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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Within 40 mile radius
John’s Avatar

I want to be an engineer.

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Menlo Park, California
Emily’s Avatar

I am interested in historical architecture as a field of research and an object of preservation. In the long run, I intend to pursue a career in academia, but I hope to gain some field experience along the way.

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Berkeley, California
Khila’s Avatar

I want to be an Executive Chef. It doesn't matter where. #business #cooking #culinaryarts #bakingandpastryarts

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Jacksonville, North Carolina
princess’s Avatar

I want to be a Pediatric Nurse, i would love to treat and see children get better and enhace to the overall quality of life.

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Lagos, Nigeria
Erika’s Avatar

I want to by an early childhood educator in my own childcare business. #earlychildhoodeducation

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
revathi’s Avatar

I want be happy in my life and fill happiness in others life. I want to become company secretary that is my carrier sharing my knowledge with others,

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Vivian’s Avatar

I want to be a Medical Librarian, I will be pursuing a Bachelors in Biomedical Physiology at SFU and a MLIS at UBC #biomedical #librarian #sciences

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Deana’s Avatar

Become a progressive policy advocate!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aamish’s Avatar

I want to be a lawyer #defendingtheinnocent

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Duluth, Georgia
Clinton’s Avatar

I want to be a nurse. Improving the lives of patients is at the core of my decision to seek a career in nursing, a career in which my compassionate and caring personality, together with my thirst for knowledge, will be fulfilled. #nurse #july20 #career-goal

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Monee, Illinois
Melissa’s Avatar

I want to work in medical entomology #givingiscaring #cdc #medicalentomology #mosquitoes #ticks #vectorbornediseases

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Pharr, Texas
Briana’s Avatar

I want to find a career that interests and challenges me, allowing for stability and fascination in what I will do. #psychology #art #firstgeneration #arttherapy

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Santa Clarita, California
Rachel’s Avatar

I want to be a biomedical engineer. #biomedicalengineering

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Meridian charter Township, Michigan
Bri’s Avatar

I aspire to be an illustrator and costume designer for animation and hope to one day work for a company like Disney or Dreamworks.

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Silviya’s Avatar

I am working on establishing and running my own music publishing company. #music #musicindustry #musicpublishing

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Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Ashley’s Avatar

I want to be a geologist in British Columbia! #geology

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Luis’s Avatar

Become a great video(film) editor and move into directing. #film #future #editor #video #goals

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Thermal, California
Christopher’s Avatar

To become a digital marketing director in the next 5-7 years. #marketing #socialmedia

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Rock Hill, South Carolina
J’s Avatar

I want to be an applied machine learning engineer in the United States at Google, IBM, or for a genetics/sciences lab

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United States
Antoine’s Avatar

I want to be a chemical engineer and work for BP #cheme

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Southaven, Mississippi
Sydney’s Avatar

I want to be a high school mathematics teacher.

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Louisville, Kentucky
Tina’s Avatar

I want to do photography, and or my music.

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Broomfield, Colorado
Ammar’s Avatar

Aviation #pilot #flight #follower

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Sterling, Virginia

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