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isiah T. Aug 21, 2019 100 views
isiah T.’s Avatar
isiah T. Aug 21, 2019 69 views

What would you do if welding was not for you?

After thinking about it, it's not for me....


Zola P.’s Avatar
Zola P. Jul 30, 2019 84 views

How do I become a Surgeon?

I want to become a trauma surgeon, but I don't think I'm smart enough. How do I excel at my studies and achieve the grades to do so? #medicine #doctor...


zelaes5060@gmail.com Z.’s Avatar
zelaes5060@gmail.com Z. Jul 27, 2019 142 views
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Kyle D. May 21, 2019 59 views

How can I resolve a vast disparagement between ability and credentials ?

I hate the game. I’ve never played the game or even conceded recognition of the games rules. Pragmatism over principle, point blank. My storyline in truth I judge as somewhat unremarkable - highs and lows fall short of a headliner spot for this life. I know where I stand among the competition,...

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Anastasia B. Mar 11, 2019 135 views

What are the ups and downs for CMA?

#career I want to know the pros and cons of becoming a...

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Wisdom I. Apr 30, 2019 70 views

What are the working conditions for a CMA? Where is the most challenging place to work as a CMA? When are CMAs in the highest demand?

I have always wondered what is like being a CMA. Since I am going into that field soon, I would like to get as much information as I can. I look forward to your answers. Thank...

Anastasia B.’s Avatar
Anastasia B. Mar 11, 2019 73 views

what is a day work like for a CMA profession?

I'm doing a CMA training and i want to know what there work days are...

Anastasia B.’s Avatar
Anastasia B. Mar 11, 2019 87 views

What is the pay for CMA?

#money How much do you get paid for hour rate for...

Taeja D.’s Avatar
Taeja D. Aug 17, 2018 132 views

For Counseling Psychologists, what are some thing I need to know about this career?

#psychology #knowledge I am a current student at Woodstock Career Center, and I am wanting some advice for the career of Counseling...

Nerissa C.’s Avatar
Nerissa C. Aug 27, 2018 200 views

What are some good outreach programs for Nursing students ?

preferably in low income areas , with limited resources for women's health. #colleges...


Catera G.’s Avatar
Catera G. Aug 02, 2018 196 views

What are the best psychology schools in the United States?

Preferably would like to hear experience from those who majored in psychology....


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D'Avion B. Aug 05, 2018 162 views
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Arial D. Aug 23, 2018 157 views

Is becoming any type of surgeon worth it in the end?

When I ask if it's worth it I mean is it worth it financially, mentally, etc. I've always been interested in the medical field but at the beginning of my junior year, my interest really sparked up, it's all I think about 24/7. I have a strong passion for the medical field but I'm not sure what...

#doctor #surgeon #medicine

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