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Megan L.’s Avatar
Megan L. Mar 01, 2016 2285 views

Is there any way to combine traveling with being a clinical psychologist ?

I am a senior that recently got accepted into Scripps College under Early Decision. I have a passion for traveling and learning languages, but I am also extremely interested in studying psychology and becoming a clinical psychologist. I am unsure if it is possible to combine traveling and...

#clinical-psychology #psychology #clinical #travel #psychologist

darryl B.’s Avatar
darryl B. Mar 01, 2016 2254 views

Is it wise to pursue a career in cooking, like a chef, and does it pay well?

I am a senior and plan on going to college for culinary and business. I want to know if that a good career path that pay wells. Also are their any jobs or career specifically that both pay well and enjoyable in this career choice. #culinary-arts #business-idea #culinary-skills #food-service...


Leigh L.’s Avatar
Leigh L. Mar 24, 2015 804 views

What majors should I take if I want to get into the culinary arts?

I like art and music, but I also like cooking. So what majors should I take that would satisfy this? #culinary-arts...


Camila A.’s Avatar
Camila A. Oct 15 50 views
Angela H.’s Avatar
Angela H. Oct 15 44 views

Who do I have to report to at the end of the day while working as a paramedic?

I am a teenager currently in high school. I am starting to look into career choices for my future. I have always had an interest for #medicine and being a #paramedic. I want to learn more about this #career-path so I can start volunteering and getting internships to build...

Karen G.’s Avatar
Karen G. Oct 17 52 views

Do you get your salary decreased if you make a mistake on a project/layout?

I am in high school and my future career is becoming a Graphic Designer. #high-school #career...


Rigoberto M.’s Avatar
Rigoberto M. Oct 16 22 views

What is the most difficult task to do while performing surgery?

I’m trying to become a doctor and I want to know more about this career...


Maribel P.’s Avatar
Maribel P. Oct 15 35 views

what are great ways to get your own company known ?

well i’m very much interested in actually owning my own company and getting something great out of it . i want to experience meeting new people , traveling on my own , and making great money . #money #goalsinlife...


Karen G.’s Avatar
Karen G. Oct 17 34 views
Cristal A.’s Avatar
Cristal A. Oct 16 36 views
Daniel H.’s Avatar
Daniel H. Jul 24, 2019 229 views

How Far will I be traveling?

Does it Depend on the state? #trucks...


Smythsam D.’s Avatar
Smythsam D. Oct 16 48 views
Marc Angelo G.’s Avatar
Marc Angelo G. Apr 19, 2018 246 views
Camila A.’s Avatar
Camila A. Oct 15 42 views

Are there any new rules or regulation due to Covid-19 other than distancing, and wearing masks.

Im a curious high school student who wants to be an anesthesiologist and know more about my future and job opportunity. #high-school #student...


Daniel F.’s Avatar
Daniel F. Aug 14, 2018 231 views

Consultancy and Engineering Design

I'm currently studying mechanical engineering and after a few internships, I realized that most engineers really don't really get design say. I've looked online and it seems that there exist mechanical engineering consultancy firms of varying specialization, ranging from general engineering...

#mechanical #engineering #consult

Brandon A.’s Avatar
Brandon A. Oct 15 45 views

What is your Career Goals Statement?

My career goal statement is that I will be hardworking to have the career I desire. #career-choice...


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