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Nadia M.’s Avatar
Nadia M. Jun 09 57 views

Is there anyone with aquaponics experience?

I have have quite a bit of experience with aquaponics systems, and I am interested to see what people with professional experience think. Is it worth it? How big are your operations?...


Christopher C.’s Avatar
Christopher C. Aug 24, 2018 135 views

How many times have you changed your career path?

As a person who wants to become a doctor, I sometimes think about the road ahead. I know that it is a very demanding and hard road so sometimes I wonder if I can even make it. So, to anyone reading this that is pursuing the path of medicine, how many times have you changed your career path and...


Shennaz I.’s Avatar
Shennaz I. Oct 11, 2018 175 views

I am looking for information about Career Village scholarships. Please direct me to the relevant web page.

Information from the College Board scholarships list #scholarship directed me to your...

Alexandra T.’s Avatar
Alexandra T. Sep 24, 2018 205 views

Looking for advice to a future therapist applying to graduate school

Hello, I would like to get in touch with current professionals within the clinical / counseling / therapy / social work field. I would like to know the pros and cons, challenges, and what an average day would look like! #social-work #therapy #counseling #clinical...


Ashley L.’s Avatar
Ashley L. May 26, 2018 143 views

How does someone choose between the income of a job or the happiness it will bring?

I think it's fair to say that a decent chunk of people will say they chose a certain job because in the long run they'd be happy to show up there everyday. The side I don't usually hear from are the people that chose a specific career solely based on the amount of money they'd make. I wanted to...

#money #job #career

Brianna N.’s Avatar
Brianna N. May 17, 2018 169 views

What are the best study tips you can give?

I'm a junior in high school that will be taking classes at a university over the summer. I was wondering what some good study habits are?...


Brianna N.’s Avatar
Brianna N. May 17, 2018 198 views

Is Pre- Law worth it if you don't know if you want to be a lawyer?

I am about to be applying to college, and I was wondering if prelaw is worth doing if you're unsure about your career aspirations? I plan to be a history major. # #career...


Stephanie I.’s Avatar
Stephanie I. Apr 27, 2018 143 views

What can I do during undergraduate school to help my chances of getting into a prestigious top Law School?

It's my dream to be a lawyer. I believe our current judicial system is corrupt and a lot of people are suffering as a result of it. I want to learn about the system, integrate myself into the system and eventually (and hopefully) help change it. However, if I want to make such a colossal change...


Stephanie I.’s Avatar
Stephanie I. Apr 27, 2018 152 views

What advice do you have for staying on top of your grades in undergraduate school?

I will be starting college soon and I am committed to doing the absolute best I can so I can graduate with a good GPA and get into a top law school. Being a lawyer is my dream. I want to use the education I acquire in law school to make a change in our nation, by learning about the Judicial...


Spencer M.’s Avatar
Spencer M. Jan 16, 2018 212 views

What jobs are available with a psych major?

Considering majoring in psychology because I find the subject matter interesting but unsure of what jobs there are beyond research and psychologist #psychology...


Courtney S.’s Avatar
Courtney S. May 13, 2016 431 views

I am interested in becoming an Anesthesiologist. What majors would be recommended?

I am asking because I have talked to several doctors to see what college administrators are looking for and there is a divide in their answer. Some stay steer clear of any majors that have anything to do with science and others say focus mainly on the science aspect because it prepares you for...

#hospital-and-health-care #college #premed #doctor #medicine #science

Courtney S.’s Avatar
Courtney S. May 13, 2016 784 views

How long does it take to become an Anesthesiologist?

I have wanted to become an Anesthesiologist for awhile now but never knew how long it would actually take me. #college #doctor #anesthesiologist #premed #science #medicine...


Nicholas P.’s Avatar
Nicholas P. May 16, 2016 369 views

what part of the country would be best for me to follow my dream after college and continuing to play Volleyball competively

i am playing Volleyball for a division III college and would love to continue to play after college #professional...


Mateo R.’s Avatar
Mateo R. Sep 30, 2017 336 views

What careers benefits a pre-med path in college

I want to become a psychiatrist and go to medical school, but I am not sure yet what should i major in college. #medicine #psychology #neuroscience #anatomy...


Jade D.’s Avatar
Jade D. May 05, 2016 376 views

Whats the difference between getting a masters degree and a phd in marine biology? I want to work in research, which one is right for me?

I want to be a marine biologist but the school I have chosen is only a 4 year program. After that I know I will need to move on, but I am not sure which direction to be focusing towards....


Madeline L.’s Avatar
Madeline L. Feb 14, 2017 585 views

What are factors to consider when looking at possible medical schools, as in what differentiates one program from another?

I plan to continue on to medical school to become a physician after receiving an undergraduate degree and am thinking ahead. #doctor #medicine #physician...


Hannah C.’s Avatar
Hannah C. May 18, 2016 1120 views

Is it difficult to obtain a nursing degree while playing varsity basketball for four years?

My major will be Nursing and I'm not sure about a minor but I am committed to play basketball and want to know the difficulty level of playing a varsity sport at the same time #nursing #college-major...


Joanne P.’s Avatar
Joanne P. May 17, 2016 1318 views

What kind of activities/experience will be most crucial on an application for pharmacy school?

I want to make sure to participate in any internship/research/club activities that will be helpful for pharmacy school. #pharmacy...


Nicholas P.’s Avatar
Nicholas P. May 16, 2016 397 views

I am going to College for Sports Management, and playing Volleyball for a division School ,but also want to give back to the community. What programs can I look into to achieve that goal?

I have always been athletic, and as I found my niche for what sport I wanted to focus on, I had gone through many coaches and many have not only helped me athletically, but also cared about the person I am. If i had some difficulty they were there to lend a helping hand, even if it was advice...

#coaching #athletics #coach

Benny Y.’s Avatar
Benny Y. May 15, 2016 487 views

How do I look for internships that do not require any experience?

I am a college student earning a Bachelor's degree in architecture. I am going into my junior year this fall, yet I do not have any internship experience. I do not know where to start looking for it, and what to expect....


Jade D.’s Avatar
Jade D. May 05, 2016 493 views
Katie C.’s Avatar
Katie C. Dec 19, 2014 890 views

What majors are good for me to take if I want to be a fashion buyer?

I am currently researching job outlooks on purchasing managers in my Money Management class. I know that the major of Fashion Merchandising is helpful for this career, but I was wondering what other careers are helpful as well. As a senior in high school, I am hoping to major in Advertising and...

#major #management #college #marketing #fashion #buyer

Kelly S.’s Avatar
Kelly S. Dec 16, 2014 717 views

Is the job of an occupational therapist gruesome?

I am asking this question because I am looking into occupational therapy and sometimes it is hard for me to stomach/be around some injuries or illnesses. Does this career mainly deal with patients that have mostly recovered? #health...


Slater A.’s Avatar
Slater A. Dec 16, 2014 827 views

What classes or prior education will help me have the best chance of being hired as a line worker?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking to be a line worker for a power company. I am wondering what post high school education will help me the most and will give me the highest chance of being hired. #electrical #utilities...


Tyler  W.’s Avatar
Tyler W. Dec 15, 2014 762 views

How would I go about becoming a successful psychologist as a future career?

I am currently a senior and I'm interested on going to college to major in sociology since I'm taking a sociology class currently this semester. However, the more research I do, the more interesting i find a psychology profession to be as a future career. I really enjoy learning why people...

#caring #respectful

Kyle W.’s Avatar
Kyle W. Dec 12, 2014 862 views

To become a veterinarian what high school classes would be beneficial to take

i would like to become a veterinarian, and would like to know which classes would be beneficial to take in my high school career. As well as any schools for veterinarians in the eastern United States. #doctor #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #animals...


Sophia O.’s Avatar
Sophia O. Dec 15, 2014 1335 views

What would a career in fashion advertising be like?

I know for sure that I have always wanted to have a career in the fashion industry (outside of designing), and I have recently become interested in advertising. I was hoping to find out what the field of advertising would look like within the fashion...

Alek Z.’s Avatar
Alek Z. Jul 03 43 views

With my intentions of being a psych major, what kind of classes will I be taking in college?

I plan to major in psych, and then a dream of mine would to become a therapist or a school counselor. I fully intent on getting my masters as well. #college...


Austin M.’s Avatar
Austin M. May 01 78 views

What will the state of horticulture be in five years.

What will the wages be and how will it grow?...


Ashley L.’s Avatar
Ashley L. May 26, 2018 204 views

What are some unique skills a clinical psychologist would have?

I've heard interpersonal skills, patience, and organization, but it would be nice to learn about something that I wouldn't expect but could definetly help me. #psychology...


Edirith S.’s Avatar
Edirith S. Apr 17, 2019 145 views
Maddie F.’s Avatar
Maddie F. Jun 06 46 views

What courses must I take to become a big animal veterinarian

I love animals and I want to become a mobile big animal vet in Texas. My dream school is Texas A&M....


Wesley E.’s Avatar
Wesley E. May 13 129 views

how do i get a job out of college with for this career

#job #college #career #job-search i am looking for a career as a game warden or environmental police...

Austin M.’s Avatar
Austin M. May 01 67 views

what is the state of horticulture work?

what kind of state is horticulture work in due to Covid-19...


Shira S.’s Avatar
Shira S. May 11 69 views
Madelyn M.’s Avatar
Madelyn M. May 08 55 views

What different skills and classes are imperative to have when aspiring to becoming a foreign service officer?

I enjoy helping people and love to travel the world. I enjoy my Latin class, and would love to learn more languages. I think this could be a possible career. How many years do you have to work outside of the country? Once you want to stop travelling what can you do and how long are you going to...

#cultures #travel #foreigndiplomat

Jakai G.’s Avatar
Jakai G. May 01, 2019 96 views
Jeremy J.’s Avatar
Jeremy J. Aug 21, 2019 95 views
Christopher C.’s Avatar
Christopher C. Aug 24, 2018 182 views

How satisfied are you?

I am a person who is interested to go into the medical field. Obviously, this takes a lot of effort and I would sink a lot of time into this. So, my question to any professional is, how satisfied are you? Was it all worth it? Do you have any regrets? Do you wish you went down another career...


Rebecca Z.’s Avatar
Rebecca Z. Apr 13, 2018 267 views

How do I get far with a hospitality and tourism degree?

I am planning on getting my bachelor's degree in hospitality and tourism in 2019 at a community college....


Alexa D.’s Avatar
Alexa D. May 24, 2016 378 views

How do you think the role of a pharmacist will change over the next 5 years?

I ask this question because I am currently a pharmacy student at Western New England University. The role of pharmacists has transformed over several years from that of a dispenser of medications to a vital health care team member that protects and promotes public health by educating and...

#pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmacy-operations

Kristen C.’s Avatar
Kristen C. Dec 15, 2014 818 views

What classes in college must you take to become an elementary school teacher, and are internships necessary?

Hello, I am a junior in high school looking for possible careers for the future. I enjoy working with kids and being a leader so I thought teaching would be a good choice for me. I just have some questions to make sure I am following the correct path! #teaching #education #children...


Alaina B.’s Avatar
Alaina B. Dec 15, 2014 731 views

Is majoring in English, beneficial when one is looking to become an High-School English Teacher?

Throughout High-School, English has been my favorite subject. Recently, I have seriously started to consider becoming a Secondary Education Teacher. It seems only natural that English would be the subject I want to pursue. So, I was wondering if it would be beneficial to major in English,...

#teacher #english #major

Melissa L.’s Avatar
Melissa L. Jan 18, 2018 273 views
Alexa D.’s Avatar
Alexa D. May 24, 2016 474 views

Will pharmacists get prescribing rights?

The prescribing rights have increased for both physician assistants and for nurses in the hospital setting. Today, pharmacists are still mostly confined to the pharmacy, and there are less pharmacists that are going from room to room and checking on patients. I believe that this will most...

#healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #prescribing #pharmacy #rights #pharmacists #prescription

Shelby G.’s Avatar
Shelby G. May 09, 2016 514 views

Is a career in psychology likely to be successful, and if so, is there a need for it in today's medical field?

Im consudering psychology as a backup after a career in law. Woukd like to be a psychiatrist with doctorate degree if law path doesnt work out #psychiatry...


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