Honors College. Is the extra work on my gpa to get into an Honors College worth possibly not having as many extra curricula's on my resume? #honorscollege #highschool #freshman...


Kamar G.’s Avatar
Kamar G. Apr 04, 2018 172 views

What is the best college for Mechanical Engineer ?

i want to become a mechanical engineer in the future but i am not sure what colleges to pay attention to and look at the most...


Nuvia S.’s Avatar
Nuvia S. Apr 27, 2018 242 views
Carley B.’s Avatar
Carley B. Jul 27, 2018 152 views

How do I make the right choices when there is peer pressure?

I don't want to be pressured to do anything but what happens if I am tempted to do something I may regret? #peer...


Aliyah D.’s Avatar
Aliyah D. Jul 19, 2018 193 views

Is Child Psychology a good major?

So I initially wanted to be a child psychologist but so far I've been hearing that a career in psychology isn't as good as you'd expect it to be. Can you get a good job with a Bachelor's degree from it? #career...


Jeffrey M.’s Avatar
Jeffrey M. Jul 12, 2018 200 views

Should I get a job during school?

I want to earn money but I'm not sure if i can manage my time....


William H.’s Avatar
William H. Nov 07, 2017 391 views

Is voyage humanitaire trip beneficial?

I came across this site for going on a volunteering trip. Is voyage trip really beneficial? #voyagehumanitaire #missionhumanitaire #volunteering #nonprofits #humanitarian...


bilquis F.’s Avatar
bilquis F. May 07, 2016 999 views

How do I become an IPS officer?

steffy O.’s Avatar
steffy O. May 21, 2018 255 views

what is the hardest part about being a victims advocate

I plan on majoring in psychology and becoming a victims advocate , I know advocates are faced with a lot from domestic violence , hate crimes ,& providing emotional support to victims and dealing with all kinds of people from different backgrounds , id like to know what is the number one...


Angelica T.’s Avatar
Angelica T. May 14, 2016 424 views

What sorts of opportunities are out there for a wildlife veterinarian, or what kinds of similar careers can one find win a bachelors in zoology?

I am going to college and majoring in zoology, but find it a major with low access to specialized scholarships and less recognized than biology. However I know it's probably better for becoming a wildlife veterinarian, as I am planning on. I have thought about the possibility for working with...

#wildlife-conservation #veterinarian #wildlife #zoology

shaheen S.’s Avatar
shaheen S. May 18, 2016 483 views
Amyah H.’s Avatar
Amyah H. May 25, 2018 210 views
Shravani N.’s Avatar
Shravani N. May 04, 2016 585 views
mallory G.’s Avatar
mallory G. May 20, 2016 342 views

Am I being unrealistic in believing I can have a successful career in theater without having to be an actress?

Because there are so many things about theater that I love, I'm not convinced my career will be acting. It's possible that I may end up in costume design or playwriting....


Amyah H.’s Avatar
Amyah H. May 25, 2018 173 views

On average, what is a good number of internships a college student should recorve during their time in undergraduate studies?

I am happily starting my first internship this summer, which is the first summer after my completed freshman year of college. I am just wondering how often should I be looking out for scholarships, where I can use my networking skills to help benefit my future as a person working in the health...


Ashley M.’s Avatar
Ashley M. May 22, 2018 319 views

What is the most interesting field in early childhood education?

I want to major in early childhood education and I was wondering what the most interesting thing to do is in this field? #college #major #majors #field...


Lizbeth M.’s Avatar
Lizbeth M. Apr 04, 2018 243 views

What is it about college that makes it so expensive?

I mean, it's basically living at school with more quality food, but why does it cost thousands a year?...


Gregory H.’s Avatar
Gregory H. May 17, 2016 446 views

How would you describe the corporate atmosphere in a dentist office?

My plan after obtaining my undergrad degree is to go to dentistry school and become an dentist. #healthcare #dentistry #orthodontist #healthcare-administration #healthcare-management...


Haley F.’s Avatar
Haley F. May 12, 2016 435 views

What are the most interesting parts of being an OB/GYN?

I've always dreamed of being an OB/GYN. I would just like to know what makes the job worthwhile? #doctor #medicine #healthcare #obstetrics #science...


Emma R.’s Avatar
Emma R. May 24, 2016 1082 views

Can a zoologist be a veterinarian as well?

I am currently in college studying Biology. My career path is to be a veterinarian but I want to work with wild animals more that domestic. I been looking at other career options and found zoology and became very interested. I am also very interested in working with marine animals but I would...

#veterinarian #biology #zoologist

Nuvia S.’s Avatar
Nuvia S. Apr 27, 2018 231 views

How much do Cardiothoracic surgeons make? And how much school is required?

I want to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon....


Amanda B.’s Avatar
Amanda B. Jan 17, 2018 224 views

Know any good scholarship MATCH websites?

I was just on Cappex and there’s a lot but they’re really bad when filtering with all my info. Just spent 30 min removing Hawaiian scholarships. Únigo is supposed to be good. Anyone know any others?...


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