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Angel W.’s Avatar
Angel W. Aug 03 54 views

What jobs are available for forensic science ?

College senior looking for a job in the forensic field because I will be receiving my forensic certification and criminal justice degree. #criminaljustice...


kathy L.’s Avatar
kathy L. Jul 30 47 views

Whats a normal day for an anesthesiologist?

I'm trying to figure out what I might want to major in, at medical school. #anesthesiologist #doctor #medical #medicine...


isiah T.’s Avatar
isiah T. Aug 21, 2019 120 views
isiah T.’s Avatar
isiah T. Aug 21, 2019 76 views

What would you do if welding was not for you?

After thinking about it, it's not for me....


Kyle D.’s Avatar
Kyle D. May 21, 2019 70 views

How can I resolve a vast disparagement between ability and credentials ?

I hate the game. I’ve never played the game or even conceded recognition of the games rules. Pragmatism over principle, point blank. My storyline in truth I judge as somewhat unremarkable - highs and lows fall short of a headliner spot for this life. I know where I stand among the competition,...

Anastasia B.’s Avatar
Anastasia B. Mar 11, 2019 143 views

What are the ups and downs for CMA?

#career I want to know the pros and cons of becoming a...

Wisdom I.’s Avatar
Wisdom I. Apr 30, 2019 74 views

What are the working conditions for a CMA? Where is the most challenging place to work as a CMA? When are CMAs in the highest demand?

I have always wondered what is like being a CMA. Since I am going into that field soon, I would like to get as much information as I can. I look forward to your answers. Thank...

Anastasia B.’s Avatar
Anastasia B. Mar 11, 2019 82 views

what is a day work like for a CMA profession?

I'm doing a CMA training and i want to know what there work days are...

Anastasia B.’s Avatar
Anastasia B. Mar 11, 2019 90 views

What is the pay for CMA?

#money How much do you get paid for hour rate for...

Taeja D.’s Avatar
Taeja D. Aug 17, 2018 143 views

For Counseling Psychologists, what are some thing I need to know about this career?

#psychology #knowledge I am a current student at Woodstock Career Center, and I am wanting some advice for the career of Counseling...

Nerissa C.’s Avatar
Nerissa C. Aug 27, 2018 211 views

What are some good outreach programs for Nursing students ?

preferably in low income areas , with limited resources for women's health. #colleges...


Catera G.’s Avatar
Catera G. Aug 02, 2018 207 views

What are the best psychology schools in the United States?

Preferably would like to hear experience from those who majored in psychology....


India S.’s Avatar
India S. Jan 23, 2019 148 views
Deonte E.’s Avatar
Deonte E. Jan 09, 2019 149 views

What skills do you use?

# #job-application What skills do you use in the flight attendant...

kamulete N.’s Avatar
kamulete N. Dec 17, 2018 255 views

Was this the career of your choice ?

Is This the careeer you had set for yourself ? Or is this a position you fell into by chance ?...


kamulete N.’s Avatar
kamulete N. Dec 17, 2018 235 views

What are your requirements to obtain this position ?

What would I have to do to get YOUR job ?...


Nicole S.’s Avatar
Nicole S. Dec 27, 2018 146 views

Criminal justice

Hello my time is near I’m graduating next year with my bachelors degree. I’ve been looking for resources to get my foot in the door in the criminal justice field any...

kamulete N.’s Avatar
kamulete N. Dec 17, 2018 220 views

what is your work schedule like ?

What are the typical work hours like for a Certified Nursing Assistant ?...


weronika F.’s Avatar
weronika F. Aug 30, 2018 232 views

Cosmetology School And Nail Tech License

Can I apply for Nail Tech license if i graduated from a Cosmetology School? #cosmetology...


JaMiyah P.’s Avatar
JaMiyah P. Aug 26, 2018 112 views

What are the differences of a huge school vs. a small school?

Is it better to attend a bigger school? Will they give more opportunities or will they be the same as ones from a small school? What are the big differences that I'll get from one that I won't get from the other. #bigcollege...


Scott S.’s Avatar
Scott S. Aug 26, 2018 72 views

What is some advice that you would give transfer students when selecting a school after the community college?

Business Major, Associates Degree, Transfer Credits, College on a Budget...


clarence B.’s Avatar
clarence B. Aug 20, 2018 221 views

How do i become a border patrol agent

#federal-agent, what are the steps for becoming a federal border agent in the United States?...


Alona C.’s Avatar
Alona C. Aug 18, 2018 190 views
Sally P.’s Avatar
Sally P. Aug 31, 2018 205 views

How do you balance who you are and who you will be with the past that you have encountered?

It is important to realize that knowing your past shapes your identity, but how do you allow it to shape your future. #past...


Ricardo S.’s Avatar
Ricardo S. Aug 31, 2018 102 views

What's the worst cyber "attack" you have encountered?

Curious to know real issues the world has faced...


Ekene O.’s Avatar
Ekene O. Aug 29, 2018 274 views

How do you attain a good balance in college?

What did you do to maintain good grades? How did you choose the right people to associate with? If you played a sport how did you just to your schedule? What did you do to prepare for college? What are the sacrifices you had to make? How did you try and associate with professors? #advice...


JaMiyah P.’s Avatar
JaMiyah P. Aug 26, 2018 128 views

How do we choose the college for us?

I know there is a lot to consider, but when it comes down to our final decision how should we make that decision. What should we narrow it down to? #college...


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