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Carolina C. May 13 94 views

Does law school do a good job in showing a little bit of each field?

I would love to be a medical lawyer but I want to know if law school would explain to me a little more about what the field entails. #law #lawyer...


Carly D.’s Avatar
Carly D. Apr 15 117 views

What are good general classes I can take in college?

What are good classes that will allow me to learn about #education #criminal-justice #parks-and-recreation and #enviormenal-studies that will help me decide if I could do this career for the rest of my...

Carolina C.’s Avatar
Carolina C. May 29 104 views

What communication skills make a good lawyer ?

#lawyer I am wondering about the specific communication skills like eloquence or...

Jason K.’s Avatar
Jason K. Apr 22 140 views

I don't have a question

I don't have any questions, just doing this for school...


Amelia K.’s Avatar
Amelia K. Jun 16 99 views

What are the educational requirements for a career in design and marketing?

I am interested in merging interests in business and art in college and I was wondering what classes I may need to take in order to be prepared for a career in design or marketing. #art #business #design #marketing...


Kayla M.’s Avatar
Kayla M. May 14 83 views

What are important steps to take when trying to figure out where you want to work?

I love sports and I want my job to involve sports....


Nadia M.’s Avatar
Nadia M. Jun 09 100 views

How do you end up working outside?

I like to be outside in nature, and I think a place like a national or state park would allow me to help others while also enjoying what I do. How do I get there from high school? #nationalparks...


Thomas P.’s Avatar
Thomas P. May 14 148 views

What are the different types of businessmen?

I know that being a businessman is not just a profession in itself and that there are branches of businessmen. I am simply inquiring about what are the different branches of business and businessmen. #business #entrepreneur...


J B.’s Avatar
J B. Apr 22 102 views

What is the traditional path to becoming a journalist in this day and age?

#journalism #writing I am a 15-year-old student at a tech school in Massachusetts looking to become a journalist, as stories are important to me, truth is a necessity to me, and writing is my...

Nancy S.’s Avatar
Nancy S. Sep 04, 2019 166 views

What's the best format for a resume?

Starting out looking for my first job out of college...


Thomas P.’s Avatar
Thomas P. May 14 121 views

What schooling is required in order to become a lawyer?

I really do have an interest in law. I appreciate being able to present my case and the facts along with it, even if they are "alternative facts". That's a controversial statement I know, but I got a chuckle out of it. #lawyer #law-school...


dakota G.’s Avatar
dakota G. May 02 142 views

What are the top 5 colleges in the Northeast for engineering?

I am on the college search as I am a junior right now. I think I would like to study some type of engineering in college, I just do not know where to look. #engineering #college...


Amaya V.’s Avatar
Amaya V. Apr 22 144 views

How long will it take me to be a nurse or a teacher

I’m a dancer I love being caring for my friend and family #nursing #education #teacher #nursing...


Madelyn M.’s Avatar
Madelyn M. May 08 167 views

What are some careers where I can travel in the beginning and then settle down.

I like helping people and learning new languages. I would love to travel the world for the beginning of my career. Although I would want to settle down after I travel the world for some years. #travel #cultures #career...


Deborah M.’s Avatar
Deborah M. Jun 02 165 views

I would like a job where you can travel around the world, what kind of jobs do that? How can I take over the corrupt DCFS system?

#economics My name is Deborah and I like warm places. I am a people person, so I would like to travel around the world and learn different cultures. When I go to college I want to major in business so I can take over the corrupt DCFS system as well as build a better place for orphans....

#business #career #travel #dcfs

mya T.’s Avatar
mya T. May 20 158 views
Isolena U.’s Avatar
Isolena U. May 14 191 views
dakota G.’s Avatar
dakota G. May 11 166 views

How do I start my college search as a junior?

I am a junior in high school and trying to find out colleges/universities that I am interested but do not know how to start looking. Do you have any suggestions? I know I do not like universities/colleges that feel like a city themselves. #university #college-advice #college-advice...

#college-admissions #collegesearch

Allison S.’s Avatar
Allison S. May 14 171 views

What are the first steps in starting your own business?

I am an eighth grader and am looking into starting my own real estate business. I want to start my business wherever real estate will be thriving. I want to know want the best majors are to take in college in order to be an entrepreneur. I want to know what are the best classes in collage to...

#business #entrepreneur #real-estate #college

Emma W.’s Avatar
Emma W. May 15 149 views

When should you start thinking about college?

I am interested in going to school to become either a surgeon or a doctor....


Amelia K.’s Avatar
Amelia K. Jun 16 156 views

Designers: What do you wish you knew before starting out in your career?

I am planning on pursuing a career in some type of design and I was wondering if you could let me know what you wished you knew before starting. Is there anything you would change about your education or your experiences before pursuing your career? #design...


Isabelle B.’s Avatar
Isabelle B. Jun 03 150 views

As someone who has no idea as to what they want to do besides going to college, would you recommend majoring in liberal arts?

I have many interests, such as literature, art, criminology, psychology, fitness and health. However, I have yet to decide what I want to do as a career. I plan to explore each of these in my last year of high school as well as my first couple years of my four year college. I have been told...

#liberalarts #college #college-major

Kayla M.’s Avatar
Kayla M. May 14 165 views

When you are at an interview what are basic questions you should ask?

I want to be able to help set up events for teams....


Emily M.’s Avatar
Emily M. Dec 10, 2015 3390 views

What are some entry-level jobs that could lead to becoming a project manager?

I am a high school senior with a special interest in business. I hope to one day become a project manager at a company, but as I am looking at colleges and majors, I am wondering what steps lie in between graduating college and reaching a project manager position. I was wondering what some...

#career-path #business #management #logistics-management #entry-level #project-management

Carly D.’s Avatar
Carly D. Apr 15 164 views

How do I decide on what I want to do for the rest of my life?

I have a wide variety of careers which I am thinking about including #criminal-justice #environmental #parks-and-recreation and #education but I am unsure about what the pros and cons are for each career. I am entering #college as an #undecided major and hope to discover new careers and narrow...


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