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Arianna D.’s Avatar
Arianna D. 13 hours ago 5 views

How to stay interested in something you like?

I really enjoy collecting books but I'm scared that one day i'll loose interest....


SAMIYAH C.’s Avatar
SAMIYAH C. 4 hours ago 3 views

Starting a youtube channel with little proper supplies.

id have to balance school work and editing, however starting YouTube is something I been wanted to do since I was a little kid and feel as though there's a lot of enjoyment I would receive from it. #youtube #advice...

Krystal M.’s Avatar
Krystal M. 2 days ago 15 views

How should I study for the MCAT?

I'm starting college this fall, so I wanted to know a timeline on when/how I should study. #college #college-bound...


William K.’s Avatar
William K. yesterday 18 views
Elana M.’s Avatar
Elana M. 15 hours ago 12 views

I want to be a illustrator.

I am currently attending college. What classes should I take to be a illustrator....


Nicole B.’s Avatar
Nicole B. 2 days ago 24 views

What do i need to do to become a veterinarian

I am currently in high school and i aspire to become a vet. I enjoy learning about science and getting involved in volunteering opportunities. I want to gain experiences in animal clinics as well but dont know where to start. #science...


elenisse R.’s Avatar
elenisse R. yesterday 33 views

what career would you like in the future ?

i don’t know what i want to work for but i want to do something with kids. #speech-language pathologist#...


Sidney L.’s Avatar
Sidney L. Jun 15 23 views

How do I get a job related to industrial design?

I'm in high school and in the Industrial Design major at my school. What jobs can I strive for in that field? #design...


Tobi K.’s Avatar
Tobi K. Jun 13 26 views

Becoming a special education itenerant teacher

-get bachelor degree -get master's degree -gain experience working with children. - work with children on an individual level...


Adriana P.’s Avatar
Adriana P. 2 days ago 19 views

What skills do I need to become a real estate agent?

I have always watched real estate agents give tours of new homes which ended up sparking my interest in becoming one. But, I never exactly figured out what kind of skills I would need for that career....


Jaida A.’s Avatar
Jaida A. Jun 16 20 views

what’s steps to i need to take in order to become a labor and delivery nurse

i’m interested in joining that nursing field and as my senior year is approaching and i will soon have to start applying for colleges, i need to figure out how i can take those steps in pursing that career #nurse #healthcare...


Christine V.’s Avatar
Christine V. 2 days ago 22 views

What steps should I take to become a nurse?

I am 14 years old and going to become a 10th grader in September. I have been interested in nursing recently for my future career and want to experience it as well as other areas in the medical field to see if I really am interested in it. #nursing #healthcare...


Danny H.’s Avatar
Danny H. Jun 13 29 views

What’s it like to be a dentist?

I’m in high school and I love science and biology. I think dentistry might be right for me. #dentist #dentistry...


Tyreek S.’s Avatar
Tyreek S. 2 days ago 26 views

I what to know more about health

I am a Junior in college and my major is public health...


samara E.’s Avatar
samara E. Jun 16 18 views

i wanna know more about being a plastic surgeon

hi i’m a 14 year old 8th grade student and i really want to be a plastic surgeon but i don’t really know where to start. #surgeon #medicine #doctor #cosmetic...


Marc R.’s Avatar
Marc R. Jun 17 19 views

Should I work in psychology

I’m a extremely social person interested in psychology #psychology...


Scarleth S.’s Avatar
Scarleth S. Jun 16 26 views

What to expect working as environmental engineer?

The career choice that I choose is an #environmental-engineering #engineer #environmental-science environmental engineer and I'm interested in how it would be to work as...

Britney D.’s Avatar
Britney D. Jun 15 21 views

What do I need to Become a Game Designer?

I’m in my senior year of high school and I’ve been thinking about the certain careers that interest me that I could possibly want to do long-term, video games has been a very big part of my life since childhood and it’s one of the many things I get my happiness from so to be able to be a part...

#video-games #game-design

Mercedes K.’s Avatar
Mercedes K. Jun 16 28 views

What are some suggested careers for someone who is interested in traveling, writing, and nutrition? (Not my only interests but just a few)

I am attending community college right now as a liberal arts major (I am currently in my second year but I have to obtain all of the required classes, credits, and I want to raise my GPA). #college #career #college-major #writer #writing #nutrition #travel...


Jasmerry S.’s Avatar
Jasmerry S. Jun 13 36 views

how can I create a business for cosmetics

I would like to create a business for cosmetics but I have no idea how to get started #business...


Tobi K.’s Avatar
Tobi K. Jun 13 28 views

What do I need to become a special education itinerant teacher

I have always loved working with children. I have a bachelors degree in Behavioral Science and Human Services and will be going for my master's degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education in the fall #special-education...


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