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Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Oct 23, 2016 882 views

STEM is known for being factual and numbers based so how can someone incorparate the arts into a career in STEM if they wanted a more well-rounded career?

I have always been interested in music and literature, but I have a passion for science. I want to be able to have my career in science but also incorporate the arts and history into my life. I wonder if there are any careers that blend the two areas of study. #career #career-counseling...

Madeleine’s Avatar
Madeleine Jan 19, 2018 657 views

How do you survive college?

What are your tips for surviving college? How to manage stress, school work, and a social life? #collegelife #college #personal-development

Neil’s Avatar
Neil Jan 16, 2018 414 views

What is the best scholarship to apply for as a junior?

I need to find some good scholarships so i can attend a better college #scholarships #financial-aid #junior-year

Madeleine’s Avatar
Madeleine Jan 19, 2018 400 views

What are some helpful classes to be able to get into Physician Assistant school?

What are some extra classes that could help me in the long run? Also, what are your tips for pursuing this career? #physicianassistant

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Mar 12, 2015 814 views

What does it take to be a teacher?

Im looking to go to school to be a teacher. #teacher

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Oct 23, 2016 639 views

There are new technological advances in the science field that have created such things as robotic surgery, so my question is that with these technological advances do you think our society is moving to a robotic or technology careers, even in medicine?

I am pursuing a career in medicine and I wonder about the job prospects. I have seen these new technological advances in medicine and I wonder if it is truly an advancement or if it is just a cheaper version of a doctor. I wonder if it is safe to put human lives under the care of robots instead...

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Oct 28, 2016 573 views

Is it possible to major in engineering but work in a different field after college?

Different field meaning consulting or something else business related #engineering

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Oct 28, 2016 724 views

What does a chemical engineer do?

Examples in the real world #engineering

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Aug 15, 2016 864 views

What recommendations do you have for high school students to start preparing for a career in media production?

I would really like to be in media production (TV or internet!) when I grow up. How did you get to where you are? I'm always told that I should start preparing for my future now while in high school so any advice about that would help me a lot! #media-production #tv-production

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Feb 25, 2015 906 views

About how long will it take for my to actually start teaching in schools?

I'm a high school senior and i know i want to teach but not sure what. i want to know how how long after i'm out of school about how long will i get in a school in teach. #teaching #teacher

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